I’m thinking of starting a “fandom” blog about the Penguins / NHL. However the catch is that this blog will be the complete opposite of every single hockey fandom blog on tumblr.

It will focus solely on talking about the real aspects of the NHL & the pens when it comes to stats, advanced stats, and actual relevant topics pertaining to the league and how it’s progressing throughout the season.

I know the majority of hockey bloggers on here are females who just like talking about cute players but do you think I should give it a try or is it just a waste if time and effort?


SCANDAL; “I’d Turned 23” blogpost by RINA☆

Thank you for the blissful day! The band’s day of formation, birthday, to receive many congratulatory greetings means to receive strength that’ll help me work hard again. I’m really, really happy!

And then, the 10th Anniversary of Otodama. It’s fantastic isn’t it. To have a live house lined up standing on the beach, with a huge crowd gathered to just bathe in the music. There’s a limitation to the volume of the sound, but we continue doing this every year in midst of all kinds of such hurdles…yes, it’s wonderful. I want to stay as a fun band for always. I want to be a wonderful person.

Lastly, thank you to those who’s got my personal book in your hands! Also to the people who’ll be getting it. If you’ve read it, please let me hear your thoughts☺︎