ANSI of the Week - Vol. 2 - "1 Dream, 5 Years, 17 Artists"


The ANSI of the week for Aug. 13, 2011 is a wonderful piece which was originally dreamed up by lordscarlet as a type of ‘passion project’.  Myself (Re: Evolution/phOman), along with 16 other artists collaborated on this and eventually we finished it.  There were countless “do-overs”, arguments, drunken absurdity, style clashes and server crashes, though there were just as many positive, fun and memorable moments that went into the creation of this work.  Enjoy.

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The world’s longest ANSI by Blocktronics, 2014. 4,636 lines of text - equivalent to a 7-storey building and takes 12 minutes to watch.

Works by ungennant, mattmatthew, the creep fever, filth, radman, ant, cyonx, delicios, misfit, reset survivor, trip, argon ironghost, smoke, avenging angel, enzo, mypal goo, oder, zeusII, big yellow man, otium, maze, irokos and bw.


Snippet of a much longer collaborative effort by myself and the Blocktronics crew. In total 22 artists from 6 countries worked together over a period of about a little over a month. The ANSI was submitted to the Demosplash 2013 demo party at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, PA over the weekend, and took first place. Not bad considering the piece was finished a mere minutes before the deadline. :-)

Full piece can be viewed here: