cma20150501-1-10 (Voigtländer Ultramatic CS with Super-Dynarex 4/135 and Minolta close-up lens #0 on Kodak Ultramax 400 @ ISO 200)

Did I mention that the current Kodak Ultramax 400 is a nice material to shoot on? While it still has a slight brownish color cast as is typical for Kodak “amateur” stock, its colors are “cleaner” as before without being as over-saturated as with the Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400. Sharpness and resolution at least look better than with the Fuji too. By now I prefer the Ultramax to the Kodak Portra 400 when it comes to everyday shooting on 35 mm film, because I like its more accentuated grain. I wish I could get it for medium format too …

The Tempest II

I couldn’t help myself from sharing this close up moment of a fiery haired Camille in the blossoms. As a child I used to love playing dress up and now I spend my time thinking about how to dress up others! Still a big kid I guess ;)

Days here are spent working on new projects, pictures and blog posts. We’re in Texas for another couple of weeks and after that it’s off to LA! So if you’re in the area and would like to book a shoot while I’m here get in touch!

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May 24th - The wildflowers and blossom are wonderful this year. On my way to Aldridge along the canal, I saw lots of hawthorn, cow parsley and my first flag iris of the year. I think the pink and violet ones are columbine or granny’s bonnet. The lupins are also superb.

Here goes the yearly uncertainty over flower identification. Ah well, down the hatch.