COOL GHOOL PEPERONIE BIRTHDAY!!! in which I also announce our plan to live forever


Let’s play “What does google think your animal looks like?”

I also like to think of this game as “What is google smoking?”

The game is simple! Pick your favourite animal’s photo, set up a google image search ( press the camera, either upload an image or paste the url of the image if you have it uploaded somewhere and select ‘visually similar images’)

Pick your favourite/the closest example from the first page and reblog this with both photos attached.

Anyone can play and it doesn’t have to be a reptile!

Google thinks our blue tongue skink Artemis looks like…

i’ve been fortunate enough to finally start therapy for PTSD, and i wanted to share something with you that’s been cheering me up a lot recently. peperonie babie is my new favourite youtube channel, and you should watch the first birthday if you haven’t seen any peperonie before, and the treason of the geet geet which is my favourite episode. thank you peperonie and cami ♡