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lecturers can be pretty tough, when i had to hand in my first assessment, my teacher pulled me back, looked through all my work and ridiculed it, asking me how i even got onto the course. don’t let it dampen your spirit, though! :c

That sucks. My lecturer pulled me up about the order of my sketchbook and told me I didn’t do a mind map that she never told me to do. She them made me write down a list of all of things that are meant to be in my book in the specific order they need to be in. Then said “but everyone’s sketchbook can’t be exactly the same”

omegolamaniac said:

teacher \o/

Teacher: What do you aspire to be? 
I aspire to be a nice person. I aspire to be remembered. I aspire to be loved and to do good things. I aspire to travel to far away places. I aspire to learn more. I aspire to know myself. I aspire to be someone.