Black Milk Clothing’s BM Traveling Pants in Hogsmead and Hogwarts at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure) in Orlando, Florida for the Harry Potter Celebration 2014.

I had such an amazing time floating around the park in these incredible leggings. They came to me from miss Jess (pauseforasecond) in Auckland, NZ. We met at SharkieCon 2013, and I love her to bits! I will be sending them off to another sharkie friend in NYC very soon <3

The idea that there are several pairs of leggings traveling the globe right now is so extraordinary. I’m very lucky that I’ve got to be a part of this experience early on! I can only imagine how sharkies who get them later on after they have globe-trotted will feel. They will have seen so many tremendous sites in places I can only hope to visit in my lifetime! These leggings are going to travel the world thanks to Black Milk Clothing, and in a special way, I am as well. Because of the sharkies I’ve met in the online FB communities and at SharkieCon 2013, I now have the pleasure of traveling to meet the UK Sharkies! They are so generous and helpful, and they’ve welcomed me into their lives wholeheartedly. The way that this community cares for strangers is something I’ve never seen before, but it’s truly a humbling experience. I’ve been invited to stay in the homes of people in so many countries across the world, no strings attached, with the promise of learning about other cultures and lifestyles. I hope I have the chance to see a fraction of the world that these leggings will have seen in my lifetime. What a beautiful, selfless, outstanding company to give us this gift that has brought us all together. I would not have met some of my best friends if it weren’t for the community built by BM and their followers. I am a proud admin of the regional, East Coast US group. I couldn’t be happier putting my time and effort into anything less worthy. Thank you, Cam, James, and the BM Team for this opportunity!

I have seen this company grow from 6,000 likes on FB to 600,000. And to 750,000 IG followers and 40,000 Twitter followers. I’m so chuffed by their success, and knowing that I’ve been supporting them for three years now. You are all incredible people <3


"Hello BM! I’m Viry, from Morelia in México. I took the TP with me for a walk around my city.
Let me tell you a little bit about my city:
Morelia was founded in 1541. Is colonial with an aristocratic feel. The city is filled with Spanish Colonial architecture featuring pink stone and baroque styles. Many areas in the city have remained true to their colonial heritage because Morelia, like many colonial cities in Mexico, has strict building regulations to ensure that the original look and feel of the city is well-preserved.
The Cathedral was built with rose-colored quarry stone and models baroque panelling and a Doric-style interior. The relief carvings inside are neoclassical in style.
Statue of Morelos, it`s a very important historic monument, Italian sculptor Don Jose Inghillieri crafted this statue and had it cast in Rome. It is dedicated to General Jose Maria Morelos, and it alludes to liberty and country.”

- Thanks so much for sharing with us, Viry! Lookin’ great :)


I think it’s time we introduced ourselves….

The Black Milk Travelling Pants is this super cool thing we’re doing here at blackmilkclothing where we send these leggings off from BMHQ out into the big wide world…and we hope they don’t come back for a long, long time! 

We love connecting fab peeps in the community through their shared love of shiny nylon and the Travelling Pants is a fun little way to do that. 

How do you get involved? Easy…be part of our community! You can start at facebook.com/blackmilkclothing :)

Then make some friends, hang out, and one day the travelling pants might show up on YOUR doorstep!

So, let’s say you are in possession of a pair of Travelling Pants…what now?

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Put ‘em on!
  2. Go forth into your city and find a landmark.
  3. Take a photo in the Travelling Pants in front of that landmark!
  4. Within 1 week of receiving this letter, post the photo to your fav social media hangouts (Instagram, our Facebook page, your fav group etc) and hashtag with #bmtravelling pants.
  5. Email your photo to us at bmtp@blackmilkclothing.com and tell us:
    Your name.
    Where you’re from.
    Location of the landmark and a quick story on why you chose to take your photo there!
  6. Wash the leggings!
  7. Pop this letter inside a parcel with the leggings and send ‘em on to someone else, who are the same size as you, in a far-off place! (The further away the better!) And feel free to include a little note or drawing to keep the leggings company on their travels!
    If you need help finding someone to send your travelling pants on to, the discussions groups are the perfect place to find a new friend who can take care of the travelling pants.
  8. Check out http://blackmilktravellingpants.tumblr.com for your photo!

And that’s about it!

So keep your eyes peeled - the Travelling Pants might be coming to a city near you…



“Hey sharkies! My name is Ali! I live in Chico, CA and am a student here at California State University, Chico :) I took lots of photos in the pants at my college campus because I have a beautiful campus. I also too a picture with the World’s Largest Wood Yoyo since Chico is the yoyo capitol.  Last but not least, I took a picture at my favorite brewery, Sierra Nevada Brewery because they made great beer and I love what they stand for.”

- Thanks heaps, Ali! Not gonna lie, I made friends with Sierra Nevada when I was in the USA ;) Your brew is GREAT! <3


"Hi, my name is Emma, and I’m from Liverpool in England. 

When someone from sunny Adelaide chose to send the leggings to me I was so surprised. Like. England. In winter. But  this is what my city has to offer! A waterfront, Beatles things, and an accent I can’t capture with photos. 

The yellow thing (apart from me) is the Superlambanana, but most people who have never been think it’s a banana dog. Sheep and bananas were common cargo on ships that came to the docks in Liverpool. It was a major city for importing foreign goods. There were huge amounts of factories, cotton mills etc. where Liverpool gained a lot of money. It was also where the Titanic was christened!

Some of my photos have been taken around the Royal Liver Building, which was very unphotogenic when trying to share the shot with… It was built in 1911 and has two Liver birds sitting on top. If the birds fly away then APPARENTLY Liverpool would cease to exist.

Nowadays, it’s mostly known for being the home of the Beatles and beautiful people. And Cilla Black.”

- Thanks, Emma! Lookin’ good <3

“Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii BM! <3

I’m Jessica! Where I’m from - Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, but now I live in Auckland, New Zealand.

I recently had the honour of being the first to receive this little pair of size small Travelling Pants!

Location of my travelling pants pic - The top of Mount Eden in Auckland overlooking Auckland’s CBD and Sky Tower, and then in town posing with our Sky Tower!

Sky Tower is the tallest free standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere, and it is iconic to Auckland’s skyline. When you fly into Auckland you can usually spot the tower! It has a revolving restaurant up at the top and a viewing platform with glass floors (scary!) The tower also lights up with different colours on different special occasions - most notably it had rainbow colours to celebrate Gay Pride earlier in the year! <3

As an Aucklander, it really can’t get any more “landmark” ish than this! :D

I’m saying goodbye to my pants now, with a little wash and and hug because they’re off to the US of A to my friend Heather! :D

Thanks so much for the opportunity to be one of the first sharkies involved in this!

You guys are, and will continue to be one of the most amazing companies ever.


- Thanks Jessica, love yyooouuuu <3


"My name is Sophie and I’m from the Adelaide Hills in South Australia!

I decided to take the BM Travelling Pants to visit The Big Rocking Horse in Gumeracha, because The Hills are absolutely beautiful and have always been my home :)

The Big Rocking Horse was built in 1981 and has a cute little toy factory, cafe and wildlife park (if you ever visit… just beware the evil black llama, he spits!).”

- Thanks heaps, Sohpie! That looks lovely, I had no idea there was a giant rocking horse out that way! 


"Hi, I am Kay  from Sydney, NSW, Australia (not that far away from HQ but still).

Here are my pics:

Sydney Harbour Bridge (from the esplanade near the Opera House)

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbour Bridge as we were driving north over it

Woolworths, because what’s more Australian than buying Tim Tams from Woolies and sending them to sharkies overseas?

Manly Wharf and the Heads and the Ferry and the Steaming Cow Pile- I mean the old Mollusc waterfountain. (Before it was turned off it used to get so hot it would steam and look like a cow pile, hence the nickname!).

Much love,


- Thanks, Kay! <3


“Hi y’all! Thanks so much for the pants, I sent them off over a week ago to a lovely lady in Australia! i took my photos at Treaty Oak in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s a super large oak tree that survived our major fire in the early 1900’s, and it’s a lovely place too go hang out (literally) and have a picnic. <3<3<3 Love y’all so so so much.

xx Lynn”

- Thanks Lynn, lookin’ fab as usual!

"Hi guys, 

Was so happy that you’ve sent the travel(l)ing pants to me <3 made me feel very special!!  

Here is the pic I made with them. Representing Austria in this photo and you’re able to see the Vienna 

giant ferries wheel, built up in 1897. It’s typical for Vienna and it was made for emperor Franz Joseph I. 

I sent the pants to a lovely sharkie friend in the UK, she also have already taken her pic and as far as I know the pants are now on a journey to Chile, how awesome is that?!! :) 

much much love to all of you, big hug from Vienna,  



- Thanks a million Nika! <3


“Hello Awesome HQ Person who’s doing this!!! 

Here are the pics from Sunny Singapore. Okay, so maybe it’s the monsoon season now and always pouring… but…. here goes nothing!!!

Esplanade - Theatres by the Bay (that spikey looking building)

Merlion, that weird lion-fish statue

Marina Bay Sands :)

I did a full blog post, which you can find here: http://lifeintechnicolour.typepad.com/nom_nom_nom/2013/12/231-sisterhood-of-the-travelling-pants.html



- Thanks Joani!! Love n’ stuff <3 <3 <3