Here it is, as I promised!

So, my first tutorial I actually put some time into doing.
I would be ever so happy if people would tell me what they like/don’t like about it so I know in the future how to adjust it. If there is anything you wish to know about it, just ask.
I know the Pictures look kinda… bad, but I did what I could with what I had and I, atleast, loved the outcome. I have a new pair of “frillies” and I love them and I tried my best to do this tutorial as simple to follow as possible.

When making this, I used a fabric with cotton/linen mix.
Thats why it gets so wrinkly so fast, but its still a good fabric for undergarment since it breath and is very soft. This tutorial is a basic, so you can decorate your bloomers as much as you wish and in any way you wish.

When following this tutorial, I used the pattern for mens torusers to make the bloomers a bit more casual. I also made the waistline lower, since I don’t really like when things are to tight around my waist. I guess I’m sensetive.

Good luck with your sewing and don’t forget to comment and “follow”. :D


"Bloomer shorts" or as I call them… Pumpkin shorts (And in spanish too hehe; "Shorts de Calabacita" jajaja) I’m fan of this type of shorts but I’m to shy to decide to use them or not u,u so haha I just admire them from here XD
Seems really comfortable and warm -w- and might could be used in autumn or spring if you know how to use them correctly (:P Maybe I’m wrong)
I’d like to buy the brown ones at the first photo or the “bloomer version” xD in brown color too… or the denim ones too!!