Tags, tags, tags - in a nutshell

This post replaces the outdated “Ramblings About Photography - part 13: Tag Me” and since it includes a lot of links, it is in written form only.

There is a lot of confusion and false information out there about tagging posts correctly. With “correctly” meaning: So that your post can actually be found.

After I launched this post on photosworthseeing (please check also this post, for it contains a lot of new information), a lot of things happened: Comments, reblogs with comments, messages, clarifications, and even more confusion.

So I talked with people who know people, who previously talked with other people. And this is the result (comments are welcome):

There are 2 ways to find original posts (not reblogs) on Tumblr:

The Tumblr search
For example http://tumblr.com/search/photography
The search does uses the first 20 tags on original posts. Tumblr Search also digs into your text.
For more information see http://unwrapping.tumblr.com/post/87556941457/search-finds-first-20-tags

The Tagged pages
For example https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/tips
The first five tags are critical for the post to appear on Tumblr’s tagged pages.
See the first-five-tag rule at http://unwrapping.tumblr.com/post/57835062283/first-five-tags-tumblr-phantom-tags

Big thanks to Mykl from unwrapping for the very detailed and patient explanation! unwrapping is a blog every blogger on Tumblr should follow imho. Lots of most useful tips to make your Tumblr experience a better one.
Also big thanks to adamreeve for pointing me towards this all and his explanations!

In short:

Only original posts can be found with the search and tagged pages.
Prioritize your best five tags first, then make sure your total tags do not exceed 20.

So, which tags are the “important” ones?

If you’re an original photographer and want your photos to be found by rebloggers, the tags photographers on tumblr, original photographers, original photography, and artists on tumblr seem to work pretty well. From my experience photographers on tumblr and original photographers seem to be the most important ones.

Some rebloggers (like lensblr-network, imiging and telescopical) also track specialized tags. Most of them have their specialized tags on their page.
Please note: There is no need to use a special tag for “PWS – Photos Worth Seeing” (except for the “no edit friday” tag. If you want to participate in “no edit Friday” use “no edit friday” as one of the first 20 tags). PWS only tracks “photographers on tumblr” and “original photographers”

Looking for more blogs to follow!

So I’m still fairly new to Tumblr and I’m looking for blogs to follow (hence the title; good lord- I’m redundant already). On my list of goodies:

Marvel comics


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you’re a Slytherin  (all other Houses accepted as well, of course)

anything Charlie Cox


The 100

Guardians of the Galaxy

Code Geass

Games of Thrones



Original writing and personal blogging

really whatever, I’m so open to everything, it’s crazy.

If you are at all interested, please please PLEASE, REBLOG AND/OR LIKE this post. I WILL follow you promptly. And I wouldn’t mind a follow-back, but if my blog isn’t you’re thing, it’s cool =P

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
Written by Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith
Directed by Gil Junger

You can’t just buy me a guitar every time you screw up, you know?” ~ Kat Stratford

Yeah, I know. But then, you know, there’s always drums, and bass, and maybe even one day a tambourine.” ~ Patrick

10 Things I Hate About Youis a 1999 American teen romantic comedy-drama film. It is directed…

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Hello Lovelies,

This DIY is a super cheap way to make art for your home! Simply paint a blank canvas with a bright colour and then place a leaf/plant on the canvas and spray paint over in another colour of your choosing. Remove the leaf to reveal a super cool painting!


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This week I’m posting recipes for #NVW15, I’ve been vegetarian for years and more recently have had to make the switch to living a gluten free lifestyle, so as well as veg based recipes everything I post this week with be savoy and gluten free. 

All the recipes I’m going to be sharing take less that 45 minutes to prepare, cook and be on your plate which is an added bonus ! 

Stunning Black And White Photos Of Celebrities At The Cannes Festival 2015 [via #Digg]

Stunning Black And White Photos Of Celebrities At The Cannes Festival 2015 [via #Digg]

Jake Gyllenhaal

The annual Cannes Festival —happening 13-24 May this year—is here again.

Photographer Vincent Desailly has the opportunity to grace the red carpet event, taking stunning photos of the Hollywood celebrities present.

Check out the following gorgeous black and white shots and head on over to Desailly’s Tumblr and Instagram for more.

Robbie Williams and his wife

Emma Stone


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Current Hot Pink Lip Combo [Unofficial Project Pan: Lip Edition]

Here’s my first makeup post on my new blog! I’m trying to use up these two lip products by summer at the latest, so here’s to hoping! Swatches, both on arm and lips, are included in the post.

Since I had to reclaim my blog after changing the URL, I ended up with a new Bloglovin URL and lost the eleven followers I had. Please re-follow if you followed the previous one and please follow my blog if you haven’t yet!


[Please do not delete the caption. I work hard on my blog posts.]