A Guide To Visually Impaired Judo by IBSA Judo and the IJF.

It’s a warning sign at art museums around the world: “Don’t touch the artwork.”

But Spain’s famous Prado Museum is changing that, with an exhibit where visitors are not only allowed to touch the paintings — they’re encouraged to do so.

The Prado has made 3-D copies of some of the most renowned works in its collection — including those by Francisco Goya, Diego Velazquez and El Greco — to allow blind people to feel them.

Do Touch The Artwork At Prado’s Exhibit For The Blind 

Photo credit: Ignacio Hernando Rodriguez/Courtesy of Prado Museum
Caption: A blind visitor to Spain’s Prado Museum runs his fingers across a 3-D copy of the Mona Lisa, painted by an apprentice to Leonardo da Vinci.


Teen Beauty Vlogger Won’t Let Blindness Keep Her From Flawlessly Doing Her Makeup

Despite losing her eyesight about two years ago, Lucy Edwards has mastered her daily beauty routine – no mirror required.

Lucy, 19, lost sight in her right eye when she was 11, BuzzFeed reports. She lost it in her left eye when she was 17. With her sister’s support, she was able to come up with a regimen so she could do her makeup without seeing her reflection.

Watch Lucy answer all your questions about blindness here. 

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