[ARTICLE] G-Dragon confirms BIGBANG world tour to begin in April

After teasing fans and promising a comeback since last August, G-Dragon has confirmed that BIGBANG will begin their world tour in April, making a comeback in the next few months inevitable.

G-Dragon recently attended the Chanel Haute Couture show in Paris, and sat front row next to A-List celebrities including Kristin Stewart, Vanessa Paradis,and Sean Penn. Women’s Wear Daily caught up with the band’s leader on January 27th, who stated, “I’m working on my group’s new album. From April, we’re going to do a world tour.

G-Dragon has promised that BIGBANG will comeback with an album in 2015, and it seems that he’s planning on keeping his word. YG Entertainment has stated that the agency is currently focused on making sure that BIGBANG and new rookie group iKON release new music in the first half of 2015. Meanwhile, Taeyanghinted that BIGBANG is working on an album and will make a comeback at a timewhen everyone least expects it. 

This will be BIGBANG’s first comeback in over two years following their 2012 release of the repackaged album Still Alive. 



Comeback by Ella Eyre

What happens when you take Lorde’s eyebrow and lipstick game and throw it together with Amy Winehouse’s smoky, husky voice and soulfulness? You get Ella Eyre. Of course, she’s much more than a composite of these parts. She’s sharp and ruthless in her lyrics, she’s formidable, and her voice carries an unstoppable bravado. In “Comeback” she handles the topic of heartbreak, but instead of lamenting about it, she tells herself, and all those willing to hear her advice, ”just take that pain and let that motherfucker burn.”

VIXX to Comeback with a Remake Song in February “a more brighter and publicly favored dance song”

VIXX’s company Jellyfish Entertainment spokesman said on the 27th, “VIXX has started preparing for their comeback as their February goal. They will remake a dance track and release it as form of a digital single, that is the plan” is what they revealed.    

source. newsen