Pictures I took of myself with a make-up I randomly thought up of; somewhat inspired  by the movie Avatar since I’ve been watching it so much for the past couple weeks XD

the first one edited by my friend Layna :D others edited by me

Base for my photography final and i gotta make it “Surreal”
rly proud of how these turned out =u= 


Yeah Sofia I don’t know if u tagged me to do this but I’m gonna assume u did cus I want to do this for attention. Nice.
1) I am doing this list solely bc I want attention and likes. So give me both u slut nuggets.
2) I intend to be 10,000% honest with this. Every fact will be true.
3) I tend to exaggerate and lie.
4) ☺️my favourite colour is bluuueee =^.^= xoxox ~~~
5) I am so blessed to have such a loving family!!! ^^ xoxo ❤️😙
6) I am the third and last child from me parents. Third times the charm. No need to continue once you’ve reached perfection.
7) papsies married again, tried for another perfect child and failed. Enough said. #1andonly
8) not a morning person. Nor a night person. Nor day person. Not really a person for that matter.
9) I most often excrete in the bathroom. Not necessarily into the toilet.
10) the inside of your butt is NOT hot enough to boil an egg. I learnt the hard way.
11) I have lucid dreams very often. Nice.
12) when I first heard about spooning, I had a VERY different idea of what it was.
13) pouring milk into the bowl before the cereal caused me to go into a shock induced trance, where I witnessed terrifying things, like bad ratings for Shrek films.
14) I think the assassins creed games are only okay.
15) I have many guilty pleasures; one direction, talking on the phone whilst on the crapper, Lost, the sound of my enemies bones cracking, just to name a few.
16) dangerously curious about what it feels like to stab someone.
17) I’m running out of facts.
18) I fall for people way too easily. And I mean like, fictional people or famous people I’ll never meet. Fucking loner.
19) if the grim reaper asked me to exchange a life/lives for immortality id probably do it. It’s a harsh world. Suck it up.
20) I want to be buried In a suit of armour and with a sword in preparation for the skeleton hell war.

#cool #nice #swaggy #20factsaboutme
I want @hanslutlo to do this bby xoxo 😘❤️