My Reaction to EXO’s Call Me Baby MVs

When the first EXO member appeared on the screen O_O

During the entire MV

During the high notes+ At the end of the MV

*Fans self* “Time to watch the other version/watch it again.”

Of course, I already knew that I loved the song. They all looked so good in the MV~ Lay and Chanyeol were the ones who stood out for me. ^^ <3 

“I see you there~.” 

[ARTICLE] YG Entertainment choreographer gives away the comeback artist?

While YG Entertainment is trying to keep the identity of the next artist making a comeback in April a big mystery, it seems one of the agency’s choreographers might have jumped the gun… Unless she was recruited by Yang Hyun Suk to be his side-troll, and… okay, enough with the conspiracy theories.

Japollonia (or Mila J) updated her Instagram with a picture of the ‘Who’s Next?' poster that's been haunting all YG fans' dreams of late as they eagerly anticipate a comeback in April.  She supposedly wrote as the caption, "Who’s Next? .. B**B****.. #Soon," then deleted this post and only re-uploaded the picture of the poster without the caption!

Of course, fans already got a screenshot of the whole thing, which is circulating on the internet rapidly.