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What's your url mean? Love your blog tho☺️

it’s after a rapper called asap rocky. ASAP in his name doesn’t stand for as soon asap possible. It stands for (Always strive and Prosper) Meaning work hard and stay humble. Basically to inspire people to do well in life, but don’t change your character

Scifi-Fantasy-Horror.Com Change.

      Hey everyone!  Just wanted to let you know about a small change.  About six months ago I changed my blog to a version that was much easier to navigate.  At the time it was something that was pointed out to me often.

      Recently many visitors have been giving me valuable input and one issue brought up often is that the Images were to small and hard to see.  So I switched to a new theme this week and I think it satisfies both the navigation and smaller image issues.  

      Now the site has much bigger images and still has the tagged page links at the top and bottom of the page.  

      If you like the new theme please let me know.  You can drop me a fan mail and tell me what you do or do not like, or if it’s easier you can just like this post and then I will have an idea if you are happy with it!

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save yourself n don’t download this game (jk do it)

fantasy life… at first i didn’t get it bc i didn’t rly understand what was so fun abt it but it’s just rly fun lol it’s 10 am and i haven’t slept i’ve been too busy playing fantasy life bye

on your second day in the game you get mad loads of DLC content available at the post office in game and it’s just great

so if you happen to have a loose $40 around dude go for it it’s too cute and i’m going to die