4日午前の東京株式相場は3営業日ぶりに急反発。国際原油市況やギリシャ情勢に対する懸念が後退、世界の金融市場安定化への期待で幅広い業種に見直し買いが入った。決算内容が好感された 三菱UFJフィナンシャル・グループ など銀行株のほか、保険やその他金融、鉱業など金融、資源セクターが業種別上昇率上位。

Both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg are reported to be launching their own social networks — the former is developing a network called “WSJ Profile" and the latter plans to relaunch a network started by BusinessWeek called “Current.” Initial speculation is noting similarity between the sites and both Twitter & Facebook, which begs the question: How will these new sites compete with the social networking giants? said it best — “good luck with that.”

So the question for both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg is: Why would readers or users come to your network instead of using those other ones? What are you offering that is superior, apart from the reflected glory of your brand name, that could overcome their established network effects? If you don’t have a strong answer to those questions, then you will almost certainly fail.


Ron Paul’s public sector donations

Most know about Ron Paul being the number one recipient of campaign donations from active military personnel (The troops) amongst all presidential candidates (more than 2X more than the rest of the republican field COMBINED), including the commander in chief himself.
But did you know also he receives the most campaign donations from FEDERAL workers than the rest of the republican field?


Wal-Mart Boosting Wages for 500,000 U.S. Workers
Bloomberg Intelligence’s Poonam Goyal and Betty Liu discuss Wal-Mart’s fourth-quarter results and the retailer’s announcement of a pay raise to $9 per hour that will impact 500,000 workers in the United States. They speak on “Before The Bell” on “In The Loop.”

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Le gars s’est amené vers moi et il m’a agrippé. Ses intentions étaient claires. »
« Il a porté un coup de poing qui m’a atteint à la visière, a-t-il relaté. J’ai perdu l’équilibre…
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