"VIXX February Comeback Confirmed… to show a remake”

Group VIXX will comeback with a remake single album. 

On the 27th, VIXX’s company Jellyfish Entertainment and TenAsia held a phone conversation, where, “VIXX will make a comeback with a remake single” and “a definite concept is still in the stages of planning” is what they revealed. 

source. TenAsia


Comeback by Ella Eyre

What happens when you take Lorde’s eyebrow and lipstick game and throw it together with Amy Winehouse’s smoky, husky voice and soulfulness? You get Ella Eyre. Of course, she’s much more than a composite of these parts. She’s sharp and ruthless in her lyrics, she’s formidable, and her voice carries an unstoppable bravado. In “Comeback” she handles the topic of heartbreak, but instead of lamenting about it, she tells herself, and all those willing to hear her advice, ”just take that pain and let that motherfucker burn.”


Best Comeback of 2015

It’s still really early to say but I think we’ve got the best comeback of 2015 already released.