Introducing the Odyssey Highway Bar. It’s the biggest bar we make and features a traditional 7/8” crossbar tubing for superior strength and durability on taller bars.

Available in Black or Chrome.


9.5″ rise
29” width
12° backsweep
1° upsweep
41-Thermal® processed 4130 chromoly
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We’re stoked to announce Alaric Streiff on the STRANGER French Squad!

A month and a half in the street of Bordeaux (FR), surrounded by cool cops and crazy old men! 

Filmed and edited by Victor Gaymarina and Stephane Feugas

If you’re in France, @sparkysfrance has out together some really awesome Christmas Completes!

They took the 2015 Salavadors and changed some parts out to make them a little more custom!

Colored tires, tri-pod seats, matching grips and more.

Let you local shop know if you want one of the limited edition completes before Christmas! #subrosa #subrosabrand #subrosasaves #bmx