i cant believe it i cant believe the whole time after episode 3 everyone was like “lmao they forgot christa” and i thought “nah telltale isn’t that bad, she’ll be there in the end” and shr e fufkcing

i have this greymon pin and it’s like….a prized possession to me bc i randomly obtained it in the third grade like literally i found it wedged in the side of my binder one day and i have no idea how it got there and i cherish it

You guys are the best!

When I started drawing these fashion sketches, I never thought people would like them so much. Thank you all for your support ;U;!

I’d like to especially thank Sartorial Nerd, Project:Rooftop (Chris), and Cute Not Kawaii (Vanessa) for featuring me in their blogs. If you guys love awesomely nerdy blogs, I highly suggest you visit these sites and read their articles. They’re absolutely super :)!

I’m currently working on Supergirl/Superman designs for gals and guys but it’s currently finals week for me so I’ve been a little slow on getting around finishing them up. Good luck with everyone who is also taking their finals this week!

Dogs feel jealousy. A 2008 study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that when a dog saw another dog get a treat for the same trick they’d been performing unrewarded, the unrewarded dog becomes agitated, scratching themselves and avoiding the gaze of the rewarded dog. Dog jealousy isn’t too complex, though. Pups didn’t seem to mind if they only got bread while other dogs received rewards in sausage– and the pups didn’t seem to care if they had to do tricks for treats while other dogs just sat around on their bum receiving treats.

got this in our barkbox e-mail, and i definitely know that machete gets jealous if the kitties get pettings and he is not being actively pet at the moment. he may get a bit agitated if the cats get treats and he’s not currently getting a treat, but he does not as yet realize the cats get treats for just existing (or not being heinous assholes at the moment) whereas he has to perform a trick or obey in some manner :p


[Full unmarked version]


Here’s one I filled out, crossing out things I’ve seen. Would have circled what I wanted to watch in future, but that would probably end up being too many. A lot of these sound good to me.

Here’s the original unmarked chart, if you want to check off what you’ve seen, and maybe find some more shows that interest you: