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Name: tom
Birthday: february 15
Age: 23 
Hobbies: sleep, photography, (thinking about) writing, constantly banging on about how everything needs more nuance
Favorite Food: probably some sort of fruit. maybe blackberries, or mangoes.
Favorite Artist: i don’t really have one as such, i like art but i’d tend to enjoy individual pieces rather than pinning down any one person as a favourite. if we’re talking about music, then it’d be faith no more and suidakra.
Favorite Show: flight of the conchords, breaking bad, father ted, hannibal
Favorite Character: will graham’s dogs.
Pet Peeves: the crippling anxiety over whether or not i’ve locked a door behind me (even when i explicitly know that i have locked it), things that lack nuance, the fact that i only ever think about writing rather than actually doing any, people who mix memes with politics/social justice issues, the pluralised form of the word “mango”.
Random Fact About Me: i’ve cycled across europe, from switzerland to the netherlands, along the course of the rhine river. that’s basically the only vaguely interesting thing about me i can think about, so yeah.
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