Kitahara Rie Blog Translation 150327

*I’ve transferred.

Saitama Super Arena’s Tandoku LIVE,
has safely finished(^-^)

It became something like Spring’s reshuffling.
Several things happened, but
firstly, my impressions of the LIVE.

Nonetheless, the LIVE was fun!!

Even at this concert,
I MCed countless times.

I was extremely happy~

After all, if by being myself
it doesn’t feel like I’m working at all… lol

I like MCing

Then I participated in a rare dance number.

I was nervous so memorizing was difficult, but
it was fun~

Ok now.

It’s about time I get to this talk.

I, Kitahara Rie, this time,
to Niigata Prefecture where the newly made sister group NGT48 was made,
as captain, am transferring.

I thought about this seriously.
I was worried and lost. Really, all the way until the performance.

a voice saying, “You won’t do it?”
as a rejection would not have been like me.

To work on such a huge project,
because I didn’t think that I could have the opportunity to engage in this,

I realized the thing that I can do.

Recently, other than being an actress, I searched for something else I want to do.

That is, it’s still vague, but

I realized that something can be done at Niigata.

At Saitama Super Arena
until the announcement,

I was honestly uneasy, but

from the moment it was announced
the weight was taken off of my shoulders.

Right now, I feel extremely refreshed!

Like I said on stage,
Let’s go do this!!!
is the feeling I have(^O^)


Yesterday, when everyone was surprised,
and everyone told me “ganbatte~” I was really happy

As always, I think I want to amaze everyone, so
I wonder if I was successful.

I think I might have exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Then above all,
members crying for me,

it might be reckless of me, but I was really happy…

After all, I thought again that I really love everybody.

I love the AKB48 Group.

I was pretty surprised at Kawaei’s graduation and felt sad.

Ricchan is really shy, and since I’m Ricchan’s senpai

I kind of kept my

I love Kawaei, but
I somehow couldn’t tell

But at last, recently
even though I thought I had closed the distance…

I’m very sad, but
for Kawaei as an actress taking that one step forward,
I felt a little envious.

Good luck, Kawaei!!!

I will support you.

Actually, I love you. lol

Again and again
and once more

I love the AKB48 Group.

To everyone in Niigata Prefecture,


to Japan’s seaside!!

From here on, please take care of me.

Let’s be excited!!!

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