My favorite blogs of 2012 -> OFABEAUTIFULNIGHT

"the faded picture of a beautiful night."

omg Lauren i don’t even know where to start. You’re edits are flawless and your blog is flawless even your icon is. Like hOW DO YOU CUT OUT SO PERFECT? And like you say, maybe you use simple themes but they look really beautiful. enough about your blog, let’s have it about YOU.

So we all know that you have a lot of followers, but the point i wanna make is, is that (ifyou get hate or not) you’re always nice to everyone… and like Taylor says, that’s a beautiful legacy to leave behind. I can remember all the conversations we’ve had since now and i love to talk to you. I know this edit isn’t perfect but it’s the idea, right? :)

You are honestly an awesome person. Just asdafg thanks for having a blog because it’s PERFECT LAUREN, AND I THINK EVERYONE AGREES WITH ME. <3

My favorite blogs of 2012 -> LIGHTTHEFUZE

First of all: this blog is like perfection haha. I remember I saw your edit in my dash and i was like "omg how?? " and I followed you. I honestly never thought you would follow me back, and i was so happy when you did! Your blog is not only beautiful, but also your personality is and idk but Ashdon, just stay you i guess :) Happy holidays!

-> My favorite blogs of 2012: Swifth

Okay so Clara i don't know where to start. First, your edits are flawless, seriously HOW DO YOU EVEN MAKE IT? Second: i remember when i started following you, and your url was still demetries and i was like 'she's never going to follow me back', BUT YOU DID and since then we were kinda friends i guess :) So: your blog is flawless, your url is flawless and your personality is beautiful. Thanks for making my dash so lovely, happy holidays <3

My favorite blogs of 2012 -> tswiftdaily.

So, I know you guys are a news blog and not really like a "edit blog". But I feel like no one really says this to you so I just wanna tell you guys: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UPDATING. It's really nice to know what Taylor did that day, by just going to your blog. I think a lot people really appreciate the news and photos, so keep up the great work <3 Happy Holidays!

-> My favorite blogs of 2012: nowtheskyisgold.

Where do I even start? Sori is such a nice person (but also weird). She's obsessive with this "Dan" person, but okay. She'll always answer on your textpost, if you want or not. (is that even a good thing? lol) Also, her edits are flawless and she deserves 50,000 followers. Sori is also really good in writing songs (jealous). I'm glad to say we are friends, and you're one of my fav blogs! Happy holidays <3