Word of the Day: Bletting

Bletting (BLET-ing)


1. the ripening of fruit, especially of fruit stored until the desired degree of softness is attained.

Origin: comes from the French word blet meaning “overripe.” It entered English in the 1830s.

Ganon's Nails and Zant's Teeny Tiny Feet
  • burninether:Do you think Gan still paints his nails?
  • burninether:I want someone to pull Ghirahim back by his belt
  • burninether:I don't know why but I think it'd be funny
  • Xen Silver Quill:Ghirahim:*sees Wizzro* THAT FASHION DISASTER IS SO GOING DOW-
  • Xen Silver Quill:Ganondorf:*grabs him by the back of his blet* Slow down, lieutenant. -.-
  • Xen Silver Quill:And Ganondorf totes paints his nails
  • burninether:Do
  • burninether:you think he
  • burninether:paints his toenails
  • burninether:???
  • Xen Silver Quill:I don't know maybe?
  • Xen Silver Quill:I'm not sure even takes of his shoes
  • Xen Silver Quill:Like
  • Xen Silver Quill:He was born with boots on or something
  • burninether:his feet are boots
  • Xen Silver Quill:Yep
  • burninether:hmmmm
  • burninether:I wonder what Zant's toes look like
  • Xen Silver Quill:I don't know
  • Xen Silver Quill:Probably as weird as his hands
  • Xen Silver Quill:Or maybe they're normal?
  • Xen Silver Quill:All I know is that they're totes tiny
  • burninether:he does have small feet huh
  • Xen Silver Quill:So, Team Villain feet
  • Xen Silver Quill:It's debatable whether Ganondorf even has feet
  • Xen Silver Quill:Zant has teeny tiny feet and wears literal crocs
  • Xen Silver Quill:And Ghirahim wears footies
  • burninether:nerds
  • Xen Silver Quill:Cute evil nerds
  • burninether:yes
  • burninether:yes
  • burninether:It's still so funny to me that Zant has teeny feet
  • burninether:I mean he's so tall
  • Xen Silver Quill:What size shoes do you suppose he wears?
  • Xen Silver Quill:Like
  • Xen Silver Quill:5 womens?
  • burninether:oh my god his feet would be smaller than mine
  • burninether:and I'm like 5'
  • Xen Silver Quill:My feet are like twice as big as his
  • Xen Silver Quill:And he still has a good couple of head's height on me
  • burninether:Zant why your feet so tiny!?
  • Xen Silver Quill:BECAUSE
  • Xen Silver Quill:including his tiny feet
  • burninether:but how does he even balance?!
  • burninether:...well
  • burninether:he doesn't
  • Xen Silver Quill:x3
  • burninether:OMG
  • burninether:the source
  • burninether:is
  • burninether:tiny
  • burninether:feet
  • Xen Silver Quill:THE TINY FEET

enochianwarbirds said:

i need to know how to say "fucktruck" in lithuanian, also "see you later fuckboy"

im. im not sure about what the lithuanian equivalent of a fucktruck would be. truck is ”sunkvežimis” but im not sure if theres a graceful way to translate that?@ fellow lithuanians pls help me out im so useless i dont know what the lithuanian equivalent of a fuckboy would be either. like. im so bad at this i know no actual lithuanian slang i hardly ever swear forgive me.