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  1. What is your middle name? clark
  2. Do you have in-laws? If so, feels? Like or no like?no in laws
  3. Favourite foreign film?havent seen enough to have a favortie
  4. What language/accent really does it for you?russian i guess never really thought about it
  5. What’s your ideal Doctor Who episode? Which companions would you like to see back, where would you like them to go? i loved the first season and i wantt the captian guy back with thiem just roming the universes and helping people
  6. Who is your favourite villain? the joker cause he does things just for the shits and giggles
  7. if you could be protected by ONE superhero, who would it be & why? deadpool cause after words he wouold probally hang out and end up giving me superpowers and then we wouold blowshit up together
  8. DC or Marvel? Please explain. (I feel like a damn teacher :O) idc really depends on which charactor s your talking about
  9. How do you feel about 12, Moffat and Series 8 in general? dont know them
  10. Dog or cat or any other animal person? Which one do you prefer? love animals in general but ive always been really found of the ferret but never had one

theres that and here are my questions

  1. if you had to pick 2 superpowers what would they be and why?
  2. if you found a magic lamp what would be your wishes and why?
  3. whats your favorite thing?
  4. whats is the biggest or most violent fight you’ve ever been in?
  5. whats your favorite show and how deep into it are you?
  6. who is your favorite person?
  7. whats your favorite book?
  8. whats your favorite book series
  9. whats your favorite animal and why?
  10. what would you change if you could change one thing about yourself?

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