Myein, by Ann Hamilton, was an art installation at the American Pavilion during the 48th Venice Biennale in Italy, in 1999. I was in Florence at the time, studying architecture (at Syracuse University) and we spent a few days in the Veneto region touring and sketching. My photos from that trip have since disappeared, but the image of this project will forever remain vivid in my mind. What you miss in the photo, however, is the movement of the incarnadine red powder down the walls of braille. Poetic and dynamic. It was one of the most memorable art experiences of my life, so I just had to share the photo after reading this article today.

Edge of Arabia and Crossway Foundation are unveiling a new art center in London this March:

Director Stephen Stapleton — the British artist and educator who co-founded EOA in 2008 with Saudi artists Ahmed Mater and Abdulnasser Gharem — told Art + Auction last autumn that the move was “about building a home where we can welcome our growing community, where we can let our ideas breathe, and where we can create an environment in which artists, educators, and cultural practitioners can innovate and develop.”

Complete with 4,000 sq ft of gallery space, a research library, and a special area for screenings, workshops, and performances.

Read more at Blouin.

[Image from 2012’s #COMETOGETHER exhibition]

Jude Law Should Play Me

I recently finished Steve Martin’s An Object of Beauty which is a “loosely” fictionalized book based on very real characters in the contemporary art world. Not until I finished reading Art Info’s interview with critic Michael Peppiatt did Martin’s superfluous description of a poly-syllabic speaking art critic make PERFECT SENSE. In the book, the protagonist, Daniel, is at a dinner during Art Basel Miami and is seated next to the aforementioned art-writer. Every time the critic opens his mouth, the rest of the dinner guests tune out, mostly because of how convoluted and boring he sounded. He reminded me exactly of Art Info’s interviewee. Below is my top three favorite quotes from the interview. Enjoy. 

  1. And who should play you? (In a Francis Bacon Biopic)

    Several people like Ewan McGregor or Jude Law because I have been several people; then me, as I am now, as the narrator in the background, looming forward to show time’s ‘thievius’ progress.


  2. Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

    “Yes,” as when I’m asked to do things like this interview.

  3. Best quote you ever got?

    "Peppiatt is the best art writer of his generation," Andrew Lambirth (The Art Newspaper)

I suggest all of you go read the interview for more face-palm moments. 

Interview with Michael Peppiatt

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