Carte de visite portrait of Confederate Signal Corps soldier James B. MacLellan who served on the blockade runner CSS Wren during the Civil War. By J. M. Margeson.


According to the Ministry of Information of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR), the official website of the Council of Ministers and the National Soviet of the Donetsk People’s Republic,, was blocked on January 27.

In clarifying the reasons why the site is offline, we uncovered an attempt to steal the domain name via the domain registrar In addition, the Austro-American company ICANN lodged a denial of service attack on our site.

We believe this was done in order to prevent millions of Internet users from receiving  accurate information about the situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic. The U.S. henchmen in the Ukrainian government and Rada have declared the Donetsk People’s Republic a terrorist organization and subjected us to sanctions in the information sphere.

The economic, transport and humanitarian blockade imposed on the civilian population of the Donetsk People’s Republic seemed insufficient means to pressure the government. Now they are trying to create an information famine.

All of this suggests that neither Ukraine, nor the European countries, nor the U.S., with their “democratic” principles, are willing to see the truth and contend with it in the media.  

We are working to create a “mirror” site of at the domain to end the information blockade.


Note: The mirror site is now live at

We’ve all heard about Israel’s blockade of Gaza, but what does it actually mean? For many people it could mean no income, no chance of seeing family… and no means of escape.

That’s why we’re calling for a permanent lifting of the blockade, so the people of Gaza can travel, trade and live in dignity.

REBLOG this if you agree the people of Gaza should be free.


Ratchet & Clank - E3 2014 Movie Trailer


Members and supporters of Idle No More Houston participate in a candlelight vigil in a show of solidarity for the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society after their anti-fracking blockade was brutally attacked by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Learn more about the Mi’kmaq blockade

(photos by Elizabeth Brossa)

There is a high possibility that the embassy protesters down at The Block in Redfern will be evicted today. The land they’re camping on has, for hundreds of years, been a meeting place for Aboriginal peoples in the area and continues to be that kind of place today. Please get down there if you’re in the area and show your support. Big numbers are needed. In your social media posts about the Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy activity today, please use the #RedfernBlockade hashtag. Get it trending, also use it to catch updates. Also check out RATE’s Facebook page here for updates that may come through. Thanks!


history meme | ten moments ∙ the berlin candy bombings

In June 1948, Russia laid siege to Berlin, cutting off the flow of food and supplies over highways into the city. More than two million people faced economic collapse and starvation. The Americans, English, and French began a massive airlift to bring sustenance to the city and to thwart the Russian siege.

Gail Halvorsen was one of hundreds of U.S. pilots involved in the airlift. While in Berlin, he met a group of children standing by the airport watching the incoming planes. Though they hadn’t asked for candy, he was impressed to share with them the two sticks of gum he had in his possession. Seeing how thrilled they were by this gesture, he promised to drop more candy to them the next time he flew to the area.

True to his word, as he flew in the next day, he wiggled the wings of his plane to identify himself, then dropped several small bundles of candy using parachutes crafted from handkerchiefs to slow their fall. Local newspapers picked up the story. Suddenly, letters addressed to “Uncle Wiggly Wings” began to arrive as the children requested candy drops in other areas of the city. [x]


Sly Cooper Feature Film Announced

Rainmaker Entertainment and Blockade Entertainment revealed today that they will be making a full-length motion picture based on the Sony franchise, Sly Cooper. This news follows last year’s announcement that the studios were working together on another film based on Sony Entertainment characters, Ratchet and Clank film (due to release in 2015), as well as last year’s revitalization of the game franchise in Sly Cooper: Theives in Time.

The film’s official synposis: “Sly Cooper is a kinetic and comedic heist film that tells the story of Sly Cooper, an orphaned raccoon thief, along with his childhood friends and partners in crime, Bentley Turtle and Murray Hippo. In the film, Sly learns of his birth family’s secret legacy; that he comes from a long line of talented and international thieves. Endowed with this knowledge, Sly and his friends are catapulted into a global adventure as they race to reassemble pieces of an ancient book holding The Cooper Clan’s family secrets before it can fall into the hands of Clockwerk – an evil Russian metallic owl bent on ending the Cooper family line. From romantic Parisian backdrops to the lush mountains of China, gritty film noir meets bright, colorful graphic novels in this origin story of the world’s greatest thief-turned-hero.”

Expect Sly Cooper to come to theaters in 2016.


Remembering The Real JFK, part 1

"If Mr. Kennedy does not like socialism, well we do not like imperialism! We do not like capitalism! We have as much right to protest over the existence of an imperialist-capitalist regime 90 miles from our coast as he feels he has to protest over the existence of a socialist regime 90 miles from his coast…

"Rights do not come from size. Right does not come from one country being bigger than another. That does not matter. We have only limited territory, a small nation, but our right is as respectable as that of any country, regardless of its size. It does not occur to us to tell the people of the United States what system of government they must have. Therefore it is absurd for Mr. Kennedy to take it into his head to tell us what kind of government he wants us to have here. That is absurd. It occurs to Mr. Kennedy to do that only because he does not have a clear concept of international law or sovereignty. Who had those notions before Kennedy? Hitler and Mussolini!…

"The U.S. Government says that a socialist regime here threatens U.S. security. But what threatens the security of the North American people is the aggressive policy of the warmongers of the United States. What threatens the security of the North American family and people is that violence, that aggressive policy, that ignores the sovereignty and the rights of other peoples.

"The one who is threatening the security of the United States is Kennedy, with that aggressive policy. That aggressive policy can give rise to a world war; and that world war can cost the lives of tens of millions of North Americans. Therefore, the one who threatens the security of the United States is not the Cuban evolutionary Government but the aggressor and aggressive government of the United States."

—Fidel Castro, May 1, 1961

Via Anti-Imperialist League