This app right here, Blogsy, doesn’t currently support Tumblr, but when it does, all bets are off. The interface has all the elements needed for writing posts in Tumblr. It just doesn’t know it yet. David and Co. would be smart to go after these guys, because they have all the elements for a self-contained blogging/curation/editing program (one that supports rich text!), and that’s what Tumblr needs to be a force on the iPad. Most of the iPad Tumblr programs right now are read/reblog-only. We need a program to write from.

Blogsy 3.4 is out for iPad. Among other great new features like a Retina upgrade and new support for searching and adding Vimeo movies to your posts, it brings full support for Tumblr, its post types, and all blogs attached to your account. This is great news because Blogsy is the undisputed champion of iPad blogging clients, and it’s just $5.

Update: I’m getting a lot of questions about this already, so: yes, Blogsy supports Tumblr’s queue feature. I haven’t had any time to test it (the update just landed this evening and I have other work to do), but the option is there under Blogsy’s gear menu for your post.

The 5 Apps I Use the Most

My more-than-slightly OC husband will pretty much tell anyone with a pulse how messy I am, because it really drives him nuts….

…but the truth is I’m really not as messy as he thinks. I do have a mess threshold (mess-hold?) – after which I must restore order or freak out. And I’m only messy when it comes to the physical world. Inside my computers, I’m just as anal as my husband is. My files and apps are crazy neat and organized. I mean come on, check out my iPad. Just one screen!


Okay FINE. The truth is it didn’t look like that last week. I just recently discovered how to put apps in folders and I kind of went to town on that the other day. 

But I really am neat when it comes to filing apps and other computer shiz, I swear. 

Anyway, while organizing all my iPad apps, I realized that I really did have some apps I used ALL the time, and some apps I really like but rarely use. Also, the sudden bareness of my single iPad screen and all my new lovely folders made me want to acquire MORE apps! 

So here goes. I’ll tell you my Top 5 apps if you tell me yours. And by “Top 5” I mean the apps I really use most, because they’re useful and relevant to my life, and not necessarily because they’re cool or popular. 

Also, just to save space on the list, Iet’s not count utilities like clocks, calculators and cameras, or social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because it always drives me nuts when people add those to a “Top Anything” app list. EVERYONE KNOWS THEY EXIST! STOP ADDING THEM ALREADY!!! GEEZ!

Okay. So here they are … the 5 apps I use most, not counting social media apps. Oh and by the way, they’re all free. 

1. Paper by 53

Paper is the app I use to draw on my iPad, and since I doodle quite a bit (either for the blog or just for the heck of it), it’s pretty much the most abused non-social media app I own. Needless to say, I love it to bits and think everyone should have it. Here’s a quick vid I once took, to show you how it works (and how I work :)).

Paper is a free app, but if you want to unlock and use all the tools, you’ll have to shell out a bit of money (less than $10 in total though - if I remember correctly - so no prob).

2. Blogsy

Blogsy, as you can probably tell from the name, is a blogging app for the iPad. Basically you can blog straight into the app, and slide pics from your photo stream or Flickr into your post and everything, and then just upload the post to your actual blog.

I tend to use this more for drafts when I’m on the go, then I upload the draft to Tumblr and finish it off and publish on an actual computer. But if you want to you can actually do everything from your iPad on Blogsy and publish straight from there. 

If you blog with a lot of photos/drawings like I do, it’s best to use this when on a good wifi connection, but I’ve actually used it to blog a few times from the hospital or the beach with just my trusty Globe Powersurf data plan and it works just fine too.   

3. PhotoGrid

I’m all about photo collages these days because they’re so much quicker than posting whole albums on Facebook. They’re pretty neat for blog purposes too. Most importantly though, I’ve discovered that the older I get, the better I look in mini-size within a collage (as opposed to a bigass *shudder* solo high resolution shot). 

So yeah, Photo Grid is my collage maker of choice. I’m sure there are tons of other good ones though, so if you know of another one with better features, let me know. 

4. Flipboard

I read a lot of articles and blogs online, but I’m not a fan of most RSS feed readers because they’re pretty bare and ugly. This is why I love Flipboard. It’s like a feed reader but in the form of a gorgeous magazine.  And you can even “flip” the content to create your own gorgeous magazine. Here’s a peek at my new Flipboard mag - The Fab Lab.

You can subscribe to tons of different blogs, news sites and even other user-created magazines. You can also hook up your Twitter and Facebook and view your feeds magazine-style on Flipboard.

Me likey.

5. Pocket 

My 5th most frequently used app - and the bane of my existence - is actually Candy Crush

…but since everyone is probably sick to death of hearing about it by now, I’ll skip and go to #6, which is a new discovery for me – Pocket. Because there’s so much to discover on the Internet, and so little time.  

As I mentioned in #4, I really do read TONS of interesting stuff online everyday, but don’t always have the time to read every single article in one sitting.  So I use Pocket to save the stuff I want to read later (or save for future reference), and when I have the time, I just open up my Pocket and read! Love it. 

And that’s it for me. Those are my 5 most frequently used apps. How about you? Please share your Top 5 in the comments, or if you have/write a blog post, please share the link! 

Thanks in advance, and cheers! 

Experimentation with new tools

Today I’m trying a new experiment. I’ve never really been much of a blogger before and moreso just share my thoughts as they happen. I’d like to continue that, but maybe share a bit more in written form than just uploading pictures and videos. For some reason I have a hard time focusing on that activity when I’m working on my computer. Because of that I’m trying something new - creating on my iPad.

Accompanying me is my iPad (3rd generation), Logitech Ultraslim Keyboard Cover, and Blogsy. This setup is making it very easy to blog without losing focus of the task at hand. It also keeps me from distraction.

Who knows if this experiment will pan out. But for now, it seems pretty promising.

By the way, this new keyboard cover is absolutely fantastic. I’ll have to post a more in-depth review of it a bit later.


blogsy الكتابة في تمبلر من اليمين لليسار بإستخدام

الكود المستخدم

<p dir=“RTL”>

البرنامج على متجر البرامج

I visited Mathew’s Harley Davidson in Fresno, Ca. this week. It had been my first visit since the day I picked up my Harley back in 2003! The dealership has gone through some remodeling and I hardly recognized it! One of the new additions was a small museum of motorcycles collected by the family that owns the dealership. There are motorcylces that go far back as 1917! Along with motorcycled that were on display in glass cases, there was also a ton of vintage Harley Davidson items on display.

When I started photographing the bikes, I instantly noticed a lot of window reflections in my images. The museum was well lit from the large windows. So instead of fighting the reflections I embraced it! What I got was some very interesting images and frankly I am really digging the results!

More images can be seen at the 15 Min Shoot: Mathew’s Harley Davidson

About the gear and processing: I used my Olympus E-P5 w/ Olympus 17mm f1.8 & Olympus E-M5 w/ Olympus 25mm f1.8. Processed with CameraBag2 (Holga Instant Custom Profile) & Photogene.

I could have used a polarizer filter to cut down the reflections, but I am really liking the results of the reflections and sudo multiple exposure image feel.

Keep Shooting, Keep Sharing, Keep Having Fun!

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Christmas Run Down

Well I didn’t get everything I asked for for christmas, but some of the things I got are nicer than what I asked for. For example I got a new case for my ipad, which I asked for, but this case came with a bluetooth keyboard which was unexpected. I’m glad though because now I’m sitting at my kitchen table typing away on my ipad so that I can blog.

I also got a new UD Naked lip gloss (dog ate mine) so that’s good. And I got about $500 total to go towards a new laptop so that will help quite a bit.

I still need to get Lollipop Chainsaw, I did really want that game. And I think I might eventually get a fitbit one but no rush.

Oh and BF got me an iPod nano that will sync with my fueldband and I can work out with it.

Posted with Blogsy
Publicar en Tumblr desde el iPad

Sirva como ejemplo este mismo post.

Hasta hace muy poco cuando quería hacer un post en mi blog de la plataforma Tumblr, que personalmente recomiendo (aunque haya gente que prefiera tener una cantidad enorme de prestaciones como las que ofrece Google en Blogger o Blogspot), tenía use hacer uso de las propias páginas de Tumblr, que no acababa de gustarme para hacerlo desde el iPad, poco cómodo.

Posteriormente encontré una app para publicar en esta misma plataforma, era Tumbleroo, pero su escasa capacidad para manipular imágenes o enlaces embebidos hizo que quedase en segundo plano.

Así que leyendo a diversos profesores americanos que hacen uso del iPad en sus clases y al mismo tiempo creen en la necesidad de contar con un blog personal pero sobretodo de aula, enconté la app Blogsy que desde hace poco soporta Tumblr como una de sus varias opciones de plataformas de blogs.


Para empezar es muy fácil introducir fotos de la red, aunque no las fotos propias a menos que cuentes con cuenta en los servicios de Picasa o Flikr… ¿Por qué no las fotos que están en streaming del iCloud o que permita subir fotos a Tumblr?


La segunda opción es importar vídeos desde mi cuenta de Vimeo, donde publicamos todos los trabajos de las niñas y niños en vídeo.

Las opciones que nos ofrece para embeber son extremadamente sencillas, arrastrar (por fin!!!) y seleccionar el tamaño, nada más simple.

Atrapados from Manel Rives on Vimeo.


Lo curioso es poder incluir un enlace, en vez de escribirlo y encontrar la forma de convertirlo en un enlace, lo que hace es justo al revés, no lo tengo muy claro hasta que vea la página publicada, así que a probar.

Rectifico, lo hace bien y es bastante sencillo cuando das con la fórmula. Para ello has de hacer doble pulsación sobre la palabra o frase que actuará de enlace, posteriormente se abre el panel del navegador para localizar dicho enlace en la red. Una vez hecho esto, hay que darle al botón superior izquierdo del navegador y arrastrarlo hacia la frase o palabra seleccionadas y quedará configurado automáticamente el enlace.

Tal que así: Bandada de patos


Utilizar las etiquetas de publicación en Blogsy es muy sencillo, realmente sólo hay que pulsar en el icnon corspondiente y aparecerán las opciones de publicación, entre ellas las etiquetas, seleccionar cuando se quiere publicar el post, etc.

ejemplo 1 terminado!

This morning I went out to Malibu Pier for some early morning photos. While there, I met Charlie. He is a local surfer in Malibu. We talked about the tide, the pier and even the bacteria that was in the water. Charlie had a lot to say on what was going on on his beach! After we finished talking, I asked if I could take a photo. He said sure. He also mentioned that he doesn’t always let folks photograph him. So then I decided to shoot a silhouette of Charlie so I would capture his profile instead of his face. I took this approach to make him feel more at ease with his decision of letting me photograph him.

Asking Charlie to photograph him was a big step for me. I got out of my comfort zone. What I think made him agree to the quick snap, was that I listened to what he had to say. There was a real conversation between two strangers. I think because of the conversation, he felt a little more comfortable which allowed me to take the snap you see.

The sunrise was fantastic, the orange glow in the sky, the feel of warmth in the air.

Keep Shooting, Keep Sharing, Keep Having Fun!

Blogsy 2.0 Released

Blogsy 2.0 is out and it resolves the app’s biggest problem–you can now add pictures from your camera roll. It was crazy that they even released an app without this feature, but their new implementation is so good, all is forgiven.

The best part is you can choose wether to upload the picture directly to your Wordpress account or host the picture on Flickr. You can also rotate the image before uploading (this may not seem like a big deal, but I’ve spent hours rotating landscape screenshots before I could use the images on the Wordpress app).

Download on iTunes


Blogsy الإعدادات العامة وإعدادات الخدمة

البرنامج على متجر البرامج

Every Tuesday afternoon, I drive my talented kindergartner to Ballet class. So while she was going through 5 positions & plie-ing I decided to have a quick photo shoot of this cute little redhead! She has some red hot hair and a very cheerful demeanor!

In the photo above, she was interested in what was playing on my iPad. It is one of my favorite shots of her. I have been experimenting with Cinematic crops in the last couple of days and thought this image would fit the style.

Here I caught her looking into the dance studio. Again I tried out the Cinematic crop and dig the results.

Here I got her looking at me. I was making some goofy sounds and I got a slight smirk!

This is the same image as the first one but without the crop.
About the images & processing… I shot the images using my OM-D EM-5 with my Olympus 25mm f1.8 lens. I used a custom in camera setting that emphasized the color red. Images were shot in Large Superfine Jpeg. For the processing I did some experimenting with an old app I use to use long ago. In fact it was one of my very first apps I purchased on my Gen1 iPad. CamerBag2 (Replacement for the original CameraBag app) is an app of filters/presets that emulate film styles. Each style has its sliders to adjust the preset to your taste.

More images can be seen at: 15 Min Shoot: Little Red
Big thanks to Little Red’s mama for letting me photograph her and allowing me to share the images.

Until next time… Keep Shooting, Keep Sharing!