"You will not dare to show your face ever again in the light of day ever again, and that will be because of enmity between you and all other birds.

It will be in their nature to harass you and despise you wherever they find you. And you will not lose your name - that will always be “Bloddeuwedd (Flower-face).”

“Blodeuwedd” means “owl” in the language of today. And it is because of that there is hostility between birds and owls, and the owl is still known as Blodeuwedd.

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Aperture Despair | Chapter 4 - Execution

"Congratulations. You did it again. Good work."

"Calantha Isabella Blodeuedd has been found guilty in the murder of Hope Grimn. Execution will begin immediately."

Under where the florally dressed girl had been standing for the duration of the trial, a portal appeared, sucking her down into it. She was dropped into a large room, seeming to resemble a library of sorts. Looking up, she saw a creature…a plant.

Boss Battle: [Face] Plant 42.

The large foliage, vines, and body of the creature began entwining themselves around the girl, a flesh-burning acid spewing from each of its open flowers, stinking quite putridly. Soon, a large swarm of petals began to envelop her, leaving only her head out.

[ Art by shslastrologyexpert ]

The plant started to consume the girl, dissolving her in its large, main bud, as her screams filled the room. Moments later, the plant curled back up, a small, flower-shaped hair clip falling to the ground.