A short intro video for ReMap: a dynamic, interactive map with the ability to distribute and express real-time New York Subway information, which looks very promising indeed. Manhattan only at the moment, it seems (gotta appeal to the tourists!) but the mapping style is very nice (a bit of Vignelli, a bit of KickMap). I particularly like that the length of transfer walks is indicated proportionately on the map. The use of Bluetooth to push updates to users who are in the subway network and out of WiFi/cell network range seems almost incredible… although they’re still working on that.

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INTJ Manual: How to Obtain Your Very Own ISTP

As an INTJ, you’re a mastermind.
A criminal mastermind.

Unfortunately, you’re more of a puppet master than a DIY sort of guy, so you’re going to need a right-hand — someone else to do your dirty work and act as the face of the organization.

Your choice: an ISTP.

Why?  As the most mysterious type, the ISTP has far more potential as a figure of respect.  You’re betting on the ISTP coolness factor as a major component in minion retention.  The ISTP poker face and generally calm demeanor will be a valuable asset in negotiations — you know they can hold their cool under pressure — and they trust no one.  Furthermore, your motor skills are weak at best, and the boss figure really ought to be able to handle a weapon.

So, INTJ, how do you go about securing yourself a nice, enigmatic ISTP?  Let’s get started.

Step #1: Hold Auditions

ISTPs are lone rangers, and not easily persuaded to consort with others.  Luckily, you don’t need to find the ISTP; let the ISTP come to you.

“Lone Ranger Reboot: Open Auditions” — or so your flier will read.

Post these fliers strategically:

  • Dōjōs
  • Near the aluminium foil in the store
  • Conspiracy Theor- I mean, Illuminati Awareness Groups’ Lodges
  • Civil War Reenactments

Step #2: The Survey

One unfortunate aspect of your ruse is that despite your efforts to target ISTPs, some actual thespians are bound to walk through the door.  How will you positively identify the ISTPs?  How will you know which ISTP is right for you?

INTJ, you need to develop a questionnaire.

This manual cannot do all the work for you, as your needs will vary depending on the nature of your nefarious plot.  One fortunate aspect of your ruse is that many of these questions will not seem out of place.  Suggested questions include:

  1. Do you prefer a boss who clearly communicates your objectives?
  2. Are you comfortable adapting to new and possibly unforeseen… developments?
  3. Do you have any experience handling firearms?
  4. Are you trained in hand-to-hand combat?
  5. How do you feel about robots replacing human interaction in the workplace?
  6. Do you find this survey in any way suspicious?

Find the ISTP who constructs a hat out of aluminium foil in response to Question 6 and explain to them that such hats are not stylish.

Then hire them.

Step #3 Convince Your ISTP To Work For You

That ISTP mistrust is a double-edged sword: it will work both for you and against you.  You hand-selected the most suspicious ISTP; now you have to convince them to work for you.  As you negotiate the terms of your contract, you may have a similar exchange with the ISTP (complete with suggested responses):

ISTP: Why should I work with you?

INTJ: For me.

INTJ: Because most of your contact with me will be limited to Bluetooth and robots.

Note: You can work the minions into the deal later.

ISTP: How can I trust you?

INTJ: You can’t.  Though, I tend to be loyal and currently have a use for you.

ISTP: Sold.


Did it work?  Congratulations!  You are now the proud owner employer of an ISTP.  Go build that diabolical empire, free to spend all of your time in the lab instead of recording your demands for billions of dollars from world governments.  That’s what the ISTP is for.  Do you think they’ll look good in a fedora?

Neptune Suite Can Refresh Your Computing Lifestyle

Blessing of technologies Neptune suite gifts us a perfect and refresh life. In this computing era, every person wants to familiar and start life with full fledge package. Now Neptune has solved the wish.

The amazing factor is that you may start an application on one appliance, and flawlessly shift to another. There is no require to go through with annoy of reintroduction any apps or disturbing about your steps forward. Even though the personal files of yours and the apps are always on your wrist, so, there is nothing to worry to lost or stolen your valuable data. Devices are much contemptible also they don’t have all the classy computing and connectivity apparatus anymore.

Neptune suit permits you to make calls, send messages, stay attached with your social association and friends, with much more. You can operate all thoroughly on your wrist. So your Pocket screen is now elective; hold it with you only if it’s really required. It also simplified to write the short message and you can get any recent contact in a single action. The voice detection device has detected the particular voice easily.

Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard For Nexus7を買ってみたわけです。





Using Bluetooth to connect people for a change, instead of devices.

There are certain places we go to regularly. In my case, it’s my university, the ice rink, & my gym. We see some familiar faces every now & then. We say hi to each other & we know each other by first name. But that’s where it stops (sometimes we don’t even know each other’s names, but we just say hi anyway).

We’re all carrying Bluetooth-enabled devices in our pockets. What if there was a way to find out more about the people that are directly around me? What if that could happen even when my phone is locked & I’m not using it?

Sure, you could argue “Can’t you just use GPS? Plenty of other apps allow you to find nearby friends.” I’m not talking about something like Foursquare or the Find My Friends app on iOS. GPS is inaccurate. Say you’re living in a tower block. There’s no way for a service to show you relevant people that you might know. Bluetooth is more intimate. It has a range of 33 feet under ideal conditions. This means the people it picks up are probably within your line of sight. It also runs in the background, so it keeps picking people up even when you’re not using the app or your phone.

Such a service doesn’t need to guess who are the people you might know just because you have a mutual friend or because they live in the same city (looking at you, Facebook). Whether you’ve realized it or not, the people you care about are the ones you see every day. We all have those people on our Facebook friends lists that we added years ago but never see anymore. You gradually stop caring about them as you both lead your own disparate lives.


Nightboard has a different philosophy compared to the other social services. It’s not about connecting you with people on the other side of the planet. It’s about connecting you with the people you’re actually around. You can’t just go ahead & add someone unless you’ve actually been around them somewhere.

The “board” in Nightboard

Besides just adding people, Nightboard allows you to create your own small communities around “boards”, which are essentially community bulletin boards. There’s no “admin”. It’s both anonymous & decentralized. You could create a board, others join, you leave after a week, & the board lives on. Names aren’t automatically added to posts. You could post anonymously, or mention your name somewhere in the post if you want to.

Boards can be open, i.e. anybody can join & see the posts, or they can be closed, i.e. posts are hidden & they have to send a request to join. Any existing member can accept their request. #Hashtags are supported as well to allow people to find related posts on a board.

How do people join these boards? It uses the same Bluetooth concept. The people around you will not only see you, but also all the boards you’re affiliated with (it DOESN’T explicitly mention your name though). They can join, & the chain reaction continues as these people spread the board thru their own communities.

I just thought this was an interesting concept & built an app around it. I don’t even know if I’m right. In the end, it’s all just for fun.

Try it out on the App Store.

OUMAX T2 Wireless Bluetooth Activity / Fitness Tracker With Sleep Monitor and Selfies- Includes extra 2 replacement Colored Bands in Total Works for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, iPad 3, iPad Air, Mini, iPad, iPad Retina, Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note 2, Tab 4 or newer - (Black/Blue/Pink)

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OUMAX T2 Wireless Bluetooth Activity / Fitness Tracker With Sleep Monitor and Selfies- Includes extra 2 replacement Colored Bands in Total Works for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, iPad 3, iPad Air, Mini, iPad, iPad Retina, Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note 2, Tab 4 or newer - (Black/Blue/Pink)

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Braven 705 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Braven 705 is a substantive piece of audio equipment.  It is somewhat small.  However, the sound is good and the unit is somewhat heavy.  Normally, the heavier a speaker is, the better the sound.  There is no known logic set behind this thinking.  This is simply the sum of our personal experience with smaller, Bluetooth speakers.

The fact that it is waterproof is just icing on the cake.  Our…

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