i went to look at the facebook post where mike shared the link to that article about the finale to see the blithering stupid comments that would be there and i was not disappointed (granted there weren’t that many but the ones that were there were GOLD.)here are my favorites:


idk how to break this to you bruh but 1) korra is american made and animated in korea it literally had nothing to do with japan beyond influence and 2) anime is gay as fuck man that’s literally part of why people love it so much 


im guessing this guy hasn’t had this much experience with the vagina but there are these things called clitorises 

and of course my favorite


ummm the thing is dude there is no such thing as a default political stance. as in making everyone straight is also a political stance. also “nothing in this show made me think korra and asami are lesbians or bisexual. they both dated men in the show for one.”




and the cherry on top of the hypocritical whipped cream

"it would be the same if it would [have] been a right wing statement as well" no it wouldn’t. making everyone straight is right-wing. aligning yourself to be disgusted by them including anything that isn’t straight is right-wing. not letting children actually think for themselves through personal discovery and representation in the media and instead leaving it up to their parents to force their ideals onto them is right wing.

other than that, the comments are pretty positive (from what i’ve seen at least) and that makes me very happy. and at least the stupid shit is funny

My dream cast: I accidentally deleted this so I had to repost it. I am an idiot.

Hey Cassandra! I went to one of your book signings back in 2009 when you were in Canada. I remember during the time you and Holly Black were answering questions and one of them to you was; “Will the Mortal Instrument Series ever be a movie?” and your response (in the most of my memory) went like this “Well, if it was me and a group of friends in my backyard, then yes.” So when I heard it was licensed to be a movie, I was actually hoping for that home made movie of you and your friends xD


Yeah I really can’t stress how much I NEVER thought they’d actually make a movie out of my Shadowhunter books. Even when they were optioned as, like I said, most options never materialize into films.

It’s really too bad I had to dismantle my plans to make the film starring my friends in my garage. I had it all cast:

Simon; Maureen Johnson

Clary: Libba Bray

Alec: David Levithan

Jace: John Green

Isabelle: Holly Black

Magnus: Holly’s husband, Theo

The Seelie Queen: Gwenda Bond

Valentine: Scott Westerfeld

Sebastian: Sarah Rees Brennan

Luke: Paolo Bacigalupi, or possibly Jeph Jacques since he is somewhat wolfy and lives near me

Jocelyn: Garth Nix

Chairman Meow: My cat

Church: Holly’s cat


I am here in my room with a cup of chai tea, Blue October playing on my phone, and I’m reading City of Bones for the second time and I just could not be happier. I wanted to tell you that just so you would know how much power your books have. And also that I love you. (:
— legalizeluv

And I love you. ;)

I’m on a writing retreat at the moment with Holly Black, Sarah Rees Brennan, Stephanie Perkins, Delia Sherman, and Cindy Pon. We had an interesting conversation about negativity and positivity that I wanted to comment on.

People often ask me how, being a writer, does one deal with all the criticism; how, if they were writers, could they deal with the criticism, and would it destroy their joy in writing? I wish I had a great answer. All I can say is develop a thick skin. If you write books, you will be criticized. The more people read them, they more you will be criticized. Specifically, your work will be criticized (though it can spill over into personal critique of the “Anyone who wrote this must be a horrible person” variety, which, while you should ignore it and avoid it, is a scary thing to think you’ll have to deal with someday. The best thing there is to share it with your friends, who will laugh at it for you.)

But the thing we were talking about was also that when you are a writer, you get a lot of wonderful letters, too, yet are conditioned to take on board the negative more than the positive. You can get a hundred lovely letters and you’ll remember the one from the person who said they hate you and forget the rest.

But, as came up in the discussion, that hardly seems fair on the people who write the lovely letters. Why shouldn’t we remember them just as much and give them just as much attention? It’s harder, and less attention-getting, to be positive than negative. And a lot of times, when we read books or posts we like, we just think “I liked that” and go on our way. I do it all the time. So the people who take the time to say it out loud, or in messages, should get credit for that.

So I’m going to be posting some posts of positive and happy letters over the next few days, just because why not. And to say thank you, because I don’t always get the chance to write back though I try. Thank you for the kind words, and they mean a lot. They are my Rune of Protection against all things bad. :)

And also, I love chai tea.

* This is in no way meant to indicate I think criticism of books is bad. It is good. It keeps the conversation about literature going, and keeps people thoughtful about books. I mean the messages that are like, “Hello! I hate you personally! I hope you die!” Which we all get all the time, but are the thing it’s toughest to advise how to deal with.

a Steve/Darcy fic rec list

the last few things that I have read and enjoyed in the Steve/Darcy ship. Colorofangels asked me to rec her a few things so I’m going through the tag. There are probably more fics that I have enjoyed reading but I need coffee now  and I have gone back a few pages already.  I really should get some writing done with my coffee. Also there is the whole beardy!Steve thing, which I take full responsibility for, but you can find my fic without any trouble.  

Anyway on with the recs….

Strawberries and Other Stories



Darcy/Steve stories based on prompts from tumblr. All of these are Darcy/Steve or Darcy & Steve friendship fic, though other characters and pairings may make appearances. ((Fab little ficlets the Strawberry one has to be a favourite its hot and sweet))

Witchy Woman



Steve grabs the candy bucket for one last trick or treater. ((Katy wrote me fic and I am full of happiness at how adorkably hot our favourite failboats are))

Meet Me in the Aftermath




When it’s all over, Steve goes home. ((I adore the secret relationship trope and I love this little glimpse into Steve and Darcy’s relationship))

Turn Off Trouble Like You Turn Off A Light



"Oh, God," he said, and she knew just enough about Captain America to find this a pretty strongly worded statement on the situation. (Or, Steve and Darcy wake up married in Vegas.) ~~now complete ((It’s a beautifully written fic and I am so happy that it’s now complete))

Falling With Style



The truth is Steve just likes jumping out of airplanes. And other risky hobbies. ((absolutely my headcanon that Steve is an adrenaline junkie, its why I wrote Rush. This is gorgeous and Steve is trouble))

A Million Little Pieces



Bits and pieces written in response to tumblr prompts. I love prompts. I love writing things that don’t take me a year to finish. ((There are other pairings in this collection but Imogen has a beautiful way with words))

Moustache Rides, 25 Cents




The first time it happened, it had honestly been an innocent mistake. ((Or the fic that Katy and I enabled the hell out of Imogen to write and thereafter we have adopted her into our coven of ridiculousness. There will be jackets))

bold as love



When she’d told them that she was pregnant, it was truly the last thing Steve had expected her to say. ((OT3 fic but I really love all the feels in the verse))

Friday Night Prompts



The tumblr prompt box is always open, but on Fridays, it’s a free-for-all. Collected works, mostly featuring Darcy. ((Kate’s has written and posted a few new ot3 and Steve/Darcy ficlets that I love.))

Baby It’s Cold Outside



Everyone knows that the best way to stave off hypothermia is to strip down and cuddle. Or, Steve Rogers and the story of the best avalanche ever. ((*cough* I uh…may have enabled this one a tiny little bit… it’s still fab. Steve is great and I adore Darcy being a little unsure of herself))

Only The Good Die Young



A story about how Darcy Lewis is recruited by SHIELD, becomes an agent, and uncovers the cover-up after Phil ‘dies’ before the battle of New York. ((Its a WIP and no know not everyone reads those but the latest chapter has some fab Darcy/Steve interaction. Hearts in my eyes))

Mega-sharks, zombies and Paul Bunyan, oh my!



This is either an exploration of all the possible bad sci-fi movie tropes or this is actually Darcy’s life now. Darcy/Steve UST ((Fun read, I had such a stupid grin on my face after reading this.))

Come Into My Life (Regress Into a Dream)



Yeah, Fate’s laughing at them too. Direct sequel to ‘Everything is Now, and We are Here’. ((A WIP and a sequel but I love this verse and if you haven’t read it you should. There is such a lyrical style to the dreamscapes that makes you want to sink right into the verse and never let go.))

you of my heart,send me a little word


Sometimesyoufly (faile02)

There’s a certain thrill in being allowed to shave your boyfriend. ((Hearts in my eyes. Well crafted little fic and I love it))

The first thing to realise about parallel universes, the Guide says, is that they are not parallel.

It is also important to realise that they are not, strictly speaking, universes either, but it is easiest if you try and realise that a little later, after you’ve realised that everything you’ve realised up to that moment is not true.

The reason they are not universes is that any given universe is not actually a thing as such, but is just a way of looking at what is technically known as the WSOGMM, or Whole Sort of General Mish Mash. The Whole Sort of General Mish Mash doesn’t actually exist either, but is just the sum total of all the different ways there would be of looking at it if it did.

—  Douglas Adams

You know how amazing SPG at Megacon would be? Amazing. Now. If I had all of the monies… I would totally fund the plane tickets in a heartbeat. There aren’t that many performers at Mega this year…

Who else would like to have Steam Powered Giraffe at Mega? ((Besides me, of course, you sillies! ))There’s GOTTA be other SPG fans in the FL area!

I can’t stand the wait to SWF ((Steampunk World Fair)) in May. The wait is killing me…

Professor James Moriarty had honestly supposed me so amoral that, provided that I and the Doctor were safe, I would dirty myself with literally any filth. The Professor supposed that the Sherlock Holmes he knew solved crimes because it had never occurred to him that committing them would be much more profitable. I am very unsentimental, I am calculating and harsh and didactic and snide and arrogant, but if I own one single virtue, and only one, the concept of justice goes very far with me. He thought me a brain up for hire.

-Birds to a Lighthouse by Katie Forsythe

Sorry for the disproportionate amount of Sherlock Holmes that has appeared on my blog, but it has been on my mind a lot lately for obvious reasons.

I had read the story before, but when I was recording and ran across this section, it really stuck with me. Part of the reason I think Forsythe’s stories are so wonderful (in addition to the writing &c.) is that she *gets* Sherlock Holmes in a way that so many adaptations do not.

I may be a canon snob personally, but I am absolutely 110% in favor of adapting the hell out of Sherlock Holmes stories. Set them whenever or wherever you like. Put him in New York City, New Delhi or outer space. I may have my personal and petty little quibbles, but they are just that. Quibbles. He is, after all, one of the most frequently adapted characters in media history. It’s all good.

BUT one thing his character MUST have, as much as intelligence and a measure of bohemian eccentricity: love of justice. By my lights, this is what is absolutely essential to his character.

The ACD stories were important to me growing up for number of reasons, but a large part of what made me admire and love this character is his profound sense of right and wrong, his tremendous compassion for the downtrodden. This is not to make him out to be a saint or an explicitly empathetic character - he absolutely was neither of these things - but he had a passion for helping people and making sure the vulnerable  were protected from the  powerful.

This is why Sherlock Holmes was not just another eccentric detective or domesticated sociopath. He did not solve cases only because he was bored, and he was not a criminologist just because it never occurred to him to be a villain. He was not just a brain for hire.

This more than anything makes Sherlock Holmes an interesting and worthwhile character, and any adaptation in which his love of justice never comes across betrays a complete failure to understand the great detective on the most fundamental level.


Iron-dink bought me Steam Powered Giraffe’s LIVE cd and, it arrived in the mail today! Can you tell how incredibly overjoyed I am about this? I can finally have their music with me at ALL TIMES! Not just listen to them for free on Spotify and Youtube! Ohmygoodness~ I’m so pleased right now.

I apologize for the spam of my face, but, seriously. You really don’t get a genuine smile out of me all that often on camera, you know? xD

It looks like The Jon is frightened of me. xP

I’m not satisfied with the result of this at all. I actually really loved this prompt and I had a lot of ideas for it, but for some reason for the life of me I could not string together the proper words to make coherent sentences at all. I’ve mulled over this one for the past two days or so and I’m really sorry. 

I’ll probably re-write this one at a later time, for now please accept this inadequate one to null your cute!aomine needs even just a tad. 


“What do you want to do?” Taiga asks, glancing at Kuroko. The pair stood in front of the gymnasium doors, where a large cardboard sign had been propped up reading “BASKETBALL TEAM PRACTICE CANCELED FOR TODAY.”

Tetsu shrugs, fidgeting with his wristband. The two had already changed into their practice clothes and shoes, not to exercise would only be a waste. Taiga hmms in a thoughtful daze. “Want to go to the outdoor court then?”


Approaching the outdoor court that they often use, Tetsu spots an all too familiar figure. A lean, tanned figure of muscle, dribbling smoothly across the court with years of expertise. A fake to the left before cutting to the right. One more fake, then a cross over, dunk. Tetsu would have known with his eyes closed. He knows this play, seen it a million times until that shimmering light was burned into his eyes.

“Bastard, why are you here!” Taiga shouts, lobbing the basketball at Daiki’s head. Catching the ball, Daiki cocks an eyebrow and frowns, carelessly tossing it over his shoulder towards the hoop. Tetsu doesn’t need to look to know it went in, even before hearing the swish of the net.

“Didn’t know you guys owned this court.” Daiki mutters, stooping to retrieve his own ball.  He picks up his bag and slinging it over his shoulder, turns to leave. “Seeya then, Tetsu.”

Tetsu stands as Daiki walks past him, their shoulders brushing ever so slightly and Tetsu thinks he was just electrocuted. A current runs down his arm and right into his chest and Tetsu can’t help but wonder if Daiki felt the same buzzing pressure in his ears, fluttering movement in his stomach or starlit sky behind his eyes, because Daiki has always been the one to make Tetsu feel.

Always, always, always, Tetsu thinks.

“Hey!” Taiga yells again, ticked off by Daiki’s lack of a reaction. He starts stomping over as Daiki throws a wayward glance over his shoulder, clearly not in the mood for Taiga’s antics.

“I’m talking to you, you jerk!” Taiga growls, lunging in to seize Daiki by his collar. Daiki, however, swiftly steps aside just as Taiga throws himself forward, causing the red head to fly pass Daiki and promptly crash to the ground, scraping his face against the rough tar of the court. He does a few barrel rolls before hitting the fence and laying there, silent.

Tetsu stares in exasperation, reminding himself that if he doesn’t go pick up that idiot from the ground he will likely lay there all night. Upon passing Daiki, however, Tetsu senses something amiss and looks up at his face, astonished.

Daiki’s face was beet red. His entire body shook with trembles as he bit his lip in concentration and a single pffft escapes, tears springing to his eyes, when Daiki suddenly throws his head back and erupts in laughter.

Tetsu wonders if this is real life.

Because was this really the Aomine Daiki, rugged basketball player, ace of the Generation of Miracles and also Touou Academy, collapsing in a fit of…


That was really the only way to describe Daiki’s laugh, although it was more snorting than anything else.

On reflex, a blank-faced Tetsu reaches into his pocket and fishes out his cellphone, promptly snapping a picture of this moment, making a mental note to back it up into his laptop. He doesn’t reckon he’s seen anything more adorable in his entire life, and Kuroko Tetsuya is not one to use the word adorable very much at all.

 “What the hell?” Comes a voice from the edge of the court, where Taiga has finally propped himself up on his elbows, a bruise quickly forming on his forehead. “What kind of a laugh is that? What are you, a middle school girl?”

Then suddenly Taiga is laughing too, because Daiki looks pathetic attempting to throw petty insults back at him while doubled over, hands clutching his stomach, tears rolling down his cheeks. And well, how could Tetsu do anything else but start chuckling along with the two idiots?

His day had needed a little light, after all.