blending into the background and all


Bodypainters Beautifully Blend Human Bodies into Nature

Using absolutely no Photoshop, bodypainters Leonie Gené and Joerg Duesterwald worked with photographers Laila Pregizer and Uwe Schmida in seamlessly integrating the human body into natural landscapes. Called Metamorphosis, the project blends naked models into everything from rock formations to curly trees, making them a beautiful extension of their environment. The body poses coupled with the artistic bodypainting magically make the models disappear into the background. The photographers are strict about not using any post processing. In fact, all pictures are taken on location and all models are painted right on the spot.

Women Reading (1922). Edmond-François Aman-Jean (French, 1858-1936). Oil on canvas. National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo.

Women under filtered sunlight were one of Aman-Jean’s favorite motifs. This painting of two women reading in the open air depicts an actual scene. However, the white, purple, pink and green colors, the clothing that blends into the background, and the languorous poses of the women all convey a fantasy mood.

some magical uses for makeup:

  • draw sigils on your face in foundation/concealer/blush
  • wear a different perfume, or a different style of makeup in general, as a glamour
    • or, copy the scent/style of a specific person to emulate their strengths
  • very neutral tones to blend into the background/be unnoticeable
  • charge a lipstick to help you with speech
  • charge an eyeliner/eyeshadow to help you see through deception, or see/understand more clearly in general
  • sharp wings for strength and ferocity
  • and that’s not counting if you make your own cosmetics/lotions with specific herbs, oils, and scents…

how else do you all use makeup for magical purposes?

I wanted to experiment with doing backgrounds with lines (this in particular was supposed to mimic the Steven Universe background style), and it was pretty fun! I tried not to blend the colors too much (which was infuriating actually), and it came out nicer than expected. This was all done in Manga Studio and given a gradient map in Photoshop to make it prettier xD

reference pic (I left a few things out i know.)

Just be yourself - blend into the background or stand out in a crowd - it’s all good and all beautiful!


The interior is as posh as the elegant inviation presaged. A swarm of people creates a babel of noises that despite its voulme, blends into the pleasant background music harmoniously. Money certainly wasn´t an issue when this tasteful event was planned, the young woman thinks and holds on to her glass of champagne a little too firmly. She feels out of place. Why on earth she was put on the guest list is more than astounding to her.

Still, she wanted to give this night a chance. Nika was never good with people but once she feels the alcohol slowly work its magic and her fluttering nerves calm, her mood brightens up. Lips curl up in a slight smile and all of a sudden, her hips start to move by themselves. Maybe coming here wasn´t such a bad idea after all.

“Whoops,” she smiled when she accidentally barged into the person next to her. “I hope you didn’t spill your drink.”

Oh, for gods’ sakes, Anakin, like your instincts aren’t to bond with anything and everything that crosses your path.  Of course you’re concerned about two droids.

The reason I actually capped this panel though is because I love the effect of Vader disappearing into the dark, where you can just see the billow of his cloak – the background on the Darth Vader comics is black (you can just see it at the edges of this cap), whereas on the other Star Wars comics it’s usually white.  Since Vader’s outfit is black, it lets him just…blend in.  It’s a very disconcerting effect.  In this panel, you can’t really tell where Vader ends, where the blackness of the cave begins, or even really where the edges of the panel are because it’s all the same shade of black.

Tbh, I really like the new update..

But kind of for a selfish reason, cause I was never able to fix my coding for my dashboard, so my side bar blended into my background~ Now with the update I can do the whole drop down thing and I can easily see all the things that I had issues with before. Not to mention, my dash looks a lot cleaner [a bit off center but whatever]

Branding Myself As An Artist

An inspirational man once said, “I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music” (Billy Joel). Whether its Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz, or Classical, music speaks to everyone. I myself am an Indie Hip-hop artist that lives to create. Producing for the audience who is intrigued by my sound and can express themselves through it. Having people making their own memories and experiences through this music is the main goal. Anyone and everyone can reach me through Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and  E-mail as well. You might ask, how are you different? What makes your sound unique? I am not a regular artist for the most part. Coming from a jazz and latin background from my father, listening and playing all styles of rock through my youth, and finally rapping in high school. I know blend all those styles to create a distinct sound that I call art. Within the next year I would be having my EP release and will start taking my music live for performances. Keep your eyes open for the release dates for all of my projects.  

I’m slowly going to turn into background noise again. I’m going to blend in with the walls and be invisible in a crowded room. I will love myself all the same, I’m just better off as the girl who stays silent and smiles. The girl who nods her head in response, the girl you can’t hear entering a room, the girl who can barely get her voice above a whisper. I have no need for communication unless someone wants to talk to me. I will make no more effort to force conversations. I will be like the wind. You can hear me sometimes, even feel me.. But you won’t see me unless I’m making the leaves blow.

yours is a shallow voice by pipelliot


canon, mature, 8727 words


Merlin is extremely shy and painfully self-conscious. His magic subconsciously works to make him quiet and faceless and blend into the background. He falls in love with Arthur, but from a quiet distance. Unnoticed and unappreciated and alone, Merlin gives everything to Arthur who doesn’t recognize the love and loyalty that is right in front of his face.

goodness, what to say about this masterpiece of art? Seriously, the way it is written it has gone straight to my heart. Its beautiful with words that hurt and suffered so much with Merlin, poor bb. Wanting to be invisible and dont wanting it at all. And Arthur trying to  provoke Merlin, to get him to see how important he is. I guess everyone who has ever suffered painful words about his look does relate to that story. As sad as this is. This story heals my heart in some way.

anonymous asked:

hello again :~) you answered my question about art school last time & i have another one if that's okay, did you ever feel really overwhelmed / intimidated by all the other great artists around you? i live in the cbean, rly small compared to the rest of the world where im looking to study. doing art in high school now im just mediocre & im scared that when i go out there i'll just continue to blend in w the background, have u ever felt like this & overcome it?

Hi again! I have felt like that, especially before I started art school I was intimidated by the idea of having to be in classes with other people who were equally talented or even more talented than me. I would even describe it as a kind of psychological ritual that most people go through who are looking at taking art seriously. Its completely normal! I still find myself intimidated but not as much. I feel intimidated by the greater perspective of things such as the competition ill be up against to get into the film/animation industry more than individual people. I think the best way that i overcame feeling intimidated was to remind myself to be focused on myself and my practice rather than what the peoppe around me were making. Its SO easy to find yourself comparing your work to other peoples, espefi especially when theyre the same age as you you start to ask questions like “should i be at the same level as them at my age?” or “how come they know so much compared to me?”. The truth of the matter is everyone is different and has been brought up differently and has had a different understanding and relationship with art and you need to keep that in mind. Itll be hard to withstand at first and you will doubt and second guess yourself a lot, you may perhaps even try to change who you are or what you make and to that all i can really say is dont do that. Dont give into the pressure because over time you will gain resistance against it and will automatically know that your work is your work and their work is their work and they simply cant be compared. Just put your blinders up from the get go but be sure to see what everyone else is doing because you could learn something valuable and its nice to see what other people are making too. Remember the “treat art school like grocery shopping” quote i said to you? That applies to this too. Be a sponge and obtain what you need, otherwise just focus on yourself and what you want to do/achieve. :—)


You know…I’m not the best graphic artist in the world…I’ve got a lot to learn and I love learning…but if there’s one thing I hate…it’s that gross sepia colored background of horrible blended photos of varying qualities they have on the Creation Ent. website. 

I will make y’all a new one FOR FREE please for the love of humanity change it

She lives in my lap

Andre 3000 she lives in my lap is still my all time favorite song. Everything about that song is just perfect.It’s funky and up beat and the lyrics mean so much. The nigga at the end saying just now realizing that I love her. Like damn that’s me.I’ll get the courage one day, you got me open wide. The bagpipes in the background.It’s like the perfect blend between pink purple and blue,and fuck everytime i hear it I get that dopamine rush down my spine. That sax manee speaks to my being. If you haven’t heard that song you’re fucking up.

Artist: “Atmosphere” (Slug and Ant)

Favorite Album: “When Life Gives You Lemons You Paint That Shit Gold”

I saw Slug live at Terminal 5 and he ripped it just like he spits it.

Atmosphere has a fantastic blend of nostalgic melodies bold poetics.
Rapper Slug and producer Ant, both the top of their class in Minesota hip-hop, have been personal favorites of mine since high school.

“I wear my scars like the rings on a pimp”
“She can bite her bottom lip all she wants”
“Sunshine sunshine, is fine. Feel it on my skin, warming up my mind”
“If I ever go gold I must of wrote that shit in blood”

Whether he pushes the track into the spotlight with leading piano or he drifts into the background with melodic percussion, Ant backs every feeling and idea behind Slug’s lyrics with the power of masterful cuts and spot on samples.

Slug has a lot to say in the form of rhyme, and he’s gonna say it forgoing damns or dimes. Whether he gives a fuck or none at all he’s capable of hype tracks and making you ball.

Give any of these albums a listen, they’re each worth it.

Modest Mouse electrifies crowd while Hudson Mohawke fails to connect

Bright shorts and tank tops, inappropriate make-out sessions, the pungent scent of secretly cached marijuana — all blended together in an abundance of skin, grass and laughs. Nothing declares the arrival of spring more loudly than the annual Spring Weekend concerts. Brown Concert Agency meticulously selected the 2015 lineup, comprising artists from varied genres and backgrounds. While most artists lived up to their hype, some fell short of expectations.

Friday’s overcast weather and intermittent chills did not deter students’ readiness to plunge into the outdoor celebration. Thousands flocked to the enclosed Main Green, eager to hear the opening band, Yeasayer. Bantering with the crowd, lead singer Chris Keating revealed his Rhode Island School of Design education and joked about his ambiguous relationship with a costumed Elmo in the crowd while he conjured whimsical sounds with his synthesizer. Adeptly producing animated sound effects, Keating sang with a gnarled voice and moved his body spastically, recalling Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

Yeasayer started with intensity, playing songs from its debut studio album “All Hour Cymbals” as Anand Wilder took over as lead singer. Wilder’s eclectic vocal style was infused with poignant wisdom. With Keating joking, “We have one hit. I think this is our one hit,” Yeasayer ended its session with more contemporary pop songs.

Waka Flocka Flame appeared afterward, shifting the night’s vibe drastically with fierce rapping that commanded attention. Waka Flocka certainly has a unique style of performing: His voice was barbarous as he aggressively stomped and roamed around the stage. Swearing more frequently than Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Waka Flocka drove the entire crowd into a frenetic uproar, demonstrating his undeniable expertise in crowd-pleasing. He blended his own raps over remixes of hits such as “Turn Down for What,” keeping audience members engaged and moving throughout his set.

While Waka Flocka remained fine-tuned to the crowd, Hudson Mohawke, the next performer, practically ignored it. The night’s headliner, Mohawke did not live up to the designation. Most audience members did not even realize his presence at first: Darkness shrouded the entire stage, and Mohawke failed to interact with the crowd to indicate that he had started playing. Despite this shortcoming, his remixes and beats were novel and admirable on their own.

Fortunately, Friday’s slightly gloomy weather did not persist into Saturday afternoon. Sunlight showered the Main Green as students started lining up for the second day of concerts. Ushering in the audience was a booming brass rendition of Erik Satie’s “Gnossienne,” performed by What Cheer? Brigade. The magnified version pumped the song up in grandness, claiming a charm distinct from the original’s haunting and ephemeral quality.

Performing at Spring Weekend for the fourth consecutive year, the 19-piece brass band demonstrated adeptness at turning obscure classical pieces into brassy bangers. Standing and performing on the stairs of Sayles Hall — literally three feet from the crowd — the band managed to stir up a party and work the crowd without the staggering amplifier. Through shifts of pace, circling of themes, sustained climax and sudden halt, the band kept the audience alert and exited.

Some inspired audience members started to spontaneously swing and jive, creating a cheerful afternoon brawl. At one point, other audience members ducked down to the ground as the band crescendoed, timing their movements with the music. The seemingly choreographed interactions kicked off the afternoon on an upbeat note.

Kelela performed next, bringing the music back to the main stage. In a time when R&B music often sounds manufactured and repetitive, Kelela’s mixture of electronic and R&B styles came across as refreshing and authentic. While her stylish image and sweet soprano are reminiscent of the late R&B genius Aaliyah, Kelela tackles the genre with a more experimental spirit. Hitting the high notes and nailing the turns, Kelela’s powerful and silky voice hovered above the stage. But appreciating the beauty of dissonance between these two styles takes energy and time. With audience members generally unfamiliar with her music, Kelela’s performance did not incite the strongest reaction from the crowd.

Any previous tepidness was swept away by Pusha T, who came out strong with his potent rapping. More people flowed to the Main Green as the sun set, and all were drawn to the front of the stage like magnets. Supported by another rapper on stage, Pusha T rolled out rhythms and words, shooting doses of adrenaline to the crowd. Hefty bass with earthshaking momentum prevailed throughout Pusha T’s performance. As the evening progressed, the crowd enthusiastically adjusted and assembled for the final act.

After a seven-year hiatus from releasing new music, Modest Mouse returned to the stage with its latest album, “Strangers to Ourselves.” The band emerged with Isaac Brock’s frantic shouts accompanying intensive strumming of guitars. After being bombarded by synthetic music, the audience embraced Modest Mouse’s substantial and original artistry.

Altering comfortably between different styles and instruments, Modest Mouse displayed great versatility — a characteristic that defines its career trajectory. Brock’s eccentric vocal style pierced through the band’s acoustic meditations and earsplitting jamming. Though at times overwhelmed by electronic augmentation, Modest Mouse’s playing retained the visceral and unfeigned vibe that made many Brown students originally fall in love with the band.

After a number of songs and instances of Brock conversing with the audience in his typically crude manner, the band retreated from the stage. In response to ceaseless chanting of “Modest Mouse,” “Float On” and “encore,” the band came back to the stage and belted out a few of their greatest classics, including the career-defining anthem “Float On.” The crowd joined in on the chorus, feeding off of its nostalgia for the song and putting a perfect end note on the two-day extravaganza.

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I have now finished my A2 charcoal piece based on a primary photograph responding to the artist Kate Riley.
I have edited my photograph in black and white so that I could capture all the different tones and shades.
To start off my piece, I drawn out the shape in graphite pencil and then started to shade in the bones around the ribs and then the background and then the ribs.
I have focused on making sure that I have blended the different shades so that they don’t clash and so that you can see the difference in shapes.
The areas where I believe that were successful are, I have made sure that the colours have been blended and are bold.
To improve, I will make sure that the bones of the ribs have a darker shade to it so that you can tell that I have shaded it in.