Man sought in GameStop theft investigation

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – Police in Newport News are looking for a suspect in connection to a theft from a GameStop.

Holly McPherson with the Newport News Police Department said on July 28, a man went into the store located in the Newmarket Shopping Center around 2 p.m. Police said the man took two Bluetooth headsets out of their boxes, and left the store with the items.

The suspect was seen in…

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Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

This is the OM/ONE, a spherical magnetically levitating Bluetooth speaker. It levitates and plays music. Plus has a microphone so you can use it for conference calls. The sphere can also be removed from the base and function as a wireless speaker for up to 15 hours. $179 gets one in black or white with delivery in time for the holiday season.

Check out the promo video here!


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Being like a cool super, secret agent, Epic is a laser mobile projection keyboard that’s also a virtual multi-touch mouse. It’s easily paired with any smart devices with Bluetooth compatibility such as the iOS 4.0 and later, Android 4.0 and later, Windows XP and later, Blackberry 10.

As cool as this neat little gadget is though, before you buy, I suggest you watch this video review!

I've gotten the basics of my Bluetooth remote working

I’ve used an Arduino Pro Mini connected to an Adafruit EZ-link as the basis of the remote. It’s running off a lithium-polymer battery that can be charged by mini usb or through a Qi charger. It uses shift registers to bring in all the buttons. I’ve got some more things to add to it, but these are the parts that are working so far. I’ll document it all a bit better later.

What I’ve just managed to do is get it to send commands to a python script running on a raspberry pi when a button is pressed. It fires off a message saying whether the button was pressed or released and the script reads the serial data and pulls out the individual messages. Since I’ve now proved all the main parts of the remote, it’s just a matter of finishing it all up.

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Sebastian zbudował smartwatch wg projektu z bloga

Zegarek pokazuje godzinę i łączy się za pomocą bluetooth z Androidem. Dzięki aplikacji RetroWatch pokazuje wybrane informacje z telefonu.

Zegarek składa się z:

  • Małego wyświetlacza OLED sterowanego przez i2c/TWI


  • Arduino pro mini 3.3 V


  • Modułu Bluetooth HC05


  • Akumulatorka, ładowarki USB oraz przycisku.

Projekt jest dość prosty i świetnie nadaje się do rozbudowy o kolejne ciekawe elementy.
Myśleliśmy nad tym, by zastąpić moduł BT, akcelerometrem i zrobić licznik kroków dla biegaczy. Możliwości jest tyle, że tylko wyobraźnia stanowi granicę.

Części do zegarka możesz kupić w Nettigo.




The secret body of wireless was an exhibition held at the School of Architecture, Newcastle University. 

It explores different qualities of hertzian space, understood as the landscape of electromagnetic signals dispersed through physical space and which operates as carrier medium for our digital transfer protocols—such as WiFi networks, cellular networks, bluetooth, GPS, NFC.

@NOIZYBrands and @EfingerSportingGoods Team Up and Launch “Designed To Move” TV and Online Campaign
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The New “Designed to Move” Campaign will air starting August 27th on Verizon FiOS, Comcast and CableVision on ESPN2, ABC Family and Discovery Channels.
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Colors + Dancing Lights + Music…there’s just a certain whimsy and enchantment about it.

This portable, diamond shaped speaker allows you to listen to your fave music while seeing lights dance along with the tunes! Your music streams to the diamond sphere by using wireless bluetooth 3.0 tech.

Also, with it’s rechargeable battery you can listen to music to 10 hours non-stop! You can use this anywhere, anytime - listening while doing outdoor sports to being at home.

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An Isolated Case: OM/1 Is World’s Very First Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Audiophiles typically debate the merits of coupling or isolating speakers from their stands: the “coupling” contingency believes speakers ought to be conjoined with a stand, theoretically improving sound and room obtain by means of energy transferral. Those believing in “isolation” conversely think separating the two prevents distortion. The OM Audio OM/A single is most visibly an isolated situation.

The OM/A single is the innovative vision of former Director of Operations, R&D and Engineering at Velodyne Acoustics, David DeVillez, a levitating driver created to eradicate all external distortion by isolating a 3.6″ diameter speaker element from its base at a height of about one.2″ thanks to an electromagnet. Apart from its exceptional floating conversation piece presence, the OM/1 connects wirelessly to mobile units and computer systems just like any other Bluetooth four. enabled audio speaker (with a variety of 33 feet).

Marty McFly would most likely lend his endorsement of this gravity-defying speaker style by OM Audio.

OM/1 can be utilised in pairs for stereo sound, each unit capable of generating 100 decibels from a modest 3-watt amplifier for up to 15 hours of playback before the tennis ball sized speaker demands to be recharged. A black, white and slightly questionable-taste mirrored disco ball edition are offered for pre-order.

Instead of wasting amplification energy pushing sound waves into a desk, bookshelf, or table, all of the OM/ONEs amplification power is directed to the speaker driver to generate complete, crisp and clear sound.

Omate anuncia relógio inteligente X

Omate anuncia relógio inteligente X

A Omate apresentou o X, o sucessor do relógio inteligente TrueSmart lançado no ano passado. O novo dispositivo tem um ecrã de 1,54 polegadas (240x240px), um SoC (System on a Chip) MT2502A da MediaTek, Bluetooth 4.0, e uma bateria de 400mAh.

O relógio inteligente X da Omate, compatível com os smartphones Android e iOS, pode exibir notificações, entre outras, relativas a chamadas telefónicas e a…

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Tom Hanks tops iTunes chart with typewriter app

#TomHanks tops #iTuneschart with #typewriterapp

Actor Tom Hank’s recently-launched typewriter app for iPad has become the leading app at the Apple iTunes App Store.

Called “Hanx Writer”, it is now ranked No 1 in both the productivity as well as overall section.

“Hanx Writer” turns your iPad into an old-fashioned typewriter, offering a pseudo-analog typing experience.

The bangs of key presses, hard returns and the chimes that sound when you…

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