This is my first follow forever. Below are the people on tumblr I would never unfollow. Some of them are my close friends and others are people who I admire :). 

brenda + carly + kate + ollie + we-reidentical + julia + thelostie + peetaspatronus + case + nicole + maja + petamllrk + kathleen + sophie + octavia + pal + evan + walker

Ney year's Follow Forever, Pt.1: Olivia.

Olivia. Ollie. Olliepop. Whatever the fuck else I’ve called you, I love you so much. I can always go to you with absolutely everything and you know what to say to make me laugh. I’m so excited, because we’re going to meet one day when we get our licenses, yay! You’re absolutely beautiful, inside and out. I wish I knew people in real life like you, it’d make my life so much easier. I remember we had a sleepover on tinychat and I was basically slamming my hand on the keys. I remember when I dougie’d for you and Julia, omg what a loser I am. I sent you a two paged christmas card, so all of the above is pretty much covered in there. Never ever change, and thank you so much. For everything.

Oh and remember this?