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bloodysalvatores replied to your post: Do we even know is Joseph is coming back??

im actually very scared now that he wont be back at all in s4 and they’ll just have michael play klaus. i cant handle this. i mean i love michael and all, but no one can replace joseph as klaus. idek. i just want him back! :(

NO NO NO NO NO NO don’t say that !!!! I can’t have a Trevino Klaus… just no. He has to come back, I think he will come back tbqh. I don’t think the writers can take such a big risk, honestly too many people would be pissed if Joseph doesn’t come back…

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My questions:

  1. Favorite food? Spaghetti  Bolognaise. 
  2. Unpopular opinion on TVD? I probably have one but I can’t think of it right now. 
  3. Favorite candy? Anything with sugar in it
  4. Top five favorite blogs? Only five? OK um  a few of my tumblr crushes at the moment are  bloodysalvatores, breakeven-stelena, buffysalvatore, stelenareborn, and diaryofdelena
  5. Favorite movies? Elvis and Annabelle, Remember the Titans, A Knights Tale (and so many more my god I am a movie whore)    
  6. How many sports do you play? And what sports? I don’t really do the whole athletic thing very well but I use to do baton twirling and tennis.
  7. Do you prefer Sea or land animals? I love both! But if i had to choose land I guess. 
  8. Thing you hate most about the fandom? Besides ship wars. The ridiculous amount of character hate.
  9. What’s your preferred religion? Jedi
  10. Do you have any other blogs? Yes I have two other blogs :) 
  11. Do you have an unpopular opinion on Stefan? If it’s unpopular to love him completely because everything he’s done good and bad has made him who he is today and because he is flawed but there’s something perfect about that. Then yes. Yes I do. 


My Questions:

  1. What’s your favorite book? 
  2. What’s your least favorite episode of the Vampire Diaries?
  3. Where in the world would you like to go?
  4. How would you react if someone deleted your tumblr?
  5. Do you prefer blue or green eyes? 
  6. A song you love?
  7. You’re favorite fan fiction?
  8. Favorite actor?
  9. Winter or Summer?
  10. If you were a mood, what would you be?
  11. Top 3 lyrics that describe your otp?

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I’ve been tagged by Alexia

  1. Cookies or chocolate? Chocolate
  2. Your favourite TVD character? Katherine <3333
  3. Harry Potter or The Hunger Games? THG was amazing, but HP still has my heart <3
  4. Have you ever read the TVD books? I have read them. They’re not the most amazing books in the world, but I enjoy reading them :)
  5. Your favourite ice cream? Mint choc chip <3
  6. Your favourite song? The Strange Familiar - Redemption
  7. Rebekah or Kol & tell me why you choose him or her? Rebekah because I don’t really like Kol and Rebekah is SO badass! She’s an amazing character and I love how Claire portrays her. I hope they never kill her off <3
  8. 5 favourite ships from 5 different tv shows? Tyler/Caroline (TVD), Finn Rachel (Glee), Jake/Faye (TSC), Ross/Rachel (Friends), Dean/Castiel (Supernatural)
  9. Any tattoos/piercings? Ears pierced twice, belly button pierced and a tattoo on my wrist of a little blue star
  10. Least favourite person from TVD? Kol, but I’m willing to give him a chance if he sticks around. Any pointless characters that are brought in just to get killed off piss me off too >.<
  11. Name 4 people you really like on Tumblr - alexia—adorable, bloodlinesboobs, katherine-whore, insane-delena

My questions:

  1. Favourite TVD blog?
  2. If you could jump right into a tv show, which tv show would it be and what type of person would you be?
  3. Favourite band?
  4. Favourite quote (any type)?
  5. Favourite Original (TVD)?
  6. Favourite book?
  7. How long have you known your best friend?
  8. Weather: Hot or cold?
  9. Do you like your hair the colour it is now or would you rather it was a different colour?
  10. Do you like your eyes the colour they are now or would you rather they were a different colour?
  11. Are you the life of the party or do you stand in the corner and ignore everyone?

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my dash is still flooding with these coachella pics and its so annoying lol i must be the only person who didn’t reblog a single picture of them. no offence but i dont really give a shit about this “couple”

No i completely agree. my dash has so many pictures of them right now and im just like ugh..You werent the only one :) i dont post any pictures of them on my blog…ever HAHA

bloodysalvatores replied to your post: You know what makes Nian even more annoying than they already are? It’s their fans! They obsess & fangirl over them like it’s the best thing in the world. Like eww. No. I get fangirling over Delena but Nian? WTF?! I bet if Nina & Ian knew they would probably be so freaked out.

ITA that their fangirls make it even more annoying. Nian obviously know about them, and tbh i dont think they would freak out. i actually think they love it and enjoy the attention.

I agree. I think they would enjoy knowing people hold onto their every action and words.

it’s so annoying…


I’ve found your blog recently and I’M IN LOVE WITH IT. The url, your posts, the theme, EVERYTHING. I wish we would talk because you seem like a nice person. And your sidebar gif? I could stare at it like all day with the twirling and whatnots. 

Talk to me sometime?

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