Yana and her deceased family

English translation:

“My cat as well as my family, who used to be by my side when I was drawing the Circus arc, all of them passed away in the last few years, but I still have my editor K-san, my fellow assistants and my fans, who supported the anime adaption of the Circus Arc from that time. And the fact that they are all still supporting Kuroshitsuji even today is just amazing.

It’s sad that I can’t do anything but keep drawing the manga in order to repay their kindness.” (Toboso Yana blog post from May 21, 2014)

Original text in Japanese:

「サーカス編を描いていた頃側にいた猫も家族も、数年の間に全てが旅立ってしまったのだけど、ワタシの側には今もK氏も、当時からのアシちゃんたち も、サーカス編連載中からアニメ化を望んでくれていた読者さんもいてくれて、いまだに黒執事を支えてくれているという事実が凄すぎる。



From what I read on her blog, it seems like Yana-sensei grew up in a fatherless family, with her mother and grandmother (source). She never mentioned any siblings so I guess she doesn’t have any.

Yana’s grandmother is the one, who told her to become a manga artist, when she was a child.

Yana’s mother is the one, who told her to submit her mangas to Square Enix, the publisher of GFantasy in which Kuroshitsuji is serialized today.

Thanks to these two great persons, Yana became one of the most successful female manga artists in Japan. And thanks to these two great persons, we are all able to read ‘Kuroshitsuji’ today.

source: Kuroshitsuji Official Character Guide + Yana’s blog


Mochizuki-sensei just updated her blog today an made the announcement. There is no mistranslation by me this time. The Japanese is incredibly straightforward. 

Here is the Japanese (and my English translation) :



The next chapter of Pandora Hearts is the final chapter!

Here is the breakdown of the Japanese:

PandoraHearts(Pandora Hearts)次回(じかい, jikai, next time, or in this case, next chapter) 最終回(さいしゅうかい, saishuukai, final episode/chapter/etc.)です(is)!

She goes on to say:


Pandora Heart’s final chapter is going to be in the April Edition of G-Fantasy!


I’m terribly sorry that I was unable to make an announcement [about it] last month…!

There are some other things she talks about in her post, but this is the only major thing.

So this is it guys! I’m not surprised, but I am excited and anxious and a bit nervous all at the same time! I’m going to be translating this on my birthday (March 19th), so I just hope the ending ends up being a good one!


(translated from Soraru’s blog)

Topic: Does “yabai” have a good meaning? Or a bad meaning?
I think it has a good meaning.
Hello, I’m Soraru. I’ve come to Taiwan for a live and I have some free time now. Taiwan is a nice place.
In any case, yabai is a useful word, isn’t it?
When you see something beautiful: “Yabai!”
When you eat something delicious: “Yabai!”
When something bad has happened: “Yabai!”
Anyone can use it. It’s useful. It’s too useful it’s yabai. Too yabai.
I feel like there’s a lot of young people that go “yabai, yabai” these days. I also use “yabai” a lot, but if you say “yabai” too much, you start to look like an idiot.
It’s like you’re lacking in vocabulary. It’s yabai to look like an idiot, so I want to stop. Yabai.
With that that said, it’s yabai, so I’ll be sealing off “yabai” for now. Goodbye, yabai.
But when I think about it, whenever I see something beautiful or eat delicious food, it feels kind of weird to use slightly difficult words.
I’m not a reporter or anything, so I don’t think it’s such a bad thing to express my feelings honestly.
Even if it’s yabai, it might be a good thing. Then, I guess I’ll use “yabai” now and then.
Welcome back, yabai. You came back so soon. As I thought, the usefulness “yabai” is yabai, and since it’s yabai, I can’t stay away from it.
The time is getting to be yabai soon, so it’s about time to wrap it up. Until next time. Yabai-bai.
( *yabai is a slang word that can be used in various different situations and contexts. Its meaning can range from “oh no/crap!” to “wow/woah!” to “amazing/cool” to “terrible” or “dangerous.” Very versatile and useful. Yabai. )

キミにメリークリスマス - Merry Christmas to you 12/24/2014 | Morikawa Toshiyuki Blog Translation

On the morning of Christmas Eve,

in the middle of the road,

there was a meijiro (Japanese White-eye) lying face-up, totally not moving.

It had frozen and I thought it would be bad if I just left it there.

So I picked it up and tucked it in my hands… it was absolutely not moving.

I warmed it with my hands and put it inside my car.

I massaged it a bit and tried to rouse it.

Somehow, it was revived!!

Yeah, good thing I didn’t give up.

I thought it would be better to hurry and get it to the vet,

but I’m glad it recovered!

Well, aren’t you a cute one!

Took it for a little drive out

It warmed up inside the car,

probably the only meijiro in the whole world

to ride an Audi.

I also gave it some water to drink.

But, because of you,

I got late for my appointment.

Take Care!

Merry Christmas!


Hi divetodistraction. This is my Christmas gift for you, so you can catch up with your favorite ossan’s dumbassery. I know you’d like this very much, Nancy. 

And Morikawa, seriously, dude, what is it with you picking up animals in the middle of the road?! First it was frogs and now, birds? It’s nice and all that but–… /sigh

Kazuki's Blog Entry 140902

To all the fans who are supporting us

I’m sorry for the sudden announcement.

It will be BASS Rui’s final performance at AiiA Theater Tokyo on 28th Dec.

Recently in April, there were talks about Rui’s future.

At first there was nothing but like ‘You’re joking right? feelings.

To tell you the truth, I ever told the members I wanted to quit the band.

But now I’m glad I didn’t quit, I’m glad they stopped me from quitting.

I was like that so I can understand Rui’s feelings, all the more  thinking that we could be in SCERW together.

I felt that feelings change.

You know, I really really like the soft, air of SCREW ever since Rui joined us.

When the withdrawal of the previous BASS was decided, I thought SCREW had to reorganize and I met various bassists.

Among the many that I met, it was definitely Rui.

But of course that’s that, right?

That’s because Rui was the only one I talked to.

Right from the start, I knew Rui the longest compared to the other members.

Because he’s someone I knew before I started the band.

When I met him, my first impression was 'that red hair is really pretty’.

And, just a little 'scary person?’ (lol)

But after talking to him, he’s polite, sociable, and he has a good attitude.

He is really the Rui that you guys know.

Now this outcome is really painful.

We talked about it so many times in the months before the announcement. 

'Won’t his feelings change just a little’, I thought.

But, after talking about it so many times, I decided to support Rui.

It doesn’t matter how many years we’ve been doing this, I love Rui so I can accept Rui leaving.

I will face Rui’s feelings from the front.

Even though we will be proceeding onto different roads, we are definitely going to do our best.

That’s because I want to have a band that felt, 'I’m glad we did this’ until the end.

Lastly, I’m going to say this.

From now on, we are not going to look for bassists, and we are not going to let anyone join us.

Even though SCREW is going to continue as 4 people, we are going to continue our activities until the very end.

Please support the activities of the 5 of us forever.

February 15 - Nao [Ameba]

This is what I am now 


Good evening,
Team K2’s Furuhata Nao here.


We had the final premiere screening and press meet
for the SKE48 Documentary Movie today.

Watching the video made me think and remember
a lot of things.


(Throughout my time in SKE48), I also had
experienced a lot of different things,
and felt a lot of emotions too. 
Even the tough times

But after watching my seniors in the movies,
my troubles and labour now feels insignificant.
I think it’s because I was (entered) when 
the environment then was already toned down…
It was very easy going then already.


The 5th generation entered SKE48 when
the foundations were already laid so
we did not fully understand (what it meant to be)
in SKE48.

But, I understand a bit (now).
I now know the labour and emotions
that our seniors went through in the
history of SKE48.

I have heard that it was tough and difficult 
but we never did talk in depth about it…
That’s why I’m very grateful that I got to
learn about all this things through this footages.


I’ll treasure every word said from now on.

When I’ve to talk about how I want SKE48 to 
proceed from now on, or about my goals,
I have to be the one supporting them all.

Even more than I have ever before.


I scares me just to say that
I understand the history of SKE48.
But is it right for such a phrase
to come out of my mouth so confidently?

It scares me but it is also because I love SKE48
that I want to forge new paths, and show it new sceneries.
All these outweigh my fear.


It’s just that as long as I’m in the SKE48 that I love,
I want to give it all that I have.

If I get to live till a 100 years old,
then that means I’ll still have a long live
after I leave SKE48…

If that’s the case, then I should
postpone all the things that I'm 
wasting my time on and things
that I want to do

I want to support and help every
one of the many members, even
if I were to do so alone
I can only do this now because I
am in SKE48, that’s why I will continue
to treasure every moment that I am in SKE48!


It’s not limited to only the members

You (usually) wouldn’t be able
to talk about your dreams with
your fans at such a close distance.

But it is because I am here, that I am able to do so.

SKE48 is the engine towards dreams


(After telling) Masana-san, she told me
“I never knew that Naochan thought this way”
and hugged me after
“You have to let it known by more people,
it’s alright to tell others about it”
I was so happy to hear her say that to me


It is thanks to the 1st generation members 
and kind members who have been supporting 
us all this time that I’m now able to write this
to all of you.


Masana-san told me that I have to be
prepared for the consequences if I 
were to express my honest feelings 
else I’d better not say it.

That is true
I’ve gotten the resolve to express
my honest feelings and intentions
in front of my seniors, the members and my fans.

But as I wrote earlier,
the reason why I’m able to say all this now
is because I love SKE48!


I’m a klutzy girl who hates to lose
so I’m sure that there’s definitely going to continue to be
a lot of things that’ll break my heart from now on but…
When that time comes, I hope I’ll fall in love with SKE48 
again and become an even stronger and kinder person.


I’m sorry for the long post (;_;)
I’m very grateful for the movie to have
helped me mature this much.

Idol no namida

will be screened from 27th February
Please do watch it ☆ミ


Thank you all very much for
reading, liking and commenting
on my AmeBlog.

You’ve all worked hard again today.


なお ♯491

Teppei Koike Blog Entry Translation: 14 February 2015

To everyone, who is always supporting us

This is sudden but we have some information.

At this time, Wentz Eiji and Koike Teppei are

thinking of starting WAT activities again.

For a long time, both of us have been prioritising our individual activities.

Four and a half years have passed since the last single

Sorry for making everyone wait for such a long time.

And above all, thank you very much for waiting

Now the both of us, standing before all of you and we are thinking of nothing but pleasing everyone.

We will work hard to make lots of laughter to everyone.

This year WAT gets the full priority for everything / (All the focus this year will be on WAT)

We look forward to making good songs. (^o^)

- From WAT

Original entry in Japanese:

"[Anisummer] Part 3" - Mamo Blog Translation

Note: This translation is in no way stepping on janchebell’s toes. She’s your main trusted source for Mamo blog translations! =) I just wanted to do this entry because it had Tatsun!

Mamo’s Original Blog Post - 2014.09.03 Wednesday

「Animelo Summer Live 2014 -ONENESS-」

has ended without any problems,

and I took part in the closing party right at the venue.(*^o^*)

It was pretty hectic so I wasn’t able to take many photos but

I wanted to take a few at the time anyway.

My make up was taken off and I changed my clothes. Please don’t mind that I look completely in “Day off” mode(>_<) (lol)

Here’s me with May'n-chan(^_^)v

This time round, I got to sing with May'n-chan since all songs got to make an appearance.

It was so funnn♪

Here’s me with Tatsuhisa sticking his tongue out (lol)

As there weren’t many male artists, I was happy that we got to liven it up together. It was very promising(*^_^*)

Banzai to being the same age!!!\(^o^)/☆ (lol)

Visit janchebell for regularly translated Mamo blog posts!

It’s been about 5 years since Rui was with us; as someone who is dependable, I really relied on him. As the rhythm team, I can play the drums well in the lives and he gives me a great sense of security when he smiles at me sometimes during the lives.

There are so many memories and thinking about it hurts my heart but the SCREW that had Rui in it was definitely the best. – Jin (SCREW) [Blog - 140902]


Miki Honoka Blog 07/21: Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Good Evening!

First of all, How was Itazura na Kiss: Love in tokyo episode 16?

Kotoko got married to Irie-kun!
She really really loves that Ire-kun ever since.

From now on, I wonder what will happen.
But it was good to be able to show the meaning of true love
Really Kotoko is very happy.
Everyone, Thank you for supporting me!

Now, all the 16 episode are all done airing,
Thank you for your support you guys gave up to now!

The shooting was done in an instant, even tho they were still airing it.

When the shooting and the airing began, I was really nervous and anxious and i was really worried and it was always on my mind. Will it be okay? Will I be okay? I didnt have the confidence.

But when it began, lots of fans were watching it and then it spread much further not only in Japan but in China and America, and to the whole world.
I didnt expect that it would come this far.

After watching you guys would comment on my blog
saying like “this one was fun! “ “Kotoko-chan is cute!”
I was really happy! It was fun and I was given courage, thats why in shooting I did my best. I gained confidence.

When Itakiss stopped shooting and we all separated at that time I was thinking I love those people.
Until now I’m still in contact with Satomi and Jinko, I miss them.

I think it would be good if there was a continuation.

from the bottom my heart
Its reallllllllyyyy my wish.
And I hope it will come true.

but until then Miki Honoka will be doing her best!
Really thank you for all the support you guys have given me.

Lets all meet soon!

March 26 - Nao [Ameba]

Mirai to wa (About the future) 


Good evening,
Team K2′s Furuhata Nao here.

To all of you who came down,
thank you all very much (^^)
The time spent was a happy one!


But since today is right after
the Young Member concert, 
I got to realise exactly how (much)
more impressive our seniors are.

It made me think about 
all the things that I currently lack in


But as I wrote in my AmeBlog yesterday,
I will not give up despite the difference in 
our strengths, as long as your smiles will (continue to)
exist in the future, I will do whatever I can now…

C’mon, let’s do this, young memebrs!

And as I steeled my heart for this,
my concurrency with AKB48 will be no longer, the next day.

This really broke my heart

No matter how much I fight,
this is an unchangeable reality.


During my concurrency,
I had experienced a lot of situations where

I would have to think what I could do,
not for myself, but for the others around me,
what can be achieved from what I can do….

is what I’ve thought, after becoming a kennin
But suddenly losing this after it became
a daily routine, scares me.

I don’t know how I’ll feel


I have SKE48

But losing something that I’ve had
feels very depressing.

To all of you who loved me in AKB48,

I’m sorry to have deprived you
of your joy.


I’ll write about the joys I attained
as a kennin another time (*^^*)


Another issue,
I am not in the senbatsu for the 40th single
Bokutachi wa tatakawanai.

I was not able to be in Kibouteki Refrain either,
it just stopped happening after
Labrador Retriever

I do not want to end it here
just as it is right now.

I do not want to give up just yet!!!

What I’m about to say may sound stupid
and probably make you go “EH?”….


For the Senbatsu Sousenkyo this year, I want to enter the senbatsu


Some may go “You want what?”
but I’ve already put my mind to it.
I won’t run from it
I’ve parted ways with the weaker me

I’ve parted ways with the past me who 
was cautious of the others around her 
and could not express her honest feelings


I am sure this may be a heavy 
announcement for my fans but I am being serious.

This is not only for myself,
I am taking up this challenge here
for the sake of SKE48′s future as well.


Without a doubt,
I admire the opportunity to be in AKB48′s senbatsu.
To shine brightly as others look up towards you.


I will not be able to forget watching
the senbatsu’s rehearsal at the AKB48 theater.

Some wore their own clothings, others, lesson-wear…
And after they had re-affirmed the choreography
their dance got so much more fluid.

But even then, they shone so brightly

My eyes could not leave it’s line of sight
the moment I laid eyes on them.


And after the rehearsal ended,
I turned to a member and for the first time,
cried, telling her “That was great,
I want to be like that too, I want to be in the senbatsu”.

The person who I told to then, was Rena-san.


The senbatsu, is the place that I dream of


I want to do my best for SKE48′s future too.
What is it that I can do… I don’t know
what I have to do yet but 
I want more people to know of and watch SKE48!

I want SKE48 to be watched by a lot of people!
I want them to be interested in us!


And above all, I want to lead (SKE48).

I thought about the weaknesses that I have
but all there were are my passion.

I want to make SKE48
shine even brighter!!!


This has nothing to do with
feeling ashamed of not ranking in
for the senbatsu.

I want to see this through
I want to lose the me who
used to think that it was impossible

And here, I lay out all my thoughts

I’ll be a passionate idiot
for the Senbatsu Sousenkyo!


I won’t have any regrets for this year(’s sousenkyo).
I won’t be afraid, because I have all of you.

I am able to take this 1, important, step
because you are all here.


I will definitely make full use of this precious time.


Thank you all very much
for reading till the very end.


Thank you all very much for
reading, liking and commenting
on my AmeBlog.

You’ve all worked hard today.


なお ♯502

Shison Jun 1/1 Blog - "An Important Announcement"

Happy New Year, everyone!

I have an important announcement for you!

I’ll be playing the lead role of Tokkyu-1/Raito in the new 2014 Sentai, Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger!!!!

I’ve been looking forward to the day I could announce this to everyone, and I’m really happy to have been able to announce it first thing in 2014.

Please look forward to 2014’s Shison Jun!

I’ll also be appearing in the Premium Announcement Event on January 25th and 26th!

I’ll update again later with the details!

I’m really glad I was able to announce this as soon as 2014 began!

I’ve been able to come this far because of everyone’s support, truly!

I’m full of gratitude!

Thank you so much!

I’ll be earnestly working hard to the best of my ability, so please continue to look after me from here on!

And this year as well!

This has been my important announcement!!

[Tohma] 2013-11-09 16:06:00

until the Day I Die

Life is full of unexpected things.

Today’s announcement was one of those.

It’s painful.

But we can only look in front of us.

I don’t want to mope over it anymore.

I’m tired of crying already.

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog, and it doesn’t mean I have something special to say here.

From here on, there will only be 4 of us on stage but

it doesn’t mean that we have lost a friend.

Satoshi will always be a friend.

Life is full of unexpected things.

From here on, I want to go through these unexpected things along with you all.

So let’s just look in front of us.

First is Hokkaido.

Let’s tear this shit up.

Satoshi! Ya better be seeing this!!!!!


Manabu Blog Entry 140902

A sudden announcement. 

I’m sorry for shocking (you guys) with the sudden announcement. 

When the former bassist withdrew, the SCREW that was going to collapse could look ahead once again was because we met Rui.

That’s why Rui leaving SCREW is something I cannot believe; that is my honest feelings now.

I think the five of us; several years have passed but each and everyone of us has grown older, the idea of things, lifestyle has changed a little.

Despite that, I thought that with the five of us, we could continue SCREW while cherishing our own way of living as a human being.

But, if (his) heart were to say that his happiness does not lie in SCREW, I felt that we already can’t do anything about it.

I too, in the life of the time of my twenties compromising of SCREW, there are hesitations and troubles in the activities of the band and music.

Despite that, because I think what I have now; being in SCREW is the best life.

To be bound by SCREW and living life reluctantly; I think it’s wrong.

That’s why as a friend, I want to support Rui in what he wants to do from now on.

There are probably people who can’t accept it immediately but I want you to not condemn Rui.

There is only a limited number (of times we can be on) stage but just like how we’ve been up till now, with all our/your strength, we want you to enjoy it.

I am looking forward to this tour with (this) album.

The best stage of this five of us, I want to do the tour in a way that we are able to show you guys lots of it.

I feel that way now.


SCANDAL; “Yokohama Amphitheater” blogpost by MAMI☆

Is where I’m at! We had the MUSIC JAPAN open recording☝︎It’s once again different from the usual NHK Hall and I felt the close distance between the audience and I. I was happy to have gotten to see each and every person’s expressions properly! Those who came to watch, thank you☆ To perform「Image」outside of a live, it was the first time so I was nervous☺︎

In our spare time, we went to Ikspiari, at the Yokohama Amphitheater right at the opposite!! As it was my first time walking inside Ikspiari, I was excited! There was a sky underneath the sky! The weather was too good!!

There’s where we’ve interrupted so many times; bay fm78’s DJ, Bucky Koba’s familiar studio☺︎ You can see the wave height of its building front right! Thank you for always coming to see all of us☺︎

Determined to take a meal that’s heavily centered about deep-fried foods, I was satisfied☝︎ It was funー! As there’s a certain photo-shoot tomorrow, I’m nervous because it’s the first time in a long time! That’s how I feel!! It applies to filmed footage or photos but I can’t seem to quite get used to photo-shoots…nah, rather than say I can’t get used to it, I’m just embarrassed. Laughs.

As I’ll put up something cool, wait a little ☺︎♪

22:01 April 21 - Nao [Official Blog]

Runrun’s cheeks




Good evening,
Team K2′s Furuhata Nao here.


Runrun’s cheeks are
too adorable, so wonderful…


Really, very wonderful.


It’s so soft (´`*)

Cute~~~~ (;;)


なお ♪1655


Minarun said that she doesn’t mind Nao’s clinginess because she knows Nao will find a new target soon once she gets bored XD

Miki Honoka Blog Post 2014/02/28

Good evening!

I just came back from the countryside!

You guys probably all know by now, but we have already started shooting the sequel of Itakiss!

Itazura na Kiss2: Love in Okinawa 
So the filming will be always in Okinawa.

I’ll still be playing the role of Aihara Kotoko. 
I’m so happy to be able to play Kotoko-chan again.

Everyone! Thank you for waiting for us!
Now I can finally report it to you guys
Its truly wonderful work, I will definitely work hard!

Please look forward to it okay?


[Satoshi] 2013-11-09 19:24:37

Thank you.

I’m sorry for the sudden withdrawal. You must all be surprised, right?

For things to end up like this even though we had worked so hard to get here, it’s really frustrating.

I have no regrets about all the hard work I have done from the previous band until D.I.D.. But when I think about how things will be after this, it’s really frustrating.

I feel truly sorry for the other members and our fans. Thank you for sticking with me all the way until now. You’ve always been supporting me.

I cannot apologize enough to DEZERT and Grieva who had invited us to take part to their tour. I’m deeply sorry. I’m also sorry to those who will be attending the lives that have been planned after this.

To my beloved D.I.D. fans,

Thank you truly for your support until now.

Thank you.

This is the last word from me.

Please continue to support my beloved D.I.D. after this too. Even if I’m no longer here, please continue to love D.I.D., ok?

Once again, thank you.

[NOTE:For the other posts pertaining to Satoshi’s withdrawal:

Official statement / Akane / Sho / Issei / Tohma ]