Be kind because the world needs you to be.
Always be better person even at the expense of your ego.
Learn to love the needy will bring new dimensions to your life.
Stop judging others, especially if you do not know them.
Cry because tears are the body’s way of comforting the soul.
And most importantly, be grateful for life- not many have access to it.
—  31Women


unforgettable-you: ‘could you maybe post some pics of hayleys napecut?’

I know that they are not really nape cuts but these were the best I could find. Also I saw from your dp that you had quite long hair so i took into consideration that you said that you were considering having your hair cut like that so I put some longer ones in for you too see as well :) <3

HogCon: Exhibition Quidditch, Part 2

After a brief interruption from an escaped St Mungo’s patient and former Death Eater, the Exhibition Quidditch game between Harry Potter’s Gryffindor team and Draco Malfoy’s all-Slytherin team is underway. To Lee Jordan and Luna Scamander in the announcer’s box…

3 Slaves and a Side of Meth: North Korea as the World’s Black Market

North Korean Economics 101 states that if you live in the dark, you must work in the dark. As a long time member of the sanctioned-country club after grandpa Kim fount Stalin’s come hither advances too enticing and joined him as a strange bedfellow in the cozy sheets of Communism, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has had to be on the cutting-edge of craftiness to keep itself afloat. In other words – If the world was a neighborhood, the Kim regime would be it’s resident hustler. Except, instead of peddling used DVD players and old tape cassettes, this hustler peddles a cache much darker.

Recent reports suggest that the Kim Jong Un is not just a cherubic faced dictator, but also an international slave-driver. Almost as if the country’s off-the-grid forced labor camps were free-range farms for indentured servitude, the Kim regime has expanded upon his predecessors government-issued serf program. Read more …

Още подобни постове може да намерите ТУК :)