Pictures I took of myself with a make-up I randomly thought up of; somewhat inspired  by the movie Avatar since I’ve been watching it so much for the past couple weeks XD

the first one edited by my friend Layna :D others edited by me

Base for my photography final and i gotta make it “Surreal”
rly proud of how these turned out =u= 


this is some kind of ooc thing and yea i got tagged by cjxzelo and… lets start! 
1. what’s your name? Karina 
2. when is your birthday? September 29th
3. where are you from? Brazil
4. have a crush? ……….yes. And this guy is driving me crazy.
5. what’s your favorite color? Blue blue blue blue bluuueee~
6. write something in caps. I’M SO FUCKING TIRED I WANT TO SLEEP FOREVER
7. got a favorite band/artist? B.A.P, Block B, Queen, Tablo, EXO…
8. favorite number? …I think it’s 6.
9. favorite drink? Water.
10. tag ten people: I don’t know if I want to. 

“First game of the season against Burnley,First 3 points, What a great feeling to wear again this shirt and get the @chelseafans support. Come on you bluuueees!!!!💙💙💙 #barclayspremierleague #chesleavsburnley #threepoints #blueisthecolor #cfc #greatstart” - Didier Drogba on Instagram

flutterflutterflutter said:

from your birth month to mine! march-sept :)

  • March:favourite colour - SKY BLUUUEEE
  • April:favourite hair colour & favourite eye colour - I really like a sort of reddish-brown?? for hair color. And I think hazel eyes are really pretty. 
  • May:favourite manga & favourite anime - Please don’t make me choose omg. But for manga I think it would have to be Horimiya. 2cute. For anime I think anohana??? It’s been the only anime to make me cry a ton. 
  • June:favourite book - Tuesdays With Morrie!
  • July:favourite song/band - Does the VSQ count?? Vitamin String Quartet. 
  • August:crush names I CAN’T OMG I’ll message you later
  • September:instruments I play/ want to play - I CAN PLAY THE RECORDER HAHAHAHAHAHHAA, jokes I probably forgot that. We did play violin for 2 years but I was pretty poopy, wish I could play that better. and I want to learn how to play the guitar or piano!!