blossomsbroke replied to your photoNo one will come see Ray Davies & Elvis Costello…

wat y

I’m not sure what the ‘y’ is pertaining to so I’ll cover BOTH POSSIBLE BASES:
-it’s free b/c Elton John was initially headlining but he cancelled his tour and they decided to make the rest of the gig free so I got a few tickets thinking it’d be fun.
-no one will come b/c people live far away/are travelling the UK on a barge/are seeing J. Timberlake that night/etc.!
Alas </3

I’m gonna beat Steph to the punch by posting this. Our friend Conor, aka The Half Earth, just released his first single in a long time and it is absolutely outstanding. It was mastered at one of the most revered studios in the world, and in my opinion it reflects his control of different elements, brilliant ear for timbre and utter belief in what he’s doing..even if he won’t admit to it. That, plus his angelic voice. He’s in high demand.

He’s come so far in the last year and he’s going to go a hell of a lot further yet and I am very very proud

whattaloadacrap asked:

stephanie :)

Oh god Steph it’s hard enough finding one band we agree on let alone nine haha. But let’s see, it has no flow whatsoever but I’ve put JNew at the end just in case you’re losing the will by the end

Survive - Kidnap Kid
The Light In Your Name - These New Puritans
Easy - Son Lux
Pala - Friendly Fires
Heaven’s On Fire - The Radio Dept.
Activity 3 - Sun Airway
No More Losing the War - Half Moon Run
I Love You - Woodkid
En Gallop - Joanna Newsom