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Mods, do you feel like re-releasing Aladdin to theaters in IMAX or something to help promote the BluRay release would be a good idea? I was so disappointed when they canceled the one for the DVD release except at El Capitan.

Jen: I have no idea b/c they cancelled The Little Mermaid re-release too which I inwardly cried about. I felt that they should have re-released Aladdin shortly after Robin Williams’ death but at the same time that may have come across as capitalizing on it… Still though it would be nice to experience Genie’s character on the big screen because he already comes across as so impressive and vibrant on the TV it would be amazing to see him, and the movie, in theaters. 

Arounding out the night before bed, my Marty Scorsese lot. There are just too many of his films. For now this is what I got. Taxi Driver is my favorite and my introduction to his world. From then and there I was hooked as so many have been. I love how diverse his films are one from another. Now there are the three Pesci/DeNiro movies, also the other Gangster flicks. Still he did films like Last Temptation of Christ, Kundan, After Hours, King of Comedy, Last Waltz, Cape Fear, Age of Innocence, Mean Streets and Hugo. Martin Scorsese did a children’s film. Some of his best films have been with Leonardo DiCaprio. Looking forward to seeing what this man does next. #MartinScorsese #TaxiDriver #Goodfellas #Casino #GangsofNewYork #TheAviator #TheDeparted #ShutterIsland #WolfofWallStreet #AfterHours #TheLastTemptationofChrist #criterion #criterioncollection #Cinema #Cinephile #commentary #movies #bluray

The Divergent Series: INSURGENT Target Exclusive

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Other special features and release dates have yet to be announced. 

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