Ice skating with the boys would be an adventure. I can just imagine them slipping and falling every two seconds, except Ashton who against all odds would be a decent skater. Ashton out skating them all “Come on guys it’s easy, just glide” And when asked how on earth he could be so good he’d just glide away in a fit of giggles with a shrug. Michael would be lying in the middle of the rink and would shout something like “HOW THE FUCK IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN?”

Luke would slowly be making his way around the rink gripping onto the wall, pulling himself forward and Calum would be right behind him grabbing his shoulder refusing to let go in case he fell, even though Luke was seconds from falling too. And the entire time you could hear Luke humming ‘Let it Go’ under his breath. 


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I’ve been thinking of leaving lately.
What he doesn’t know is if I can’t have him, I have to disappear forever.
He doesn’t know he’s the reason I’ve given myself three months notice.
If he doesn’t know, he won’t be afraid.
He won’t feel pressured to act differently.
It’ll be natural when he asks me not to leave.

I’ve been thinking of leaving lately.
But only if you decide you’re not my cup of tea.
If you aren’t my twin flame, I’ve decided to search the world looking for them.
I’ve come so close to finding my other half in you, I don’t know if I could live without the real thing.
For me, you were the real thing.

I’ve been thinking of leaving lately.
I plan on leaving everything from my past life behind.
You with your golden kisses, & how you made my dizzy everytime your third eye gazed into mine.
I know you are the one for me.

I’ve been thinking of leaving lately.
But there’s no way in hell I could leave you behind.
I’d be perpetually lost in life almost like I am in your eyes everytime I see you.
Even if I decide to leave, I probably won’t go.
I’ll make up some excuse as to why I have to stay, as to why I have to keep trying until you see me as your missing half.

I’ve been thinking of leaving lately.
But I swear to God it’s only a rouse so you’ll ask me to stay.
I just want to hear you say you need me.
How your world would “Be crushed if you ever decide to leave me.”

I’ve been thinking of leaving lately.
But no.

I’ve been thinking of reasons to stay.
—  "12:49am and I’m trying to picture my life with you in a few months, but all I feel is the bitter chill of your absence." L.B.P

The mana wyrm sat with his head flat against the floor, beady eyes rather listless. Hissing whimpers coming from the creature as he let out a sigh, flopping onto his scaly side and not moving. The reptilian would stay that way for several days simply staring at the door and awaiting for the return of his master. 

It’s too dangerous, I’m not bringing him along with me. 

Even being a simple creature Arcanimus understood. Aiden would poke at the legless lizard, “Arc… Move. Do somethin’. C’mon…” The boy nudged at the mana wyrm once more. With a small hissed sigh he floated towards Aiden, nuzzling at the boy’s cheek and resting his head on the tiny Sin’dorei’s shoulder. If he could have spoken he’d have requested a ball of mana thrown in the air. But, alas he was a simple mana wyrm and couldn’t.

( winter-dawnforge)

Going for a walk with your boyfriend, Luke, on a beautiful snowy day. And as you walk he brushes the snow out of your hair and leans down for a kiss only to have you pull away, joking that you can’t kiss him because you don’t want to be stuck to his lip ring, like the kid in A Christmas Story was stuck to a pole. Luke would roll his eyes, laughing, because “I’m pretty sure that’s not really how it works,” and he’d pull you in for a kiss again, mumbling against your lips “Besides, would it really be such a bad thing?”

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oh this is completely unrelated but if anyone could send me links of nice dresses or good websites I could get one then that would be fab bc I suck at picking dresses and I need one for a christmas party I have in a few weeks tytytyty x

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Jack and Ben picking Luke up from the airport and making him sit in the backseat because “you’re still our annoying ass lanky little brother” and they’d try to act totally normal like Luke wasn’t famous or anything until Ben accidentally presses the wrong button on the stereo and the album starts blaring in the car and luke just grins to himself

taking drunk luke back to your house and having to deal with him whispering “WANNA know a secret” and then getting close to your ear and sighing “yeah sure” and him getting too close with breath too hot “you’re pretty” and then giggling really loud in your ear

#128: It's Your Birthday


“Holy shit balls Y/N, you’re finally Y/age!” He kisses you the times of your age and hugs you for luck. “You won’t believe the things I’ve got planned for you.” He hands you a long black Tiffany’s box which inside, holds an expensive gold locket; a picture of you two on the inside. You gasp at its beauty.

"Ashton, thank you so much…"

"That’s not all!” He smiles hugely, “You’re in for lots more surprises” 


“Happy Birthday baby,” He brings you breakfast in bed. “You’re getting old, gross.” He kids and kisses your forehead. “Shall I serenade you with the birthday song? I think I shall.” He sits beside you as you chew on the bacon. “Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, you look like a monkey and you smell like one too.”

You glare at him and he bursts out laughing. “I’m kidding; I’m kidding…seriously though,” he lights the candle standing in the stack of pancakes and sings with his beautiful voice for real this time, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…”


"Birthday girl!” He shouts in your face when you open your eyes. The bedroom is surrounded with gifts and if he screams again, there’s going to be an avalanche. “Or should I say birthday princess,” He smirks as he places a tiara in your ‘I-got-fucked-last-night-and-just-woke-up’ hair. “It’s like you were just one year younger yesterday," He wipes away an invisible tear and sniffles. “My baby’s growing up.” He chuckles and kisses your cheek. “C’mon let’s open your gifts.”


“It’s your birthday and do you know what that means?”

"No? What does it mean?" You speak with no surprise, staring at your red headed boyfriend with a birthday hat on his head.

“Cake and sex, Y/N! The two best things on this planet, right after you of course.” He smirks and throws himself on top of you. “Now get up, baby.”

"I’ll get out of bed when you release Teenage Queen."

"Y/N!" He whines, “Seriously, I got you a lot of shit so you better get the fuck up, get dressed and have fun because we’re about to party." He blows his hot breath in your face. “Come on."

"But I want to hear Teenage Queen! That’s all I wish for Michael," you beg as he begins pulling you out of bed.


ok but calum would have 0 clue what to do if you were crying the poor thing would probably stand there with whatever he was holding in his hands watching you completely unravel on the couch holding your chest in your hands and hunched over trying to hide your tears and he would want to step in and help but he would have no idea what to do because oh god oh god pretty girls shouldn’t be allowed to cry

Daddy Ashton and baby girl Irwin prancing around the house in matching tutus, both with their hair pulled back into perfect ballerina buns because she asked him to help her practice for her recital and he can’t say no to his little girl.

anonymous asked:

Gilinsky as a boyfriend?

  • "your eyebrows are never on fleek babe"
  • "finnegan!"
  • secretly vining him when he’s singing
  • "babe, you want jack or sam to come over? or just alone time?" -him
  • angry sex bc he gets jealous easily
  • inner thigh hickies
  • "why is your hand in your pants when mine could be there?"
  • car sex in his jeep
  • wearing his omaha / michigan / rcva sweatshirts
  • "babe where are your pants"
  • dancing like idiots / like no ones watching in public
  • "don’t put me in your snap chat story"
  • clothes shopping for the longest time
  • "you’re lucky you’re cute, you idiot"
  • cute couple screensavers
  • "i’ll make johnson yeet you into next week if you don’t stop"
  • "baby girl, you’re my princess" -him
  • wanting to cuddle each other 24/7