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4 and 8

4. the best thing that happened to me this week was that school finally freaking ended.

8. My last night out (technically wasn’t night), I went out with a friend and ate Chinese food and strolled Wal-mart and then the morning after we watch Wreck-It Ralph and ate at Country Kitchen.

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I don’t know if anyone knows. Some people have theorized that they create fire form their chi (Engery), but I’m not sure.

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I think because fire-bending would be more like adding and directing energy, as opposed to just moving a physical object around. It’s just adding enough energy to another element for it to catch on fire, and then moving the fire as needed.

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I think it’s because it’s not actually moving a physical object but rather adding energy to it and then directing the fire. If that made any sense…

yep, it makes sense. i guess firebending just works differently, and it has something to do with energy xD

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I’d say it’s because it sort of evens things out. Air, earth, and water are found pretty much anywhere, unlike fire.

probably yeah, as a plot device they needed it to be easier to use on request…

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Dont know In the film firebenders couldnt create fire they had to take it from preexisting flames. Maybe they have lighters up their sleeves?

lol like Pyro from Marvel? i don’t know about the film, but in the tv shows i don’t think they have any lighters…

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Whoever you favorite character from Madoka is.

(Great, now I have to find a favorite :P

I guess I pick Mami)

  • I like her because she was pretty bad ass with those BFGs.
  • I dislike her because she’s a bit Mary Sue-ish. She showed her as being practically perfect up until her death.
  • I liked her when we see in the second witches world (I think)
  • Well there’s only one season lol
  • I don’t really remember anything she had said x.x (this is turning out to be a horrible answer sorry lol)
  • BROTP (don’t really ship any of them): I would have liked for her and Homura to team up some.
  • I want her to have some family some where that remembers her even though they probably don’t know if she’s alive or dead.
  • (I don’t know any popular opinions for this show lol) I found her death to be the most gruesome of any in the series.

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Who do you watch? My friends got me into Game Grumps/Jon Tron/Egoraptor recently.

I occasionally watch PewdiePie (but I’m getting over him because he dicks around too much and too bro-ish, no pun intended) and Cry (ChaoticMonki, his voices smooths me) but right now I’m obsessed with Two Best Friends Play because I double over in laughing while laughing. There was Psychedelic that I watched that did an interesting Super Meat Boy but I had to stop watching because he would throw around the ‘f’ word.

And Two Best Friends Play really wants me to start let’s playing with my best friend because I think it would be great and I have this idea stuck in my head even though I could never do it because the set up is expensive, I have a shitty game collection, and my best friend doesn’t even live in the same state as me.

I’ve heard of the guys you mentioned but I haven’t watched them play (I think I’ve heard one retsuprae?).

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Ears and knees.

Eight favorite songs:

  • Crazy in Love
  • Bad Romance
  • No Scrubs
  • Someone Like You
  • Say My Name
  • Some Nights/We Are Young
  • Call Me Maybe
  • Raise Your Glass

Two things that make me week in the knees:

  • Glasses
  • A really good smile.