The possible return.

Hi Internet,

I know I said I’d start posting again soon, and I know I said fewer serious posts, and I just might be back to that point. We’ll see.

I’m REALLY sorry I haven’t been responding to messages or posting at all.

After my last post I received some lovely messages… however I received some pretty egregious messages as well, including a few threatening my physical well being.

I have to tell you, this has been really hard to shake off.

A few of my upcoming appearances have been cancelled and I’ve been sticking to minimal internet activity for the last little bit.

I have still been recording and I’ve started working on a few new projects as well as reworking some old ones, there will be updates to everything eventually.

Again I truly apologize to all of you who have messaged me, or have wanted me around, and I’ve been unavailable.

I’m going to try to start combing through my different inboxes again starting after this posting, but the last two times I did that I was greeted with a slew of those awful messages.

We’ll see how this attempt goes.

Anyhow, lots of love to all of you.




The new logo have much meaning. The set of two letters B, when turns sideways, you can see two number 7 and two hearts. It means the emotions that Born to Beat passed from heart to heart!