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scout update

what the hell is this minimalist text window shit??? tumblr???

ok so I’ve been Busy

  1. I have a new job as basically an advocate/event planner/mentor for first-year queer students on my campus!! it’s a university-funded position and I’m both a) really happy that my school is acknowledging that it doesn’t do anything for queer students b) selfishly pleased that they hired a nb bi trans guy for the job
  2. related to the above, still haven’t dropped out of school yet this year, which means I’m approaching my PERSONAL RECORD for number of quarters completed w/o dropping out \o/ fuck the system
  3. I’m gonna be working 50 hrs/wk over the summer :’) 
  4. I’m taking a fuckin rad disability studies course this quarter and I love it even though it’s at 8:30am
  5. more excitingly than anything, I’m publishing a romance novel (well, novella) later this yearrrrrr <333 
  6. related to the above, thinking about starting a non-fandom writing tumblr bc I miss writing-blogging
  7. currently playing: destiny, life is strange, and mass effect (again)

i just did a ton of blog maintenance, messed with some coding, changed the music, updated pages and i feel very accomplished. everything feels really organized. i’m gonna move to finishing asks and replies now, as well as making more icons and other stuff.


started fiddling with my color scheme a bit… some of my codes got hecked up (not sure how, seeing as everything still LOOKS the same and isn’t glitching…………. thx tumblr :| ) so i’m trying to kind of fix stuff as well as overhaul the blog in general a little. expect construction throughout the week.