Calling all lovers of land and water: you are needed in Northern BC!

Grassroots Wet’suwet’en people have been blocking pipelines from crossing their land and rivers for over four years now.  The Unis’tot’en Clan, their spokesperson Freda Huson, Chief Toghestiy, and their allies are occupying their territory square in the middle of the route for several tar sands and fracked gas pipelines, including Enbridge Northern Gateway and Pacific Trail Pipeline. 

Pipeline crews are coming ever closer to the roadblock. In October 2014, they were clearing trees from the pipeline right-of-way less than a kilometer from the camp.

We’re appealing for supporters and volunteers to raise the blockade. In the face of growing threats from Big Oil and local bullies,  we all need to stand fast and do what we must to defend the land and water from poisonous oil spills and gas leaks.

Last year, unknown individuals tried to burn the camp’s plywood barricade. This fall, a local goon confronted us on the bridge and threatened more arson. Let’s put a stop to these attempts to intimidate those who are protecting their territory.

Unis’tot’en Camp is closing the door on pipelines. The plan is to install a solid metal gate on the bridge over Morice River to keep the pipeline companies out of the territory. We need both funds and volunteers.

Help us raise the blockade, and help Unis’tot’en Camp defend the land and water.

Thank you! Pass it on!


Today is the 71st anniversary of the Blockade being lifted from my city.

From September 8, 1941, Leningrad, as Saint Petersburg was called at the time, was surrounded by German and Finnish troops and subjected to artillery bombardment. (There are high hills to the south of the city, and that’s where the German artillery was - so on the streets going from west to east the northern side was more dangerous during the bombardment. There are still some signs left which state this - for remembrance)

The city couldn’t be supplied with food - in winter there were trucks over the Ladoga ice, the so-called Road of Life, and these were shot at, and many people were killed like this. In winter of 1941-1942 people who weren’t industrial workers were only given 125 grams of bread a day, no other food - and that was a rather awful bread. People died on the streets and in their homes; my great-grandfather died in spring of 1942. Whole families died out - there are rows of mass graves marked only with the year, no names or dates, when there was no one to identify the dead.

In January 1943 the Blockade ring was broken and the supplying became easier, but it took a whole year to fully lift it. It lasted 900 days - almost three years of hunger and bombardments and death and still going on and not surrendering. Making music. Protecting animals at the zoo. Just being people.

(the photo is mine; it shows the ‘this side is dangerous” sign with flowers people brought there on the Victory Day. The collages combining historical Blockade photos with contemporary photos of the same places are by Sergey Larenkov)


A freeze-frame paint over of Edd/ double D from Ed, Edd n Eddy. I love this show, and was in a creative dump, and i once read an advice to get out of a blockade which was to paint over a freeze-frame from whatever show. It worked! I feel relieved and ready to be creative! 

my feelings towards love can be written about until i die, and will be written about until i die, because love is a concept i do not fully understand. i have been in love of course and it is always this feeling of simultaneous fear and enchantment, and i always find love to be synonymous with magic. i am thinking right now about magic in terms of spells and something that is not defined by the “logical” world, the scientific world, magic is the thing that appears outside of the blockades and harsh lines of societal constrictions.

so when i thought i lost love, i really didn’t because you can’t really lose love. i just lost somebody that i did love. and i didn’t even really lose them, i just lost them in the context of love. so i am very focused on this magic and this thing about love that is never something that is lost in a void and goes away forever. it is just a lapse. i always focus on absences in the context of lapses because when you lose it is always replaced in some concept, maybe until you die, but even when you die new things come from your death. at least right now, there are always more seeds to plant. the sun (i) goes down for a reason and then it (i) comes back up. 

sun/magic/love/lapses/its all good and okay and if its not that’s okay

rocks with cracks \\ casper + hunter

Casper was more than a little drunk after the game of Cards Against Humanity. The vodka was sitting oddly on his empty stomach, causing him to be a little more than belligerent. The hallway seemed to swirl as he stomped past door after door, no real destination in mind. As he was about to turn around, he remembered Hunter. Boyfriend stealer, fireworks kiss promises, Hunter. Was he jealous in a way, that Carden had gotten to him first? Could be. But right now, the anger translated into nothing else but just that. Anger.

He pounded on the door, hard, for a moment, till the side of his palm was red. Then, he opened it up on his own, bursting in and staring angrily at the man in the room.

"Listen." He wobbled slightly, then regained his balance. He had to think straight for this, but the vodka was creating a haze in his head, a blockade between himself and the real world. "You can fuck up your own life, dude. You can fuck it all up. But mine? No. My life is mine, and you can’t fuck that up for me. So why are you trying to, huh?"

More Than Just Patriots: REJECTED TITLES

|| Love is harsh. You don’t always find “The One” after your first—or after your second, or your third, or…well, Franz only found “The One” after his twenty-sixth. The same’s with titles, I suppose, given the amount I had to go through before I finally found the right one:

  • Roderich and the Revolutionary Rendezvous
  • Cockade Blockade
  • Love in the Time of Austrians
  • How Franz Liszt Knocked Up an Entire Country in One Night, and Other Stories
  • My Dear Aristocrat(’s Wife)

We’ve all heard about Israel’s blockade of Gaza, but what does it actually mean? For many people it could mean no income, no chance of seeing family… and no means of escape.

That’s why we’re calling for a permanent lifting of the blockade, so the people of Gaza can travel, trade and live in dignity.

REBLOG this if you agree the people of Gaza should be free.


Ratchet & Clank - E3 2014 Movie Trailer


Members and supporters of Idle No More Houston participate in a candlelight vigil in a show of solidarity for the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society after their anti-fracking blockade was brutally attacked by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Learn more about the Mi’kmaq blockade

(photos by Elizabeth Brossa)


There is a high possibility that the embassy protesters down at The Block in Redfern will be evicted today. The land they’re camping on has, for hundreds of years, been a meeting place for Aboriginal peoples in the area and continues to be that kind of place today. Please get down there if you’re in the area and show your support. Big numbers are needed. In your social media posts about the Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy activity today, please use the #RedfernBlockade hashtag. Get it trending, also use it to catch updates. Also check out RATE’s Facebook page here for updates that may come through. Thanks!