Thor was angry with us. He beat his anvil and the waves grew ever taller, soaked the boats, and one went down, heavy with water. We saw it, and heard the cries of the men hauled down into the deep. And then, at first light, we saw another had vanished, storm wrecked, the men all drowned.

Ayushiki moments in blood drive part 8/8 (FINAL)

Deeply Apologize! There’s actually one more scene of Ayushiki 

after the previous part! I missed this part! Found out about it after 

I checked the playthrough again! 

And also thanks to nin10docat for telling! Thank you <3 


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I hope that Ayumi’s final thought before she lost herself was that she felt ‘so warm.’

More thoughts about the ending under the cut;

I wish they had shown us what happened when Yoshiki went back for Ayumi. Like, how the hell did he get her out, if he’s the one who got her out at all? How did he react to her essentially dying right in front of his eyes? Was Ayumi still lucid by the time he found her?

Did he ever get to confess his love to her? These are very important questions!

I don’t understand why they didn’t show how they got out, honestly, unless they wanted to keep that mystery as to what happened to them until after the credits rolled.

I still want answers.

Ayushiki moments in blood drive part 4/8

Part 4 is here <3 The scene after Ayumi told Yoshiki about the purpose she was waiting for him. This part is just a short moment okie <3 but this is IMPORTANT. Yoshiki is the first person Ayumi think of! Instead of Mochida_Kun! 

Spoiler(?) under the cut


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"When you lose a loved one. . you cherish that person’s memory. It’s never a burden. . you just. . want to do whatever you can. Whatever you can. . to make her proud. You just want to… so you do !" - Chapter 1

I’m still not over Blood Drive’s ending. Drawing it out is the best way for me to vent. Sorry that I messed up on Mayu’s hair ! The angle of her head made her little ponytail look awkward.