THINGS: I am very excited for my giveaway, everything is coming together and I can’t wait to be a happy Santa giving away goodies! I’m so pumped and happy and I want this to be the best giveaway ever.

And also, I suddenly have more wish than ever to eat a plant-based lifestyle. I’ve only realised just how much better I feel whilst filling up on natural deliciousness and it’s so much better for the environment it’s ridiculous. I can’t wait to just stop putting what harms the environment into me and to live a lifestyle that is as cruelty free as possible.

In somewhat related news, last week a lady came to my school to talk and she was a scientist from the US that created a whole biosphere (!!) in the middle of the Arizona Desert, an earth systems science facility. She lived in it for 2 years with a scientific team, just to prove that it’s possible to allow a biosphere to thrive and that it’s possible to live sustainably with no outside contact, and also to prove that what we put out in our biosphere never really goes away—all that waste and pollution stays, and it damages. They grew their own food (wheat, veggies, grain), monitored different parts of the building where they grew mini ecosystems (mini mangroves, rainforests, even a desert and an ocean!) It was honestly such an eye-opening project that I have no idea why isn’t more well known—read about it here and here. (p.s: she also said the only form of sugar they had was bananas in there that they could grow, so they lived on bananas as their only source of sweetener for the 2 years—banana flavored cake for everyone’s birthdays! that was really funny somehow)

AND IT’S ONE MONTH TO MY BIRTHDAY one month till I’m 16 bliddy heck! Let me fill you in on a secret though: I’m already planning my birthday cake, and one word: chocolate.

I have a one week holiday coming up too, and I plan to use that to study (sigh) but also to GET OUT and take more walks and be more active and bake loads! I can’t wait.

Maybe it’s because of post-exam adrenaline but I suddenly feel so happy and hopeful. THIS IS YOUR DAILY REMINDER THAT YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEAN AND I HOPE YOU SMILED LOADS TODAY. Bless you all, lots of hugs and lots of love—tell me how your day has been! x

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Are you ready for today's episode, fuccpoi?

Name Translation: “Evening Shower”

Initial Command Structure:
Ship’s captain: Lieutenant Commander Ishii Hisashi [50]. Assigned to Desdiv 2 (MURASAME, HARUSAME, YUDACHI, SAMIDARE), Desron 4, Second Fleet.

26-29 November 1941:

Desdiv 2 steamed with Desron 4 from Terashima Strait to Mako (Pescadores).

7-11 December:

Desdiv 2 departed Mako, then with Vigan (Philippines) invasion force.

22 December:

Desdiv 2 with Lingayen invasion force.

12 January 1942:

Desdiv 2 with Tarakan invasion force.

23 January:

Desdiv 2 with Balikpapan invasion force.

27 February:

Desdiv 2 with Eastern Java invasion force.

27 February: Battle of the Java Sea

Engaged Allied cruiser-destroyer group.


Desdiv 2 arrived in Subic Bay from Tarakan on 16 March, then assisted in operations to secure the Philippines, including the blockade of Manila and occupation of Cebu.

3-6 May:

Desdiv 2 steamed from Mako to Yokosuka, then docked for repairs.

25 May:
Lieutenant Commander Ishii (later Comdesdiv 22, Comdesdiv 21) relieved by Commander Kikkawa Kiyoshi [50] (prev. C.O. OSHIO).

4-6 June: Battle of Midway

Desdiv 2 escorted Admiral Kondo’s Occupation Force Main Body.

16-30 July:

Desdiv 2 steamed with Desron 3 from Kure via Singapore to Mergui (Burma) for Indian Ocean raiding operations, aborted due to Guadalcanal.

8-21 August:

Desdiv 2 steamed from Mergui via Balikpapan to Truk.

30 August:

Arrived Shortlands, then troop transport run to Guadalcanal.

1-2 September:

With MURAKUMO, escorted barge-carrying convoy (SADO MARU and ASAKA MARU) from Shortlands to Gizo and back.

4-5 September:

Led troop transport run to Guadalcanal: with HATSUYUKI and MURAKUMO (and a second section of URANAMI, SHIKINAMI and ARIAKE) landed about 1,000 soldiers of Ichiki and Aoba Detachments at Taivu. Assisted in (and claimed primary credit for) sinking USS GREGORY (APD-3) and USS LITTLE (APD-4).

6 September:

Attack mission to Guadalcanal: With URANAMI, SHIKINAMI and ARIAKE, sent to attack enemy convoy off Guadalcanal; unable to locate, shelled airfield instead.

8 September:

With SENDAI and seven other destroyers, attack mission to Guadalcanal.

11 September:

With UMIKAZE and KAWAKAZE, troop transport run to Guadalcanal.

13 September:

With URANAMI and MURAKUMO, gunfire support mission to Guadalcanal (Kawaguchi offensive).

16 September:

With HATSUYUKI and HAMAKAZE, attack mission to Guadalcanal. Unable to locate reported enemy transports.

20 September:

Transport run to Guadalcanal: with USHIO, SAZANAMI and SHIKINAMI (each towing a barge), carried munitions transferred from NISSHIN to Kamimbo.

2 October:

Troop transport run of six destroyers to Guadalcanal.

5 October:

Troop transport run of six destroyers to Guadalcanal.

8 October:

With four other destroyers, accompanied NISSHIN on troop transport run to Guadalcanal.

9-10 October:

Steamed from Shortlands to Rabaul.

12-16 October:

Escorted troop convoy to Guadalcanal, then returned to Shortlands.

17 October:

Desdiv 2 on troop transport run to Guadalcanal.

25 October:

Gunfire support mission to Guadalcanal (Hyakutake offensive), aborted. Assisted bombed YURA, then helped HARUSAME rescue survivors and scuttle.

26 October: Battle of Santa Cruz

Briefly joined Admiral Kurita’s Support Force, then to the Shortlands same day.

2 November:

Desdiv 2 on troop transport run to Guadalcanal.

5 November:

With nine other destroyers, troop transport run to Guadalcanal.

8 November:

With eight other destroyers, troop transport run to Guadalcanal.

11 November:

Desdiv 2 departed Shortlands to join Admiral Abe’s Bombardment Force.

12-13 November: First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal

Escorted Admiral Abe’s Bombardment Force. Lead ship in formation at beginning of battle, had to swerve to avoid U.S. ships, then torpedoed USS PORTLAND (CA-33). Sunk: after being disabled by gunfire of U.S. cruiser-destroyer group; 26 killed, 35 injured; 207 survivors (including Commander Kikkawa, to C.O. ONAMI) were removed by SAMIDARE, which then failed to scuttle with a torpedo; abandoned hulk was sunk by gunfire of USS PORTLAND, southeast of Savo Island (09-14 S, 159-52 E).

15 December 1942:

Removed from Navy List.

Supporters of Boston union leader pack court

Some 200 Boston school bus drivers and supporters of their union packed Dorchester District Court on March 3, the first day of the frame-up trial of union leader Steve Kirschbaum. 

The rank and file were joined by City Council member Charles Yancey; former Councilmember Chuck Turner; Sandra McIntosh, of the Coalition for Equal Quality Education; Brock Satter, of the Mass Mobilization Against Police Violence; and Cheung, one of the anti-racist protesters who blockaded Boston’s I-93 highway. 

Kirschbaum’s legal team is confident that the bogus charges against him will be exposed as an anti-union frame-up.

"The Death of Captain Lawrence" painted by Alonzo Chappel and engraved by H. B. Hall.

On June 1, 1813, after taking command of the frigate USS Chesapeake, Captain James Lawrence attempted to run past the British blockade on Boston Harbor.  Sailing out into the harbor, Lawrence was challenged by Captain Philip Broke of the HMS Shannon.  Lawrence obliged and the two ships commenced a fierce duel.  Shortly thereafter Lawrence was gravely wounded by a musket ball.  Lawrence was carried below deck to be tended to. As he left the quarter deck he issued his now famous command “Don’t give up the ship!”  There are actually two accounts of Lawrence’s words.  The first is “Don’t give up the ship! Fight her ‘till she sinks!”  The second is “Tell the men to fire faster! Don’t give up the ship!”  Ultimately, the Chesapeake was captured and sailed to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Lawrence died on the way there, June 4, 1813.  He was given a funeral and full military honors.

Upon hearing of Lawrence’s death, fellow Captain Oliver Hazard Perry, who was a close personal friend of Lawrence’s, ordered a large blue banner to be made that bore the phrase “Don’t Give Up the Ship” in great white letters.  Perry flew the banner from his flagship during the Battle of Lake Erie in September 1813.  ”Don’t Give Up the Ship” quickly became a popular rallying cry for the Navy.

I’m overwhelmed by the support and love I’ve gotten these couple of months. I’ve realized, that runners really are a special breed and that we have a n unconditional love and connection to each other, that I simply don’t have with random people. We’re not divided by sex, we’re just all runners with the same ambitions to ourselves and our abilities.

When I got injured I was met with two kinds of words. Either, “oh, so it really wasn’t healthy that you ran that much/you’ve been running way too much!”… Or I received training plans for alternative training, invitations to aquajoq and words like “these things happens when you try hard, get back stronger as soon as possible”.

It’s either a blockade for me moving forward, or words of encourage to get back stronger.


We’ve all heard about Israel’s blockade of Gaza, but what does it actually mean? For many people it could mean no income, no chance of seeing family… and no means of escape.

That’s why we’re calling for a permanent lifting of the blockade, so the people of Gaza can travel, trade and live in dignity.

REBLOG this if you agree the people of Gaza should be free.


Ratchet & Clank - E3 2014 Movie Trailer


Members and supporters of Idle No More Houston participate in a candlelight vigil in a show of solidarity for the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society after their anti-fracking blockade was brutally attacked by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Learn more about the Mi’kmaq blockade

(photos by Elizabeth Brossa)