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Can I ask you, physically what's your favorite thing about Louis? Me for example, I love his eyes (blue, my favorite color). When I see a pic of him, I always look at his eyes first.

His personality, hands down. Everything about his charisma, intelligence and humor.

Preference #231 Does He Know?
  • Liam:All the boys looked tired, but Liam looked especially bored. Your boyfriend however was keen to keep going for hours. he did this a lot, got in front of other men and then rattled off all the things that he knew about his amazing, oh so incredible girlfriend, you. It was nice at first, but know it just made everything seem like a competition. You were just trying to have a nice game night with some of the other couples, and as usual it has turned into a fact checking session. You snuck a glance at Liam, who now that your boyfriend was going on about the flowers you liked, had a sudden interest in the things on the floor. You swallowed, not knowing what to do. You and Liam had danced around each other for so long, until you got tired of waiting, and moved forward with someone else. But you really hadn’t, you remind yourself taking one look at him in your living room his favorite blue flannel on. “Okay, but who would she call first with a nightmare?” Louis droned on mockingly. Dumbass, you thought. Louis probably thought your boyfriend would ignore the slight jab, but oh no, not him. He snorted, “Me of course.” He shrugged, moving his game piece across the board. You bit your lip to stop yourself from responding, but Liam had other ideas. “She would call me. Just like she would call me if she got a flat tire, or if she got locked out, or needed a ride somewhere. She would call me.” He finished firmly, staring your boyfriend down. Liam only knows that you would, because you have. Just like earlier you saw him mouth your stuffed animals name instead of your boyfriends loud response of your laptop when someone asked what you might save in a burning building. “He’s right. I’d call him.” You spoke for the first time nearly all night, a smile coming across Liams face.
  • Louis:You know the bright blue eyes that are watching closely from his spot across the club. In the dead of night, in the middle of a hail storm, when you’re dead- you’ll remember those eyes. What you hope you forget is how they are staring you down like a hawk currently. Louis is pretending to be interested in the conversation next to him, just like you’re dancing half heartedly, but you both know your main focus is each other. It shouldn’t be, but it is. Louis waves off whoever he was speaking to and your stomach clenches because you know that he is coming straight for you. He doesn’t bother with a greeting when he reaches you, “Does he know you’re here?” He spits out towards you and you roll your eyes, trying to avoid him, but he side steps you, mere inches from your face. “More importantly does he know that I’m here?” He asked, quieter this time, and you can feel his soft tone right to your bones. “Do you think he has round the clock watch on me or something Louis? I am a grown woman I can-” “Oh don’t start, you and I both know he watches you like a child, especially when I’m around. And we both know why that is.” Louis said, his blue eyes challenging yours. You can’t but laugh lightly at him as he grins, stepping ever closer to you so It is easy for your to drape your arms around his neck. “I’ll be at yours in about an hour. I’ll stop by his and tell him I’m with a friend.” You mutter quietly in his space and pecking his cheek before pulling away. Only because Louis knew you like no one else.
  • Zayn:You slammed the front door shut, turning to Niall and Zayn who were still seated on your living room floor. You huffed at both of them and Niall took one look between you and Zayn before scurrying off, to which Zayn frowned, clearly disappointed he wouldn’t have any backup. You blinked at him a few times, waiting for him to explain himself, but you knew he wouldn’t, “Want to talk about the shit show you just caused back there?” You asked, gesturing to the door where your boyfriend had just basically ran for the hills from. “I didn’t cause a shit storm, I asked a couple questions.” He shrugged, standing to his full height, glowering at you a bit. You stepped towards him, knowing full well when Zayn is putting on a face. “You really had to ask him all that obscure shit about me?” You asked, crossing your arms. “That shit wasn’t obscure! It doesn’t worry you that your boyfriend doesn’t know about that tattoo you have? Or maybe why you prefer the left side of the bed? Or maybe at least your favorite fucking color?” Zayn grunted out, coming even closer. “Obscure would be knowing that you only like to write with black pens, or that you will only eat ice cream on weekends, or that you constantly run from what's in front of you.” He muttered, brown eyes meeting yours. “He does know my favorite color.” You said quietly, trying to defend him, but it was useless. You knew exactly what Zayn was alluding to, that he knew you better than anyone, maybe even yourself. “You say your favorite color is blue but you and I both know its actually yellow.” Zayn mumbled, a new hint of sadness in his voice. You looked long and hard at him before stepping into his space, hugging him. “You’re jealous.” You said quietly. “Yeah, you know me well too, you know.” He muttered.
  • Niall:by your count, Niall was on his third shot in an hour. Which surely wouldn’t level the Irishman, but it was pushing it a bit too far for your liking. What's worse is Louis and Liam were right there next to him, letting the whole thing just happen. You tapped Gemma or whoever it was that was next to you and gestured to the bar, letting them know you would be right back. It was so crowded and dark on the dance floor it took you a few minutes, but you eventually made it to the three of them. Niall glanced at you, before downing the shot that sat in front of him. You furrowed your eyebrows, shaking your head. Liam was looking between you and Niall and chuckling and Louis rolled his eyes, pulling Liam away as Niall frowned. You grabbed one of their empty seats, sitting next to your friend. “Why are you taking shots like they’re going out of style?” You questioned. He glanced at you, shaking his head. “No reason.” he muttered. His accent was thicker and you knew then to let the bartender to cut him off, otherwise you would have a mess to deal with in the morning. “Does he know you’re a good dancer?” Niall questions all the sudden, as you’re trying to get the bartender's attention for some water. You fall back into your seat from the place leaning on the bar. “What?” Niall huffs, “Don’t skirt around the question, ___. Does he know that? Or is it just me?” He tacked on quietly at the end. You knew Niall was half talking about your dancing tonight, half talking about something else entirely that happened a long time ago. You could feel the memories swirling around in your brain, “It’s just you.” You said smalley. Niall nodded, grabbing your hand and dragging you with him, out of the bar.
  • Harry:“You shouldn’t be here, sitting on my couch and watching that stupid TV show with the stupid pirate and the-” “Don’t call Captain Hook stupid.” You said, around a mouth of popcorn. Harry had just gotten home from whatever event he was at. He still had his jacket on, but one shoe was off already and his hair was already up in it’s bun, letting you know that he was tired. Harry frowned in front of you, toeing off his other boot. he did and fell next to you, shoving the popcorn off your lap so he could rest his head there. “Where is he tonight?” He asked, playing with the charm on your necklace. “With the redhead, I think. He wears a different cologne when he’s with her.” You supplied, glancing down at him. He smiled softly, and a bit sadly. “Sorry your boyfriend is a cheating asshole.” He said gruffly, looking at the TV. “Sorry I use your TV and eat your food to ignore it instead of facing my problem like an adult.” You drone as he laughs, sitting up and pulling you over to him, settling you against him as you tossed your legs over his. You focused back on the TV, counting in your head, and like clockwork Harry waited about a minute and a half before you felt his lips against your neck. “Sorry I am also an asshole.” he mumbled against you. You sighed, laughing, “Yeah, but I like you better than him anyways.” If your boyfriend was going to cheat with at least two other women, you thought you deserved one. And Harry, bless his heart, agreed. “So, you’re mine tonight, right? You don’t have to go home?” He asked, pausing to look at you. You smiled softly at him, blushing. “I’m yours every night, really.” Harry grinned and then made a face, “Little cheesy there, love.”
  • notes:harry styles in tiny red shorts is what this world needed. also, once upon a time is my newest obsession, so sorry if you don't catch that reference. hope you enjoyed!

Here’s more of human-lombax​‘s doodles colored! I plan to do all of the doodles, but that’s gonna take a long while.


Side note: I wasn’t too sure what to do with the second one. I messed around with a few ideas, but decided to leave his mouth how it is. Also, I’m still trying to get Ratchet’s hat and glove colors perfect. They’ll probably change a few more times.

It just keeps getting better and better...

So, I was watching the episode again (for the millionth time already) and noticed that in the last scene, when Lizzie was resting her head on Red’s shoulder, that she had his favorite blue Prada coat draped over her. 

I’ve watched that scene so many times and it just now hit me! *face palm*

What an incredibly romantic gesture…not only does he continue to take care of her, but providing physical comfort to all the senses as well, including the sense of smell…because who wouldn’t want to be covered in the sweet, sweet aroma that is James!!!

Note: I’m working on getting a screenshot - Internet is being totally wonky today!

  • johnny loved sleeping in the grass
  • his favorite color was blue
  • he actually couldn’t stand the drive in theater
  • johnny gets cold really easily but hardly ever gets sick
  • he’s a dog person but he loves all animals
  • he was actually pretty close friends with two bit too
  • his favorite season is spring bc its like everything is new & reborn
  • after the whole incident, he starts wearing his hair cut short
  • fires have always reminded him of dallas winston: uncontrollable & angry
  • he makes up stories all the time w/ ponyboy
  • johnny likes going on walks without knowing where he’s going
  • he loves the carnival/fair
  • he wishes he had a brother or sibling like the curtis brothers 

1. Why did you choose your url

It’s an old OC of mine that I was writing a story for at the time. 

2. What’s your middle name?


3. If you could be a fairytale/fictional person what would you be?

Other than Link? I actually really liked the shepherd, Santiago, from Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. He was a nice adventure, learns a lot on the way, finds love and happiness, and achieves his personal legend–his dream.

4. Favorite color?

Green, Blue, Red, Purple

5. Favorite song?

Save Yourself - MSG

I also have a lot of other songs that I like just as much, but this one stands out to me.

6. Top 3 Fandoms?

…Harvest Moon and Dark Souls, I guess. Legend of Zelda is a fandom I want to get back into, but I haven’t been able to play LoZ in so lng. 

7. Why do you enjoy tumblr?

I don’t really know why. I guess I do like RPing here more than elsewhere. 

8. Tag 9 friends

budgie-chan hiyoko-hime hopeandalexander magicalzombie zackfaires chrbin cherryblossom-skies melodic-thunderstorm birdiebecky

resist; closed

Noah honestly hadn’t thought much of his choice in wardrobe. Fact of the matter was, he’d never been been denied the chance to wear whatever he wanted, within his own discretion. So, now that it was summer? Noah loved wearing the shortest shorts possible. The kind that went right to edge of his ass cheeks. He knew mostly girls wore them, and the guys that did got made fun of. But he didn’t like the heat, and he didn’t want to wear anything else. He also wore a light blue tank top in his favorite color. He wasn’t shy about his body, and wasn’t that part of the fun of summer?

The boy went to find his father, hoping he’d be out on the deck of their house. “Daddy?” asked Noah, calling out. { hallowedstone-rp }

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1, 12, 18, 21, 42, 48 Kasamatsu

1· What does their bedroom look like? Surprisingly messy. He’s too lazy sometimes to organize everything, probably because he’s too exhausted after practice to look where he throws his clothes and books.The only part completely organized is his desk. Also I can see blue walls.

12· Favorite book genre? Mistery and even if he doesn’t want to admit it, he likes it when there’s a romantic subtext.

18· Favorite beverage? Anything lime flavoured

21· Turn-ons? Turn-offs? A sly personallity is a big turn on for him.  Showing a disrespectful personality is a turn off.

42· Hobbies? As stated in his profile he likes to listen to music and play the guitar

48· How do they express love? Since Kasamatsu is not really good with words and has some difficulties when it comes to expressing his feelings it will be obvious when he’s being more affective. He gets closer and probably touches his partner with slight caresses, always with a bright red face that begs them for initiate any kind of romantic gesture.

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im re-listening to murdocs plastic beach facebook q&a and he states that his favorite colour is blue really excitedly then he says that his other favorite colour is green then he adds that he likes them all mixed together too plus when hes asked if it gets lonely on plastic beach with only 2d there he says that it does but hes found a few ways to not feel so lonely which he doesnt want to go into detail about ;)

Murdoc: *awkwardly shuffles* I, erm, shut up.

2D: Hehe. I know wot we wos doin’.



In honor of the series finale of Mad Men today, I decided to bring two of my favorite shows together. Using the Mad Men Yourself game on, I brought our favorite characters into the Swingin’ Sixties.

BJ, ready to go to work in his favorite baby blue, and Trapper, looking fly in his turtleneck and, of course, a martini.

More to come!

I was also inspired by asinfreedom‘s M*A*S*H mermaids, MerM*A*S*H

Akakuro Angst Attempt

A/N: I absolutely have no idea what this is, please don’t expect too much~ This is like a ficlet omfg but really it’s just something I did to get past my block. 

 i am so sorry ・゜・(ノД`)  


When Akashi stumbles into a fair-skinned teal-haired boy seated at the piano in the music room playing a Fritz Kreisler piece – He’s quickly enchanted.

But it is also a matter of time until his downfall.


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In Too Deep // Niconnor

Connor had absolutely no idea what he was doing. He had seen people propose in movies…but that was it. Parker had probably stopped him the night before from making the biggest mistake of his life. If he had’ve gone back to San Francisco, he would’ve been leaving behind the best thing to ever happen to him. The reality was he couldn’t imagine a life without her. The girls in his past were ones he could imagine being without but didn’t want to. Nicole was different. Connor had been awake all night after talking to Parker, but he was on too much of a high to sleep. After going by Noah’s room and getting his permission, which he didn’t think he’d get, he decided he had to do it before he lost the courage. They had already agreed they were getting married, but Connor wanted to full out propose to her. He asked her to wear her blue dress because that was his favorite on her. He asked her to wear her hair up because she couldn’t hide her beautiful face. After getting ready quickly, Connor put on really nice jeans and a nice shirt. It was fairly obvious that he was going to propose, and he had the ring he and Parker picked out a few days ago in his pocket, but he had to tell Nicole about his breakdown before he proposed to her. He nervously walked down to the beach, hands in his pockets, when he saw her waiting and his heart stopped. This is what happened…he freaked out, and then once he was with her everything made sense again. “Hi, beautiful,” he said with a smile as he hugged her from behind. “How was your morning?” He asked quietly.


Courferyac is constantly making friendship bracelets. They represent important milestones im friendship, from the first time they met from the time Enjolras told him he was gay. Everyone has at least one, and the stupid little rope bracelets are secretly a commodity.

Gavrochr has rope bracelets practically up both arms, all incorporating blue, his favorite color. Enjolras and combferre come in second with about five each.

Everyone secretly wants more, and they’re protected like a jewel

I was tagged by donottalktomeinthemorning, thanks!!

1. Why did you choose your url?
I didn’t know what to choose so I asked a bunch of friends on Skype and they came up with this lame pun.

2. What’s your middle name?

3. If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?
A daemon probably (from His Dark Materials)

4. Favorite color?

5. Favorite song?
Sleeping At Last by Saturn

6. What are your top 3 fandoms?
ASOIAF is probably the number one, then the femslash fandom, you know the one who watch all the same shows with f/f ships in them. And the last one I really don’t know. I’d say the incest fandom.

7. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?
I follow really cool people, lots of metas about ASOIAF, lots of great gifsets. Also it educated me a lot about feminism and other issues so yeah.

8. Tag all 9 of your Tumblr crushes to do these 8 questions
(most of my tumblr crushes designated by tumblr aren’t mutuals so I’m gonna go with real tumblr crushes) purplecelery samwilsonvevo sansastarkley velatavelenosa lordetywin lannistertwincestuous tattooedfreddie ladyrbolton

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alright! how about asuhi now?

How I feel about this character
Asuhi can literally do no wrong. His design is stellar (haha), and his character arc, personality, and importance within the story is fantastic. His design is A+++ because blue is my favorite color a ND BLUE/GREEN bOY ??? fave as well. I love him with all my heart, he is my cinnamon bun who is too pure for this world. All I want is for his own fictional happiness to come true. 

I love him, in a chill way. Not in a screaming ‘heismyeverything’ way. (Unlike with a certain art yankee.) Cool guy has a chill day–

All the people I ship romantically with this character
Yuto :)
Eruna :))
KYOMA :)))) 

I could explain why, but just. look at the shipping section on this post.

My non-romantic OTP for this character
Otone? ? ? sure, yeah. I LIKE HIM WITH HIMI SHE COULD BE HIS MOTHER-FIGURE OR SOMETHING …and, um, Sadamatsu. As well as everyone I listed in the romantic section.

My unpopular opinion about this character
I DONT LIKE HIS VOICE IN THE ANIME WHOOPS. (I’m warming up to it, but I’m not a big fan :’) )

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.
I honestly have no idea at this point.

Yesterday, Amma and I were looking at lenghas for my cousin’s wedding and my dad told me to wear blue because he liked that color. I asked why I should wear his favorite color and he told me that it was because I was supposed to dress to make other people happy.

Is the idea that dressing myself for myself really difficult for people to understand? Can I not make my own decisions (including the decision to wear whatever fucking color that I choose)?

I am very upset right now.

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I wanna know about your dog. What kind of dog are they, what's the name, what's the favorite toy?