I always adore the brand s with “story”; “toms” is my lovebrand, and now they continued their heritage with coffee as well. 

I don’t understand why it is coffee, but I appreciate the one for one ide continuation with “water for people” cooperation.

good job toms

TOMS is known for their shoes and slogan “one for one.” The brand is now expanding to eyewear as well as coffee. TOMS Roasting Coffee will give one week of clean water to a person in need when you purchase a bag of coffee. They partnered with Water for People to ensure they are giving back to the same countries that provide the beans, helping stimulate economic development.  Designer Eric Pieper art directed and lead the design from start to completion. The coffee packaging communicates the iconic blue and white stripes TOMS is known for, as well as incorporating the message of providing clean water on the side panels of the bag. The design has a wonderful balance of bold design with clear visual communication.