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We all want to look our best, right? Well, it isn’t as hard as you would think! Following these simple quick steps, you can have the prettiest eye makeup at the party!

The fist and most important part about doing makeup is confidence.

How many times have you thought I wish I could wear makeup like that.

Stop thinking like that. You can.

You are beautiful, and your makeup is a fun way to express your beauty in the way that you want. Don’t worry about anyone else.

Are you Ready?


Simply Vera eye illuminator.

Elf eye primer

Use any kind of brush to spread the illuminator and then the primer. Make sure that you get it all over, both on your lid and under your eyes!

Base step completed. Look at hoe bright your ryrs will look!

Step One: Touching Base

The first step of doing this particular smokey eye look is to illuminate your eyes.

I use Simply Vera eye Illuminator, but really, any kind of creamy illuminator will work!Using any small brush, coat your whole lid and underneath your eye with the illuminator. You can use your fingers to blend it it.

Next, take your eye primer ( you can find it and other amazing makeupshere) and do the same thing! This will help your eye shadow stay on longer and look brighter!

The pictures to the right depict what different brands that I use, and what it should look like!


Naked 2 Pallet by Urban Decay

Source: Urban Decay

A Little Less

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette w/ Eyeshadow Brush & Lip Gloss Naked2 - AUTHENTIC

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Let’s get Naked

The Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallet is gorgeous and full of so many fun colors that blend beautifully!

It’s a little expensive, but if you’re willing to spend the time, you can find it for much cheaper on eBay!

For this tutorial I used mostly just the colors in the Naked 2 Pallet, but ant colors that are close to the colors provided will work!

Step One: Use a matte brown color (in the Naked 2 Pallet it’s tease.

Step 2: Apply this color, using a fluffy brush to the crease of your eye. Blend it continuously until is look smooth and to your liking.

the product of step one and two

Step 3: Use a shiny darker brown (snakebite) to define your crease a little more.

Step 4: Using another fluffy brush, add the shiny darker brown to your crease and blend, but not as much as you blended the matte brown.

the product of steps 3 and 4

Crease And Desist

The crease of your eye is the defining point of your eye makeup!

It can make or break the look!

Get yourself some nice makeup brushes (I’ve found that really any set will do, don’t spend more money than you have to!) and get to work!

New 22 Pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Kit with Pink Holder Bag O-24

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Crease Work

  1. Use a matte (meaning it’s smooth and not shiny or sparkly) brown color (in the Naked 2 Pallet it’s called tease) for the base of your crease. The illuminator that you used previously will really make this pop!
  2. Use a fluffy brush to apply this color to your crease. Remember to blend, blend, blend! No one likes lines, not at the DMV and not in your eye makeup!
  3. Next, use a shiny brown color that’s a little darker than the matte brown you used before! (If your using the Naked 2 Pallet, it’s called snakebite).
  4. Blend the shiny brown into the crease the same way that you did with the matte brown before, just not as much!

Cutting Corners

Step One: Use a black color for the outer corner of your eye (blackout)

Step Two/Three: Use a circular tipped brush to apply the back to the outer corners of your eyes, and then, you guessed it! Blend!

product of cutting corners

product of cutting corners

Make sure to use a makeup remover cloth to cut the edges for a nice sharp look!

  1. Get a circular tipped brush and the blackest eyeshadow you have! (Make sure to keep an extra clean blending brush handy too!)
  2. Using the circular tipped brush, apply the black eye shadow (for those of you using the Naked 2 Pallet it’s called blackout) to the outer corners of your eyes!
  3. Blend the black in to your liking, so there aren’t any super harsh line, and make sure to be dragging the darker color into you crease as it softens!
  4. Using a makeup remover cloth, clean up your eyes and give them a sharp, cutting edge look!

Makeup Remover Wipes

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes, Refill Pack, 25 Count

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Stay Gold

Step One: Using another fluffy brush, pick up so shiny gold color

Step Two: Apply the golden color you your bottom lid.

  1. Take another one of your fluffy brushes and pick up some shiny gold. I like to go for the brightest gold I have (if you’re using the Naked 2, its called half baked)
  2. Now apply that beautiful gold all over your lower lid. Basically anywhere you haven’t put eye shadow yet!


I use the elf eye brow kit for this step, but you can use any pencil!

Step One: using a small angled brush, pick up some of the creamy apllicant

Step Two: Apply to your brow!

Step Three: Use the same brush to pick up some of the powdered finishing.

Step Four: Apply to brow!

Step Five: Use a brow brush to brush out your brows how you like them!

Now it’s time to give yourself some defining eyebrows! You can go as thick or as thin as you please!

Personally, I use the elf eyebrow kit in brown, but you can use any combination of an eyeliner pencil, a brow pencil or even just eye shadow!

  1. Using an angled brush, pick up some of the creamy darker looking color. Not too much! You don’t want to look like an angry Nana!
  2. Apply the creamy base to your eyebrows. Darken and shad how ever you please.
  3. Now, using the same angled brush, pick up some of the lighter finishing powder. This will give your brows a defined look, and set them to stay longer!
  4. Finally, take a brow brush, and brush out your brows to give them a more natural look. Make sure to shape them up!

Tippy Top and Way Down Bottom

Grab yourself a fluffy blending brush and a light shimmery color for this next step! (I use Urban Decay: Virgin)

Step One: Apply the light shimmer to the tops of your lids, above your crease. Blend it in!

Step two: Grab a thin brush and a super shiny light color!

Step Three: Apply that color as the highlight. Just follow the bottom curve of your brow!

Step Four: Use an angled brush, and pick up a shiny dark brown color!

Step Five: Apply this to the bottom of your eye.

Step Six: Use the same brush to pick up the black color

Sep Seven: Apply this to the very bottom corner of your eye

For this next step, you’re going to want a neutral, shimmery color. I used Urban Decay, Virgin, but any color that’s similar will day. Grab your self a fluffy blending brush and get to work!

  1. Apply the light shimmery color to the top of your lids, above your crease. Make sure you blend it in like crazy to give in that soft, yet defined look!
  2. Next, take a thin angled brush, and get an even lighter color! If you’re still using Naked 2, the color is booty call.
  3. Apply that color as the highlight of your eye. Just follow the underside of your brow bone! This will make your eyes look all sweet and shiny!
  4. Now we’re going to move on to the bottom of your eye! Use another angled brush and pick up a shimmy dark brown. I would suggest using the same color that you used as the darkener for you crease, to pull the look together!
  5. Apply that brown color to the bottom of your eye, just under your waterline! Be careful not to poke yourself!
  6. Using the same brush pick up your black color (blackout).
  7. Now, apply that black the same way you did the brown, but just on the lower outer corners!

Step One: Use the lighter to carefully light the tip of you eyeliner

Step Two: Blow to cool and then apply to your waterline

Step Three: Use a small hard brush to pick up your gel liner

Step Four: Apply to the top of your lid

Step Five: Mascara

Step Six: Apply evenly

Step Seven: OPTIONAL: Elf makeup lock and seal

Step Eight: OPTIONAL: Apply the lock and seal lightly over your finished eyes!

Now, this is the part where the makeup gets tricky. And by tricky I mean awesome!

Grab your favorite eyeliner pencil and a small lighter and prepare to be amazed!

  1. Using the lighter, carefully light the very tip of the eyeliner. This will make the eyeliner mushy, and that makes it go on smother and last much longer!
  2. Make sure you blow on the eyeliner to cool it off, and then lightly apply to your water line!
  3. Next, get a small, hard brush and some gel eyeliner. Gel liber works much better than liquid because it makes the eyes look smoother and smudges less! I use wet and wild in black, but you can use any that works for you!
  4. Apply the gel liner to your top lip, following the line of your eyelashes. You can thicken the eyeliner at the outer corner if you want, for a winged look.
  5. My favorite part; mascara! I use Falsies in black because it really does make it look like you have false lashes!
  6. Apply that mascara evenly to both your top lashes and your bottom lashes

STEPS 7 and 8 are completely optional, and just something extra I like to do.

  1. I use the ELF make up lock and seal. I really love it. It’s inexpensive and it makes your eye makeup look super bright and keeps it that way for so long! I really recommend it to anyone looking for an extra pop!
  2. Use a fluffy bush and squirt a few drops of the lock and seal on it, then lightly speckle onto your finished eyes!

That’s All Folks

Finished Product! You look great!