Florence learned to Dazzle during this business session, but Jason Larson wasn’t at all impressed.

Florence:  Come on, Jason, buy a little tree!  It’s a little tree—how can you say no?  It’s like a tree you can have in your house!  You know you’ve always wanted one!

Jason:  Florence, you’re a very nice person, and the tree is okay, but my sister will kill me if I bring home junk she can’t sell at our shop.  

Florence:  But it’s a plant, Jason!  A plant!

Jason wasn’t having any of it…


Okay wow. I’m still not over the fact I got to meet Chris Colfer at the Bluewater book signing. He’s my hero, he’s saved me and my dreams and I finally got the chance to thank him for that after getting there at 11pm the night before.

I went with two of my friends. One of them, Helen, wasn’t as bothered as most people. She’s a fan but whenever she got annoyed or tired she reminded me that meeting him really wasn’t a big deal to her. The other, Nicole, is due to give birth in five weeks and she STILL camped over night. Trust me, there’s no stopping that one. Everyone we spoke to in the queue was absolutely lovely so thank you for that.

I had a gift bag of things for Chris which contained; hand made SBL bracelet, handmade ravenclaw bracelet, hogwarts express ticket, solar queen (she waves when theres enough light) llama biscuit snacks, big ben snow globe, english tea in a postbox style tin and a mini tea pot with the british flag on it, i <3 london sunglasses with the flag on the lenses and ninja shaped cookie cutters.

The photos I have posted are just a select few from about a total of 30 and roughly 20 that didn’t blur because I was shaking so damn much.The two close ups of him are my friends photos and she’s given me permission to use them.

So we got in, and he was RIGHT THERE. I’ve seen Chris on stage at glee live, he even waved to me when no one else was looking from back stage before the show even started. But I couldn’t believe how close I was to my hero and I think I froze because people definitely bumped into me. SORRY! I was shaking so much that Nicole took my camera off me and made me go first because she said it was more important for me to have a photo with him and I in than it was for her. And I seriously cannot thank her enough. 

So I got to Chris and he looked up at me and just smiled for a moment before saying hello and I’ll do this as a convo so there isn’t a load of “And then…”

Chris: hey! how are you?

Me: I’m great thanks. yourself?

Chris: oh i’m so good.

Me: I got you a few things. [places the gift bag on the table]

Chris:  [grins] ohmygosh what’s in it [opens the bag]

Me: just a few british things and some other small bits too

Chris: oh wow I don’t have to go shopping now. thank you so so much. [pulls the solar queen out a bit] Oh she’s in purple now. that’s so  cool. [goes through the bag and sees the bracelets] did you make these honey? they’re lovely thank you [starts signing my books as alla takes the bag]

Me: i just wanna say something before i never get the chance again.

Chris: [looks up and smiles at me] what is it?

Me: I’ve always wanted to be a writer. To release a book. But when I was seventeen I had a break down and deleted all my files of stuff i’d typed up and tore and burned all my work on paper. It wasn’t until I read The Land of Stories that I could bare to write again and I just want to say thank you. For bringing that back to me and stopping me from doing something stupid on a few occasions, especially recently…

Chris: oh honey, that means so much to me [waves off the security guy when I’m told to leave and look right at me.] if you want to be a writer you be a writer. and you keep going through the good and the bad in life. promise me that you’ll never give up on that dream.

Me: [nods]

Chris: no sweetie, promise me. 

Me: i promise. 

Chris: [smiles] good. hopefully I’ll see you again one day. 

Me: thank you chris.

Chris: no. thank you.

I then went and it was my friend nic’s turn and when she told him how pregnant she was (he didn’t even notice] he called her a hardcore mama. 

I just… he is so lovely and no one has ever told me to not give up on being a writer, just that it’ll never happen. So Chris, thank you. I’ve been crying on and off since but ti was so worth it, just to finally thank him.