Confession #1653

Dear Markiplites, I hope you all be nice with each other even though some think Mark is all good, some think he’s sometimes awful while some think he’s edible. We all might have different thoughts about Mark but we are all here to enjoy Markiplier in all his weirdness in each of our weird and odd ways possible. Some of you have been irked by his actions, some put him on a pedestal, some just want a taste, some are saved by him. So let us all enjoy Mark as long as it lasts. Bless you all.

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Super Junior SHINee | Bonamana (미인아) Lucifer Remix / Mashup by Don Faustino

I just wanted to remind the world that this beauty exists.

Daily Prayer

Heavenly Father, our creator, our sustainer, in the name of Jesus, please forgive us for our sins, forgive us for our crimes against You and against  man. Please Father put us in right standing so we might continue to receive Your Blessings, in Jesus’ name. 

Thank You Father for Your Grace, Your Mercy, Your Love, Your Understanding and Your Patience.  Thank You for being our God.  Thank You Father for our portion of health and our portion of wealth.  Thank You Lord for blessing us and keeping us, in Jesus’ name.  Thank for those we love and those who love us and the blessings You give to them. 

Please Father, bless this day that You created.  Bless us on this day with Your Holy Spirit. Let Him live in our hearts so we won’t sin against You.  Let Him lead us in our worship and in our praise so we might do it and do it right.  Please Father, let Your Holy Spirit lead us down the path of righteousness for Your name sake and Your glory, in Jesus’ name.  Let Your Holy Spirit work as our doctor, our lawyer, our teacher, our preacher, our confidante and even our friend, in Jesus’ name.

Please Father bless us in a mighty way.  Open the windows of Heaven and pour us out blessings that we don’t have room to receive, but plenty to share, in Jesus’’ name. 

Please Father Bless us individually and collectively.  Bless us mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, in Jesus’’ name.  Draw us closer to You.  And let us grow and prosper in Jesus’ name.  Amen

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