• i’m very very sleepy
  • mothman festival is a delight and angie and i are have a asuperlative time
  • in between booths filled with kitschy merch and books and vintage zines/magazines/pamphlets and all the great lectures going on in the state theatre giving me actual fluttery chest feelings about being wonder-triggered again and the general feeling of being able to make jokes about swamp gas and men in black and being around clusters of similarly-minded nerds and the carnival/street fair kitsch of it all I am so beautifully in my element
  • i heard some damn good speakers today and have Thoughts and Feelings now
  • then angie and i hung out in or delightfully not-quite-spooky super 8 room and interneted companionably and tomorrow we get free hotel breakfast
  • i still do not know if i feel things like happiness quite properly but there is nowhere i would rather be in the world than here right now

I had such a great day today! :)

  • the weather today was so beautiful
  • I went for a walk with my brother and dogs this morning
  • wore my new top which I brought yesterday and I felt super body positive 
  • confirmed all my birthday party stuff and I’m so super excited! 
  • then my boy came over
  • and we cooked cupcakes which were so yum
  • we also organised music for my party
  • and maybe we kissed
  • that was pretty cool 
  • then he went home and I went to dog training with my puppies and brother
  • came home and had dinner and lots of ice-cream yumyum
  • now just chilling with my family watching TV :)