paleosteno asked:

Favorite animated film from each of these major animation studios: Walt Disney, Studio Ghibli, Pixar, Dreamworks Animation, Blue Sky Studios, Sony Pictures Animation, Laika, Illumination, AND Don Bluth. (Also any extra favorites from different things for bonuses.)

Disney: Mulan/Beauty and the Beast/Hunchback of Notre Dame - It came to me at a time when I too felt like and outcast. Yes the gargoyles are annoying to adults, my opinion does not change.

Studio Ghibli: Spirited Away - No other film perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being truly lost and disoriented for a child.

Toy Story 2 - It’s perfect. Period.

Dreamworks: Shrek 2

Blue Sky - Ummm…. You know Im going to say Epic. I know that will boterh some people, but theyre all subpar. None have a rating above 77% on RT

Sony - Arthur Christmas is technically Sony, but only in distribution. Still I’d champion that, but I also liked Surf’s up.

Laika - Coraline - creepy and beautiful.

Don Bluth - Land before time. I didnt see Secret of Nimh until I was like 18

Illumination: Oh gee, I can pick from a full 3 films. Can I pick none? Sure Despicable Me was cute, but it doesnt need anymore ego stroking.

anova Modern AU Karel would be Terry Crews´ old spice power ad apprentice and eventually feature his own line of men products 

Bree would be the counterpart of old spice The Tickets are Now Diamonds guy

Rajenlo is just Lucile Bluth. This doesnt even need to be an AU bc that´s canon 

And Pint´s career height would be turned into the equivalent of sad keanu meme

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