In which you grow up, but you never stop caring about the kids who needed you.

           “Hey, Blainey Days, you wanted to see me?”

           Blaine gave her a look and invited her to sit. “Kitty, you know I don’t like you calling me that when we’re in school.”

           “Mhm, which is why I do it.” She took his coffee mug off the desk and took a sip before sitting down. “This coffee is terrible.”

           “And not yours, yes.” His eyes always did this thing when he was trying to be annoyed but couldn’t do it. He’d always done it with Tina before, but she was off at Brown and Kitty was the next best target. “You can have it.”

           It was only fourth period and she was probably going to crash by lunch, so she took the coffee and drank it as fast as she could without being weird and ignored Blaine’s knowing eyes. “So did you call me to give me your coffee or what?”

           “No, no,” he waved a hand and then passed it over his hair, like his hair wasn’t secured immobile to his head. “It’s April.”

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