Grow your own Quinoa

There are a number of problems with the way that Western consumers have been purchasing quinoa, and the effect this has had on indigenous diets in Bolivia: if you want to consume this nutritious food, but do so in an ethical way, consider growing it yourself! It is beautiful, and incredibly nutritious, high in protein, iron, and calcium, as well as gluten-free. You can bolster your seed supply every year by saving a larger portion of your harvest, making this a one-time purchase.

HeirloomSupplySuccess has:

Hirts has:

West Coast Seeds has:

  • Brightest Brilliant Organic from $4.29 CAD
  • Organic French Vanilla from $4.29 CAD
  • Red Head from $4.29 CAD

Nichols Garden Nursery has:

The Real Seed Catalogue has:

  • Rainbow Quinoa 1.5 g - lots of tiny seed £2.09 GBP
  • 'Temuco' Quinoa 1.5g - lots of tiny seed £1.95 GBP

Nature’s Note Organic Seeds and Bulbs has:

Botanical Interests has:

CorgiBlooms on Etsy has:

  • Heirloom Rainbow Quinoa, 20 seeds for $2.26 CAD

Seeds of Diversity has a list of Canadian Sellers, sorted by variety:


I hope you will consider growing and saving your own quinoa seeds this year!


Photo: Sergio Photo