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Can you do a 4/4 blurb of them seeing your garter for the first time please?

sorry this took so long for me to write. I’m ill and have homework, not a nice mix. totally didn’t have to google what a garter was. i really tried with this, please forgive me if this was shit

#6 They see you in a garter for the first time


Ashton would be all giggly and would probably keep saying how amazing you look. He probably lay you down and lie on top of you whispering how much he loves before kissing you and dot dot dot (mamma mia reference)


Okay so I can picture Michael being a cheeky lil shit. Like he’d smirk and say something about how hot you look wearing it and then he’d pull you close and mumble something in you ear about how you turn him on. whoops


I think Cal would be like a mix of Ashton and Michael. Like he’d say cheeky things like Michael but he’d be like all cute like Ashton and complement you on how your figure looked fabulous. 


I think Luke would just like stare for a while, in awe. I can picture him being all giggly as well because you’re his and you’re perfect. He’d probably just want to hug you more than do what you intend when you put it on. 

anonymous said:

4/4 where he finds out you're pregnant??

lol okay!


Ashton: You paced the apartment as you waited for Ash to get back from band practice. This morning when you woke up, you felt really sick which incited a trip to the doctors. You found out then and there that you were six weeks pregnant. You heard his keys jiggling in the door and immediately went to sit on the couch. Your heart was hammering and you began to shake. You and Ash hadn’t had plans for kids so you worried as to what his reaction would be. “Hey babe!” he said with a smile once he was inside the apartment. “Hi,” you smiled nervously, “Listen, Ash we gotta talk.” His quirked an eyebrow, “I swear I didn’t eat your yogurt. That was Calum.” You let out a small laugh, “No that’s not it.” You took a deep breath, “Well I went to the doctor this morning and…well…I’m pregnant.” Ashton’s eyes widened. He let out a huff of air before a huge grin split across his face. He picked you up and swung you around the room laughing, “Y/N! That’s great!” You looked up at him with a smile, “You like the idea?” He placed a chaste kiss onto your lips, “I love it. And I love you.”


Calum: "Babe come on," Calum whined from the other side of the bathroom door, "Let me in!" You and Cal had been trying for a baby for a few weeks now and you decided to take a pregnancy test. You grabbed the three tests you had taken and hid them behind your back, biting your lip to hide your smile. You opened the door with a blank face. Calum stumbled in and looked directly at the counter, searching for the pregnancy tests. He raised his eyebrows in confusion, "Well?" he asked. "Well what?" you said teasing him. "Y/N, tell me if we’re pregnant or not." he said desperately. You looked up at him with a smirk, "We might as well go to bed early because this kid is going to be keeping us up for six months at least." You held up the positive tests in front of him. He lit up immediately and smashed his mouth on yours. "I take it you’re excited?" you giggled in between kisses. "That’s an understatement," he laughed. 


Luke: You placed the camera on the mantle, out of sight, so you could capture Luke’s face when you told him that he was going to be a dad. You set the gift bag with the t-shirt you made on the coffee table in front of the couch, “Hey Luke?” you called out to him, “Can you come here for a second?” You sent a wink to the camera then composed yourself when he entered the room, “What’s up?” he asked plopping down on the couch. “I got you something,” you said nodding to the gift bag. He turned his gaze towards the table, “Really? What’s the occasion?” he chuckled. You shrugged giving him a smile, “Just a little something to show how much I love you.” He smiled and leaned in kissing you on the lips, “I love you more,” He smirked, tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear. He opened the bag and pulled out the ‘#1 Dad’ shirt from it. He stared at it for a few seconds before turning to face you, “Seriously?” he asked, excitement dancing in his eyes. You nodded, a smile slowing spreading across your face. Luke grabbed you for a tight hug before releasing you, “I’m not squishing the baby am I?” He leaned down towards your stomach muttering soft apologies. You giggled running your hands through his hair, “By the way.This is going on youtube.” 


Michael: You stood among the screaming fan girls in the crowd watching the boys perform. You were focused on Michael as they were beginning the lyrics to ‘18.’ Michael looked up from his guitar and winked at you. You grinned and clutched the special sign in your arms. You waited for the right moment. Once they reached the chorus, you took a deep breath and raised the sign up. Calum was the first to notice the sign. His eyes got really big and he got Michael’s attention for you. Michael turned and looked at the sign. You had written in big letters, “I’m proud of you, and so is our baby!” You put a big picture of the sonogram you had received earlier on the sign. Michael’s jaw dropped. He quickly composed himself but couldn’t resist smiling through the rest of the song. The boys had all seen the sign by that point and went over to Michael patting him on the back. Michael grabbed the microphone, “I don’t know if you guys saw but my special girl is here tonight.” The crowd erupted in cheers. “Y/N!” you heard some girls scream. You smiled and waved at them. “She had told me earlier that something great was going to happen during the show today and well…I just found out that I’m going to be a dad.” The fans went wild at the news. Try as he might, Michael couldn’t stop smiling, “Love you Y/N. You too Michael Junior.”

snuggling with michael would be the most annoying thing ever, he’d purposely breathe on your neck and move around a lot. He’d whine and complain whenever you’d tell him to stop but also he would always tell you that he loves you in your ear and trace his name on your tummy with hearts around it. 

But Michael would totally be the guy who would beg you to let him swap the flower girls petals for guitar picks at your wedding because that would be ”way more punk rock than anything Luke would have at his wedding”

Here is Daylight :)


I can’t look at you in the same light
Knowing what you did in my heart doesn’t feel right
Yeah, my head’s been tripping all night
I need another point of view

I got a friend who’s commited to sci-fi
He’s read every comic, He’s addicted to twilight
He’ll give you the goosebumps
But he’s never led me wrong

He said: “She’s got a method of killing
Pulling you in like you’re gonna start kissing
Fooling around until you’ve lost all feeling
Sucking your blood until your heart stops beating”

Before we started it was over
I feel our bodies getting colder
She gives me a feeling that I can’t fight
And its the road that leads to nowhere
But all I wanna do is go there
She’s got me running from the daylight

I got a taste for it and I’m obsessed
Lying here no fear in the darkness
Now I’m not happy unless I’m close enough to you

And all these dreams I’m dreaming
Freaking me out I wish I knew the meaning
Doesn’t make sense because I’m just not seeing
How I’m alive, It feels like I’m not breathing

Before we started it was over
I feel our bodies getting colder
She gives me a feeling that I can’t fight
And its the road that leads to nowhere
But all I wanna do is go there
She’s got me running from the daylight

I’m not ready to start again
And you’re not willing to make amends
Now the daylight’s dangerous
It will turn us both to dust

I’m not ready to start again
And you’re not willing to make amends
Now the daylight’s dangerous
And it is much too late for us

Before we started it was over
I feel our bodies getting colder
She gives me a feeling that I can’t fight
And its the road that leads to nowhere
But all I wanna do is go there
She’s got me running from the daylight

I feel our bodies getting colder
She gives me a feeling that I can’t fight
And its the road that leads to nowhere
But all I wanna do is go there
She’s got me running from the daylight

"I barely know you, she says, voice heavy with sleep. I don’t know your favourite color or how you like your coffee. What keeps you up at night or the lullabies that sing you to sleep. I don’t know a thing about the first girl you loved, why you stopped loving her or why you still do.

I don’t know how many millions of cells you are made of and if they have any idea they are part of something so beautiful and unimaginably perfect.

I may not have a clue about any of these things, but this—she places her hand on his chest—this I know.”

—from Lullabies by Lang Leav

Catching Daddy Luke quiffing up your 5 year old son’s blonde locks before sending him off to his first ever day of school with his little kids sized vans and letterman jacket that hangs off his little broad shoulders, a teenage mutant ninja turtle backpack slung over one of them and to say goodbye they do the school of rock handshake thingy gOODBYE

anonymous said:

Blurb/Preference where you're dating them and your child you had with someone else calls him Dad?? (because the actual dad isn't around anymore or something)

((screaming)) this is very cute

you and Ashton would have been dating for a year and a half, your son only being three when you first got together. Ashton would constantly be at your house, practically living with you since he was over so much. One day after your son came home from Kindergarten, he’d run over to where you and Ashton were sitting on the couch, holding a white piece of paper with some drawings on it. “Look Daddy, I drew pictures for you!” he would giggle, showing Ashton all his little doodles. “Wow bud, these are amazing” Ashton would grin, pulling your son into his lap as he tried to contain his excitement he got from your son calling him Daddy.

Luke and you would be sitting in the grass of a local park as your daughter played in the playground, going down the slides and climbing the jungle gym. She’d move over to the swing, kicking her small legs to try to get higher in the air. Luke would walk over to the set, grabbing the swing and pushing her while she was on it so she could get high off the ground. “Thanks Dad!” she’d grin, stunning Luke with the word he’d been waiting ages for her to call him.

"So at school, there’s this project" your son starts explaining to you and Michael as you sit at the kitchen table. “We have to interview our Dads..” your son trails off, a pang hitting your chest since he’d never met his real Dad. “So, Michael, can I interview you?” he smiles sheepishly, Michael’s face lighting up instantly. “Y-you want to interview me, a-as your Dad?” he says in shock, unable to hide the smile on his face. “Yeah-I-I mean if that’s okay” your son says quickly. “Of course it’s okay, I’ve been hoping these past three years one day you’d think of me as your Dad” Michael would smile, looking over at you with bright eyes.

Calum would quickly jump out of bed, having heard a scream from your daughter’s room. He makes his way to your room, her scream somehow not waking you up since you were a deep sleeper. Your daughter would be curled in a ball, crying hard as she shook. “What’s wrong sweetie?” Calum would frown, pulling her into his arms. “I-I had a nightmare” she would pout, wiping away some tears. “Do you want me to wake up your Mum? Get a nightlight?” Calum offers instantly, not wanting her to be sad. “Can I sleep with you and Mummy?” she would frown, Calum nodding as he would scoop her up and place her in the bed in between your sleeping frame and his. “Night Daddy” your daughter would whisper before falling asleep almost instantly, and Calum wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep since he was so damn excited she finally called him Dad.


getting high with your friend luke and he cheekily asks you if you want to shotgun so he takes a hit and goes for your lips, but after you both part your mouths so you can suck in the smoke, he just starts really passionately making out with you while his free hand slides down your side and after a while he finally draws back and he takes another hit before smirking and going “maybe we should start shotgunning all the time”

Imagine CALUM running into Luke’s hotel room being like “Dude get your ass out of bed I need help!!” and luke groaning and rolling over there to see fresh out of the shower Calum with dripping wet hair sticking up weirdly in multiple places.
“How do I quiff it?!?” He asks anxiously pulling luke of of bed, leading him to the bathroom and shoving a hairspray and a hair dyer in Luke’s hand. Luke rolls his eyes and then sleepily starts talking CALUM through quiffing his hair.

"Like this?" Calum asks confused as he gets the brush caught in his hair.

"No you idiot" luke huffs swatting CALUMS hands away and taking over.
“I swear no one appreciates the art of quiffing these days” Luke mutters to himself finishing Calums hair for him.

Little girl Clifford getting cold in the dressing room so Daddy Michael lets her sit on his lap and he takes the big baggy jumper he’s wearing and pulls it so it covers her too, both his head and his baby girls poking out of the top and he rests his chin on top of her head and when the boys walk in he tells her to hide and she burrows down but obviously her legs are still showing and the boys aren’t sure whose giggling more, Michael or the lump on his chest.

If You Don't Know
  • If You Don't Know
  • 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Don't Stop - EP

Tonight we’re fading fast

I just want to make this last

If I could say the things that I want to say

I’d find a way to make you stay

He took my hand and dragged me down the street. Under the fluorescent lights he looked angelic and beautiful. Every step we took was a second spent perfectly. He looked back and frowned.

“I just want to make tonight last more than anything.”  Hugging seemed to be the right gesture to make for the circumstance. He is leaving tomorrow and I’ve tried to ignore the fact of it. However, the feelings that are boiling inside of me are so intense that the only thing that seems right at the moment is him.

He let go of me and the warmth from him started to fade. Suddenly all I felt was emptiness.  It felt as if he had already left when in reality he was standing not even 2 feet from me. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what I will feel when he is actually gone.

“I’m going to miss you so much.”

Go ahead rip my heart out

That’s what love’s all about

I want you to want me this way

I need you to need me to stay

If you say that you don’t feel a thing

If you don’t know

Let me go

“There’s nothing we can do. Just live in the moment and stop worrying about what will happen. Just promise me that whatever happens tomorrow, you will not shed one tear.” He said with sympathy. I couldn’t promise him that.

“Do you promise?” I shook my head. I couldn’t, someone who I care a lot about is leaving for almost a year and there’s nothing I can do about it.

“I’m being serious. Promise?”

Finally, the only thing that will satisfy him is to say I promise. So I did. The only thing is, is that I can’t keep the promise and I think that is what’s going to break me.

“I think we should stop doing what we’re doing. I really can’t do this anymore. Long distance isn’t cute. It’s hell. I know you have faith in this but I don’t think it will work.” The hurt that was in his eyes couldn’t compare to what he was feeling inside.

“So you’re just going to stop caring?” Letting him go isn’t easy.

“I don’t know. I’m not sure what to feel anymore and it’s all too much. I’m sorry.” With that I walked away. He was standing there and all I could do is cry. I had already broken his promise.


but neighbor!calum seeing you on your porch at 3 in the morning crying as he is coming home from a party and even though the both of you have never spoken more than two words to eacch other he walks overs and just hugs you while drawing circles on your back as you tell him what happened because he has that vibe where you can trust him with everything