The Power: History of Writing & Blogging

The Power: History of Writing & Blogging

The Power: History of Writing & Blogging

Supporting the Florida Blogging Conference
Orlando, Florida Saturday, September 20 2014
The power of the written word has been seen for thousands of years,
individuals and groups sharing thoughts, ideas, impressions, feelings
and to tell the life histories of people and cultures.
Writing can be seen in the cave drawings of France, to the parchments

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Please join Digital Undivided to chat about growing Black Techies

Are you a Black Techie, know some, or are you looking to become one? Please join Digital Undivided @DigUnDiv and me @DawnMGibson for a twitter chat, tonight at 7PM, EST. We’re gathering under #DIDTechTalk.

Digital Undivided will lead us as we examine various aspects of Black Women working in technology. From your perspective, what things do you think will help improve the prospects for Black Women to succeed in tech fields? What structural barriers might Black women be facing in terms of success in tech organizations and other avenues to achievement? What a might help to get more black women to consider working in tech? If you’re working in tech, what helped you get in and stay in the field? Have any groups inspired your work? Where do you see tech headed in the future?

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Important Voices About Women in STEM

If you’re participating in #Blerd Chat or #DIDTechTalk you know that an inspired, creative, and of course adequate technology workforce is essential to a vital future of our economy and society. It might not be as clear that we have a serious gender gap in the all important STEM fields. Some sources estimate that only 25% of these jobs are filled by women.

I’ve gathered some articles with various perspectives on how to handle this situation. Taken together, a consensus emerges around several critical factors. Preparation, mentoring, and networking.

Young women must receive adequate preparation to achieve advanced study in these fields.

Students must be mentored at all stages of education, so they fully understand what’s required to succeed. Good grades and a degree just aren’t enough. Every student needs a plan.

Networking is an essential aspect of success. Students must make themselves aware of their fields outside of the classroom and connect themselves to opportunities. This process must be constantly repeated.

I hope you lookover each of these articles and take a few moments to offer your own thoughts. What do you wish you would have known? What helped you to get that first break? What has kept you in the hunt?

Marie Curie’s career can inspire us to close the female STEM gap.

Black women share their own travels on the STEM path.

Many factors keep women out of STEM fields. They all need fixing.

The number of women CIOs is dropping.

Essential tips for women in tech.

An assortment of stories on women in STEM.

AKA 2014 Youth Summit: A Success In Learning

AKA 2014 Youth Summit: A Success In Learning

AKA 2014 Youth Summit: A Success In Learning

The summit to educate, encourage and engage over several
hundred youth attending the “Talk It Out” Summit was an
overwhelming success in Jacksonville, Florida.
Building of leaders is what Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.,
Gamma Rho Omega Chapter, Inc. does well in its national
and international sorority.

Alpha Kappa Alpha’s mission has been to…

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Empowering Girls Empowers The World

Empowering Girls Empowers The World

Empowering Girls Empowers The World

Girls are becoming engaged in areas they would not
have dreamed of exploring 10 to 20 years ago. Schools,
businesses, industries, technology and the opportunity
to be successful entrepreneurs have opened doors to
girls and women as never before seen or experienced.

History is laced with women that are trailblazers in
fields of Science, Technology, Engineering,…

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Social Media and Community Involvement

Social Media and Community Involvement

Jacksonville University hosting Learn2Earn Experience 2014

Social Media and Community Involvement

Wm Jackson w/ Learn2Earn students

Speaking to over 100 Duval County high school students participating
in the Learn2Earn Experience at Jacksonville University and students
at the Black Male Explorers Program at Edward Waters College,
discussing Social Media and Social Networking safety is very…

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Blerd Chat Questions: 6-13-2013

Blerd Chat is hosted by @DawnMGibson each Thursday at 7PM EST.

Good Evening, and welcome to #BlerdChat! Our topic tonight is the #MobileOnly user: #Blerds #Mobile

#Blerds, please, don’t forget to specify which question you’re responding to + add #BlerdChat to the body of each tweet. Q1: is answered A1:

Q1: #Blerds, please tweet the top 3 to 5 words you associate with the #MobileWeb experience? #BlerdChat #Mobile

Q2: How often are you using the #MobileWeb? #BlerdChat #Mobile

Q3: How and why are you using (or not) the #MobileWeb? #BlerdChat #Mobile

Q4: Is the notion of #MobileWeb as short, sweet, and to the point well founded? Is there bias at work? #MobileWeb? #BlerdChat #Mobile

Q5: How can the “just look on your #PC” content and interface bias be broken? #MobileWeb? #BlerdChat #Mobile

Q6: What frustrations, if any, do you have surrounding #MobileWeb? #BlerdChat #Mobile

Q7: #Blerds, please tweet about 3 words you associate with your optimal

#MobileWeb experience? #BlerdChat #Mobile

Q8: Who is doing #MobileWeb very well? #Mobile #BlerdChat

Q9: Where can the #MobileOnly user go when the need to write something other than #Email arises? #MobileWeb #BlerdChat #Mobile

Q10: What do you want/need from #MobileWeb? #BlerdChat #Mobile

Q11: What opportunities do you see emerging in #MobileWeb? #BlerdChat #Mobile

Q12: What else do people need to know about #MobileWeb? #BlerdChat #Mobile