What if Baymax was left in destroy mode for eternity though? What if Baymax had refused to open his chip compartment for Honey like he did for Hiro? The crew would have no option but to leave Baymax blockaded in Krei’s half-demolished lab. Before he totally ran out of battery, he shut himself down and sat there for years undisturbed. Until years later a few kids go exploring through the creepy, old lab and Baymax reawakens. The now veteran crime fighting bh6 gang (well I guess bh5 now) have to shut Baymax down for good‏.

But Hiro wouldn’t be able to do it‏. It’s his fault that Baymax is like that‏‎ and is doing the opposite of what he was programmed to do. And Baymax is the very last thing he’s got of his brother.

March 3rd, 1915 - SS Wrexham Escapes a U-Boat

Pictured - Captain Fryatt.

Germany’s submarine blockade, barely a week old, had already sent thousands of tons of shipping to the bottom of the sea in a swath of the sea surrounded England. Merchant ships, unsuspecting and unprotected, made easy targets for Germany’s killer subs.  But they were not entirely defenseless, as Captain Charles Fryatt showed when attacked by a U-Boat on March the 3rd, 1915.

Fryatt worked for the Great Eastern Railway Company and had a long life of experience in the merchant marine.  When he spotted a German submersible emerge out of the water to sink his ship, the SS Wrexham, his know-how allowed him to escape.  Fryatt sailed away at full steam, the U-Boat giving chase like a predatory animal.  The chase lasted 74 km but in the end the Wrexham escaped, though its funnels were burnt out from going so fast for so long.  Fryatt was awarded a golden watch by the company.

Fryatt’s escape was not his last experience on the wrong side of a U-Boat.  Later the same month he attempted to ram a U-Boat that surfaced to sink him, though in June the Germans finally managed to sink his ship.  Frayatt was captured near Bruges and charged with sinking German submarines.  To the horror of the British public, the civilian captain was found guilty as a franc-tireur and executed. 

Image Source: IWM

We’ve all heard about Israel’s blockade of Gaza, but what does it actually mean? For many people it could mean no income, no chance of seeing family… and no means of escape.

That’s why we’re calling for a permanent lifting of the blockade, so the people of Gaza can travel, trade and live in dignity.

REBLOG this if you agree the people of Gaza should be free.

Remembering The Real JFK, part 1

"If Mr. Kennedy does not like socialism, well we do not like imperialism! We do not like capitalism! We have as much right to protest over the existence of an imperialist-capitalist regime 90 miles from our coast as he feels he has to protest over the existence of a socialist regime 90 miles from his coast…

"Rights do not come from size. Right does not come from one country being bigger than another. That does not matter. We have only limited territory, a small nation, but our right is as respectable as that of any country, regardless of its size. It does not occur to us to tell the people of the United States what system of government they must have. Therefore it is absurd for Mr. Kennedy to take it into his head to tell us what kind of government he wants us to have here. That is absurd. It occurs to Mr. Kennedy to do that only because he does not have a clear concept of international law or sovereignty. Who had those notions before Kennedy? Hitler and Mussolini!…

"The U.S. Government says that a socialist regime here threatens U.S. security. But what threatens the security of the North American people is the aggressive policy of the warmongers of the United States. What threatens the security of the North American family and people is that violence, that aggressive policy, that ignores the sovereignty and the rights of other peoples.

"The one who is threatening the security of the United States is Kennedy, with that aggressive policy. That aggressive policy can give rise to a world war; and that world war can cost the lives of tens of millions of North Americans. Therefore, the one who threatens the security of the United States is not the Cuban evolutionary Government but the aggressor and aggressive government of the United States."

—Fidel Castro, May 1, 1961

Via Anti-Imperialist League


San Francisco protests evictions, gentrification & block Apple, Google buses in Bay Area
December 21, 2013

Protesters blocked buses said to be operated by Google and Apple in San Francisco and Oakland on Friday, the latest sign of a growing backlash against the booming tech industry’s impact on access to affordable housing in the region.

About 40 protesters surrounded a corporate bus in the Mission district as it was picking up employees for the morning commute, preventing it from leaving for about 30 minutes.

The company for which the bus was headed was not immediately clear. A small sign in the front window said only “Main Campus, Ridgeview.” Apple does have offices on Ridgeview Court, not far from its headquarters in Cupertino, California, 40 miles south of San Francisco.

Two Google buses in Oakland were also targeted by protesters on Friday morning, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters.

"We want the ruling class, which is becoming the tech class, to listen to our voices and listen to the voices of folks that are being displaced," said a protester in San Francisco who addressed the crowd by loudspeaker from the back of a pickup truck parked in front of the bus.

Protesters unfurled a banner that read “Eviction Free San Francisco,” which is the name of local advocacy organization, and distributed flyers titled “San Francisco: A tale of two cities.”

Google told Reuters in a statement that the company does not want to cause any inconvenience to Bay Area residents. 

"We and others in our industry are working with San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to agree on a policy on shuttles in the city."

Apple, meanwhile, did not comment. 

The buses have become among the most visible symbols of what some complain is the technology-driven gentrification of San Francisco, with young, well-paid tech workers forcing out less affluent residents, and city policies that some critics have said are too generous to the tech industry.

Twitter, which won an exemption on the city’s 1.5 percent payroll tax after it threatened to leave San Francisco in 2011, has been a frequent target of critics.

Bus advocates have said they ease traffic on already clogged highways as workers give up driving their cars to ride the buses, which usually have plush seats and Wi-Fi.

Opponents have said the buses crowd municipal bus stops and remove potential customers from cash-strapped public transportation systems, including regional rail services.

Earlier this month, protesters in San Francisco blocked a Google bus in the same neighborhood.

While Friday’s protest in San Francisco seemed aimed at the tech industry in general, the protests in Oakland seemed to be more specifically targeted at Google. A photo posted on Twitter by a Google employee inside the bus showed two people outside holding a banner that read “F*** Off Google.”

Another photo he posted showed what appeared to be a smashed window on the Google bus.

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