High in the trees perched Haldir, usually ever vigilant, but today he was only ever distracted. He had been watching the same stretch of forest floor for hours, and he was growing increasingly anxious. He mentally berated himself. It wasn’t like him to become bored, or count the hours as Anor’s light shifted the patterns through the golden branches, but for some reason today his focus was elsewhere.

The only thought that soothed his guilt was that he was unlikely to come across anything unusual today anyway.

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"Kili, I’m going to ask you the same thing I’m going to ask your brother. Where have you been? You both just go rushing off without a word while we’re out in the middle of nowhere. Do you realize how dangerous that is?"


Seriously, correct me if I am wrong, I have had a long week and I’m almost positive I’m mixing things up. 

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scales that sparkle like gems.

The water was clearer than the finest crystals that any dwarf could find deep within the mountains. The sunlight danced upon the water’s surface creating small spectrums of light as it danced. Deep within the waters depth lived a creature as old as time, a siren by the name of Thelchtereia. She was the cause for ships sinking and men disappearing in these fair waters. Her hair was as dark as onyx, her skin as pure as freshly fallen snow and her tail as blue as sapphires. She swam slowly in the waters awaiting for someone to walk along the shore or perhaps a ship to pass by. She longed to enchant someone to love her or to their death, either factors were fine with her. This thought brought a smile to her lips as she began to sing an old sailor song while swimming towards the shore.