thirlwallstockings’ follow forever (2012 edition)

hi beautifuls. i made this follow forever bc i am so lucky to have you amazing, special, and hilarious people in my life- or rather, my dashboard haha. i’ve known some of you this whole time i’ve been here (what, 7 months since i made this blog?) and some of you i’ve only known recently. nonetheless, i want to thank all of you in this special follow forever, for everything you’ve done for me. thank you, and happy holidays! i hope you get one direction or little mix or cher lloyd, or any of your idols, for christmas. love all of you so much! and excuse the shitty edit

also, if i forgot anybody, i’m very sorry. and, if you’re on here and i don’t know you very well, i’m thanking you for beautifying my dash.

A, B, C- aristyles ☆ bambiezayn ☆ behindthelloyd ☆ beliebercampus ☆ bloddyharold ☆ bravelarry ☆ bonver ☆ blizzardds ☆ blownaways ☆ blameshellet ☆ chehire ☆ curlscasta ☆ cherstmas ☆ cosmicthirlwall

D, E, F- deercaster ☆ dumbassstagram ☆ frozennarry ☆ frostshires ☆  freezings ☆ frosthaz ☆ fallenforgrande

G, H, Iholmesforholidays ☆ handcuffharry ☆ hazzis ☆ hatehaz ☆ happyhoelidays ☆ harrysinthesnow ☆ harreho ☆ horanwins☆ iobeycher ☆ irishleprecunt

J, K, L- jesynelsons ☆ lousnow ☆ lttleminx

M, N, O- merrytsyles ☆ orgaziam

P, Q, R- preciouspinnock ☆ pepsiharry ☆ rockmeh

S, T, U- santaslough ☆ sexlloyd ☆ snowylovatos ☆ sn0wylouis ☆ ticklehaz ☆ styllez ☆ snowyshire ☆ sweethirlwall ☆ s-t-i-c-k-s-s-t-o-n-e-s ☆ tomlintongue  tattums ☆ toastytommo ☆ thrust-in-1d 

V, W, X- wildlylovato

Y, Z, 123-


thank you once again! happy holidays!



Cheshmas’ Winter 2012 Follow Forever!

I just want to say a huge thank you to every blog i follow for making my dash extra special and for always being there for me. You guys are like my family, and I love you all so much! The following blogs have been super fantabulicious and many of them have become good friends of mine. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year!

Love, Carina :)

abcd; biebertinsel, blizzardds, caraempire, chesirebells, deerlarry, dlevingnecara
efg;electrahoran, fitharmony, firesplace, frostylarry, frostrauhl, frozemalik, frozenlou, frozenstyles
hij;haroldfrost, hickeystyles, haztletoe, itshohohazza, javaadfrost
klm;legallystyles, liamfrosts, louisys, malikemas, miseltoemalik, mostlymalik, muhlingahr
nop;niamwinter, planetlouis 
qrs;secondarry, shaglouis, snowpaynes, surelou, spunkyniall, styleskank
wxyz;wintercheshire, winterzouis, whoranclaus, wolverpeen, zaynflake, zaynta, ziamstrip

iobeycher’s follow forever (Holiday/2012 edition)

I would like to thank these blogs for being amazing and beautifying my blog for the year of 2012 and possibly more years to come. Sorry if I forgot anyone, I’m getting these blogs from my ‘following’ list. But if you want to be in it, just ask! I love you guys. Happy Holidays! excuse my shitty edit

A, B, C - bangniam, blizzardds, bratssatsjessie, cat-98, cheekyritaora, cher-ios, cherloverr, cherhart, christmasbrits, curlscasta

D, E, F - deercaster, freezings, frostshires, fuckingamemberaday

G, H, I - harreho, harrysinthesnow, hatehaz, heythereshelleyimaddictedtoyou, hiyalovato, hobbithoran, i-army-cherlloyd

J, K, L - letitsnowpatrol, lttleminx

M, N, O - mistlecher, narrytown, nathbellsring, need-your-poison-now, onechickdirection, orgaziam

P, Q, R - playacher, rockmeh

S, T, U - shelletsleighbells, sn0wylouis, so-lumpy, styllez, tattums, thirlflake, thirlwallxox, troublecher, twinklelarry

V, W, X - wintershire, withacharryontop

Y, Z, 123 - 1d-prefers-me

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