Amazon Flasher - Panacea prola amazonica

Commonly known as Amazon Flasher, and Prola Beauty, Panacea prola (Nymphalidae) is a species of butterfly found throughout much of South America, from Colombia to southern Brazil. 

It is a butterfly with two beautiful views: the underside hindwings are bright red, and the iridescent bands on the upperside are a highly reflective pale turquoise color when viewed from directly above in bright sunlight. In overcast conditions, when viewed at certain angles, the colour changes to a beautiful shade of sky blue.

The little butterfly in the top photo is a Skipper (Antigonus searches).

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Photo credit: [Top: ©Pablo MDS | Locality: Peru, 2012] - [Bottom: ©Ken Kertell | Locality: North of Tena, Napo, Ecuador, 2014]