Inventories of the speech sounds of 1, 627 languages now online!

A new update of PHOIBLE (Phonetics Information Base and Lexicon) is up!!

It now features 1, 627 languages! And it’s freely available online with a user-friendly interface!

A phonetic inventory is a description of the speech sounds in a language that are meaningful, i.e. if one changes on into the other it makes a change in meaning. [l] (<low>) and [ɻ] (<row>) are for example  both phonemes of English, but not in Korean or Mandarin.

We’re gonna tell you lots more about it under the tag FreeOnlineLinguisticsDatabases,
but for now just enjoy that there’s a new version up with lots more languages and other handy changes to the site! 


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Day 47

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Today was boring compared to yesterday. Normal festivities. We didn’t stay long because I think we’re all exhausted. The Victory Tour and The Tide Festival being a few days apart has really taken its toll on us. 

We stayed out for a little while and then went inside and sat on the couch eating sandwiches and ice cream and watching movies. Annie stayed a little distant from me today and was completely silent. I guess she’s probably just as confused as I am. 

Annie went upstairs probably to take a nap and Johanna asked me all about what happened yesterday. I told her nothing happened but she told me not to shit with her. She saw us kiss at high tide. I shrugged and said, “That’s it. We kissed.” She rolled her eyes and groaned before saying, “I know you. You overthink everything. Where’s your head at, you nincompoop?” I told her about my chat with Beetee and how I desperately want to ask her out. Johanna just laughed and said to me, “Poor straight boy. Can’t just saunter up to the girl he wants and demand her as her date. It must be so hard. Not having every girl you want in the palm of your hand.” I just grit my teeth and told her she was taking it too far. She kept going, saying how Annie is in the palm of my hand I just don’t see it and I just need to wait and if I really loved her I would be able to wait.

I just screamed at her to shut up and ran upstairs. I slammed the door and flopped onto my bed, gripping my pillows and screaming into them. It’s been about an hour since the fight and no one has come to talk to me. I guess everything Johanna said was right. If I really loved Annie I wouldn’t get upset about waiting for something to happen. It would be a privilege to wait for her.

I’m going to bed.