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Damon was still reeling from the night before, angry with himself for allowing Klaus to take control of him like that. He wasn’t the submitting type, yet he’d done so willingly for someone he hated, which only served to make him hate himself for wanting it to happen again. Attempting to wash away the remnants of Klaus proved unsatisfying, because he could still feel the hybrid all over him, and he wasn’t completely sure if it was a good or bad thing. Thumbing through his phone to find a one night stand to take his mind off the hybrid, was just as pointless, because he kept stopping on one name, until finally he threw his phone across the room, hardly flinching when it smashed into pieces on the floor. What the hell had he done? Given an immortal hybrid a piece of himself that he could never get back, that he’d never have given to anyone otherwise. He could have said that Klaus compelled him, but that would be a hard lie to sell. Finally, Damon grabbed his keys and sped over to the massive estate where Klaus resided, and banged hard on the door, pushing it open when he didn’t get an answer right away. “Where the hell are you?!”

Not A Fairytale (Stydia) | Closed


Lydia slid her book into her locker with a sigh. She was exhausted and her head was killing her, probably a side effect of the incessant noises she couldn’t seem to stop hearing in her head. God, what was the point of being a banshee if all it did was come with dead bodies and migraines? It was the end of the day and she was looking forward to heading home, who wasn’t? But first she wanted to try and find Stiles. She’d text him like three times and still hadn’t heard back, which admittedly was weird. Stiles always text her back. Lydia pulled her notebook out, slapped her hand forward shutting the locker door and slid it into her purse before turning to move down the hallway. Now where could that boy be?

Come Back To Bed |~|BloodWolvesandGuns

Stiles was tossing and turning in bed, him and Derek had a really bad argument and went to bed on bad terms, but as the night went on, he regretted everything that was said to the older werewolf, he sat up and thought for a while, his eyes gazing at Derek everyso often, he got out of bed and walked over to Derek’s couch, “Derek?” he whispered.

Man's best friend || +bloodwolvesandguns

Crowley sat, legs stretched and comfortably on his couch, one arm resting on the back of the sofa, the other held a glass filled with his favorite beverage, two ice cubes clanking against the side of the glass whenever he moved. 

Today had been good. Or at least he thought so. He’d closed a few deals, he’d proof-read some more and he’d heard there’d been a mass of deals ending today. 10 long years ago there’d been a mass of deals being closed this day or a few days before, so his Hounds had been very busy collecting all the souls. Especially since nowadays people seemed to try and evade actually paying for everything Crowley had given to them.

Where was their honour? The truth to their word? He held his end of the deal, but they tried to weasel out it to not hold up their own end. Pah. 

Huffing in annoyance, Crowley’s ears perked when he heard footsteps behind him. “Mmh, you’re back? C’mere boy.” he patted the spot next to him on the couch. “Tell daddy all about your day, eh?” he chuckled.


Your time is up, Stiles... || bloodwolvesandguns

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Stiles didn’t even hesitate as he made that deal with that demon. He would do anything for his dad, even though that meant he would be taken to hell after a year. He didn’t care, he just didn’t want his father to die yet. He didn’t deserve it. And as Stiles made that deal, he promised himself to not count the days, he didn’t want to live with that constang fear. Waking up every day just to think ‘I only have xxx days left..’, No, he wanted to enjoy his last year on earth.

So when the time was come, Stiles was just in the parking lot from a shopping center, about to drive home. He was on the phone with Scott, when he suddenly heard a noise behind him. He turned around, but there was nothing. “Dude? I think..I think someone’s following me.”, he whispered to his best friend, but just in that moment the service broke down, and his phone went dead.

Dean/Derek [CLOSED|

Dean set his phone down after rereading his text message, making sure he had found the right place. This town of Beacon Hills seemed to have a very high number of deaths, most looked like animals killings but there were too many to just be coincidence. One place in particular was a burnt down old house in the middle of the woods. Apparently the family inside had been burned alive. While it seemed to be empty, Dean was still cautious as he tiptoed through the charred building. 


Klaus stared at the text in amusement. Well, this was certainly a shocking surprise. It would be fun to mess with the Salvatore, so he decided he would text back.

'Well aren't you well endowed. Is there any specific reason you are sending me nudes, Damon?'

Without thinking Damon hit send, not questioning who he sent the text to. It was intended for Katherine, their own little cat and mouse game growing more entertaining by the day. When he received a text back, the vampire almost smacked himself, rolling his eyes as he shoved away the embarrassment and found his usual cocky ego.

'Enjoy them, I figured you could use a pick me up.'

Is this how it ends? (Closed)

Michael had flown blindly after leaving House Thorn. He didn’t even know where he was going, he just had to get away. Away from Vega and it’s corrupt, power-hungry men. Away from Becca’s eyes staring lifelessly up at him. Away from Alex and the betrayal on his face. So he flew.

He ended up on the cliffs next to the ocean, the same place he had summoned Gabriel to talk more than once. He wasn’t even sure how long he sat there, looking out across the sea and seeing lifeless eyes looking back at him. The cut on his belly burned with the salt in the air, he did nothing to heal it. For the first time in a long time, he was well and truly lost.

Save Me |~|Pet!AU|~|BloodWolvesAndGuns

A wreck, that’s what Lydia was now, a complete wreck of a banshee, her old owner had been arrested for abusing and drugging her and now, she was back where she had started, in a shelter, she had her head leaning against the cage and fingers poking through the holes of the cage, tears pouring from her green eyes.

She heard the door open and scampered back towards the end of the cage, she didn’t know whether or not someone was coming for her or any of the others, but knew that people liked to take a look, she just curled up in the top corner and closed her eyes.

No Animals Were Harmed || +bloodwolvesandguns

Crowley was a scientist. He’s been one for so many years that he stopped counting. He graduated and went to college and at some point, he’d been asked to join an organization. 

Fancy fact about that: It was a secret organization.

The scientist, specializing on behavioral and bodily studies has been one of the few to ever lay their eyes on so called creatures. They weren’t human, that much was evident, but nobody really knew where those people came from or why they were walking the earth. Crowley worked lower jobs for the first few years, did research, helped with calculations, collecting data, whatever was necessary, but now -as of today- Crowley was the one to call the shots.

He’d head scientist and will have more access to the creatures than ever before. To one at least. There are a few more, scientists like him and every single one of them has been matched with a creature

Today, he’d meet the man. Crowley wasn’t sure if that term even worked for creatures, but he didn’t know another way to call that guy. He’d been one of the first creatures they caught, spent the last few years in a cage, tried to escape multiple times but never got away. 

"Good morning Derek, how are we feeling today?" Crowley smirked as he walked inside, still astonished how human the werewolf actually looked now that he got to look at him up close.


Bad Dog, Don't Bite -Closed


She was there in the park, currently watching human children at play with a puppy. The thought of her own dog came to mind, Kel, a hellhound she had been given long ago when he was just a puppy. He wasn’t so small anymore, but her memories of the hellpup were fond ones. It was there, during her observations of the human world, that a familiar bristling ran through her feathers. A bristling only caused by the presence of another supernatural creature in close proximity to her.

Xapham turned her head, her bright green eyes scanning over the busy park, trying to locate the source of the energies that had alerted her, hoping they couldn’t see past the current plane of existence where she was hiding her wings. She may be an angel, but other supernatural beings knowing that could cause trouble, something she was trying to avoid.

Derek & Stiles || bloodwolvesandguns

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Derek wasn’t too fond of homeless people, especially those who continued to pester you about donations and begging for places to sleep. But then there were other homeless people he felt sorry for, and one person was the kid who was always sitting outside his apartment block. Especially when the sky was pouring with rain like this day

He found him again, dressed in tattered clothes, sitting on the corner of the building, shivering on the cold, wet ground. Derek normally did avoid him„ but there were some times in which he gave him a little something to help him out. But Derek thought he would need more than small bits of food or a new shirt.

He walked over towards him and leaned down next to him. “Hey,” he said, looking at the younger male. “you seem a little cold.”

bloodwolvesandguns said:

(Thought this would be interesting. Feel free to not reply if you've got to much going.) Derek had been tied up and forced to watch his Master get tortured, he thrashed around in the ropes like a wild animal, growling and snapping his canines towards the one doing the torturing. "I'm going to kill you!" He snarled, giving the king of hell a worried glance before turning back to the unknown figure.

Crowley hadn’t thought there would be enough ropes to hold back his Hound, but apparently he’d been wrong. So much for an indestructible guard dog. He was flattered at the reaction his pain brought, though, a small smirk playing around his lips at the way the other thrashed and growled, throwing threats and curses at the hunter. 

Had to be a hunter. It was embarrassing to be honest, getting trapped like that by a whimsy human hunter, but.. well, Crowley wasn’t utterly perfect. Mistakes could always happen, usually not to him, but oh well. 

"Don’t you hurt yourself, love." Crowley smirked at his Hound, "The clothes you’re wearing, they’re expensive. Don’t you get them bloody." he chuckled, turning back to the other. "So, sure you don’t want to close a little deal?" he raised a brow, groaning as the knife left another long, bloody gush on his arm. Those weren’t going to kill him, but he wondered why the hunter had decided to just kidnap the King and his loyal Hound. Was there some reason for this? 


Chris stood in the elevator, glancing over at the man who was in the elevator with him. He had never spoken to the man but he knew who it was. It was Isaac’s dad. Isaac’s abusive dad. He had a problem with people who abused their kids but he had enough self control to not say anything. Suddenly there was a bump and the lift shook a little. Chris frowned and pushed the button though nothing happened. Great, they were stuck.

Mr. Lahey mostly stared straight ahead in the elevator. He only glanced over at the other man once or twice. He had never met him, and he didn’t recognize his face, but that was all the more reason for him not to acknowledge him unless absolutely necessary. He’d be off the elevator in a few moments anyhow, so it didn’t really matter. That was, until the lift shook a little and stopped. He saw the man push the button and frowned a little when nothing happened. Wonderful. They were stuck.

He really needed to get to his car so he could get to the high school, or he was going to be late getting back. Because of this, he reached over and tried another button on the panel, to no avail. He then looked to the other man, still frowning.